My brother (One Direction Fanfic)

My brother. Liam Payne. What happens when everything goes wrong and everything changes.


1. Chapter 1

My name is Nicola and yes I am a girl. My brother is Liam Payne. Yes thee Liam Payne from One Direction. Except he doesn't know. His mother, Karen Payne came to me... **flashback** "Nicola, I..I am so sorry." She said and burst out crying. "I'm not sure what you are sorry about?" I replied back. "You are my daughter and Liam Payne is your brother but you can't tell him please. I need to but I am going to adopt you." She said. I screamed "How dare you! I have waited my whole life to get adopted and I was hoping, always hoping it would be someone who wouldn't give me away like you did. You ruined me. I didn't grow up with love, no mother, no father, hardly any friends." She started crying and said "I was wrong I'm sorry please let me take you home." I agreed. **Flashback over** So now here I am in thee Liam Payne's house. Suddenly someone bursts through the front door. "hey mo..." He stopped talking and tilted his head sidewards and said "who are you?" "I..I" I was cut off by Karen saying "You have a sister now. I adopted her." She stepped in front of him. He pushed her out the way "But those eyes, that nose they belong to dad and her body, it looks like yours." He didn't take his eyes off me. She said "Nope I haven't seen her before, I have just adopted her." He just shrugged it off and came towards me. He said "Welcome." Grabbed me in a hug picking me up. I got a fright and shrieked causing me to giggle. He put me down and looked at me. I could see confusion and suspicion in his eyes. Karen showed me to my new room. I unpacked my suitcase and sat on the bed. I opened the drawer next to my bed and found a laptop and phone. I opened it up and set up a profile on Facebook and then walked down to the kitchen. I stopped outside the door to breathe. I walked in and both Liam and his mother turned to look at me as I entered. "Um may I um have some water?" I asked dropping my head. "What for Hun?" Karen answered. "Um to drink." I said. "Sure hun." She got up opened the fridge and tossed me a bottle. I sat down at the table. After what seemed like forever in awkwardness the bell rang and Liam got up and walked out the room. When Liam walked back in he walked in 4 guys. I shrieked when I saw them. It was One Direction. "Hey babe, what's your name?" Harry asked. "I..I'm Nicola." I replied. "Do you have a stuttering problem?" Liam asked. "No I do not." I snapped at him. Harry laughed and sat down next to me. I don't know why i'm not that pretty. "How old are you?" He asked. "I'm 17. My birthday is tomorrow." I replied. "So you're turning 18 tomorrow?" He asked. "Yes you idiot." I replied laughing. He playfully punched me in the shoulder. I got up to my room. I needed to breathe. I saw the phone and decided why not take it with me so I put it in my back pocket and walked back down to find them in the living room. I sat on the couch where no one was sitting because I needed space and then Harry stands up and sits next to me. I smile and look at the Tv. They put the movie Grown Ups on. During the movie Harry yawned and put his arm around me, I pushed his arm off but he just put it back so I pushed it off and moved away but he moved closer. I was starting to feel uncomfortable. --------------------------------------------------- Hey guys tell me what you think
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