Lost for better

Her dad runs fast as we try to frantically get on the plane will we make it or will he get us all


8. what?


I had reached in my pocket and grabbed my phone after I felt it vibrate then I noticed I had a text from Michelle


"Hey meet us at McDonald's were waiting outside and we got you food


"I'm on my way"

I started of when I got a phone call about a minute later

"Hey Michelle what's up I'm on my way there"I say

"Well Haley is there a Nando's in franće?"

"Um no why?"I say curiously

"Because we just noticed we were standing by Nandos"

"What"the phone connection was lost after I said what after all I was still in the airport so I decided to ask someone were I was


"The phone connection cut off she must still be at the airport well at least we can sit down and eat"I say

Haley met us and we say down and ate our food we also discuses how we were in England and what we would do

*********************************************sorry such a short chapter

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