Lost for better

Her dad runs fast as we try to frantically get on the plane will we make it or will he get us all


4. what happened and what will

"How will I stay I don't want you paying for my college"she says

"We don't have to, this college has no dorms so we will be staying at a apartment next to it and drive there each day,so you can just live in the apartment with us"Olivia says

"Oh hats good cause I could not have let you do that"she said sounding very nice


I just found out that I will be going to franće with my only friends I didn't have many cause my dad was such a jerk he would not let any people see me because he was afraid they would catch him.

One day I went to the hospital and to cover up what he did he said I fell down our stairs In fear he would punish me I went along but he doctor quicky found out what had been going on and demanded I tell him. Michelle and Olivia were right I will die because the last time I saw him he almost killed me I have four broken ribs a broken arm and a sprained neck and now he probably could not wait for my return because he wants to kill me

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