Lost for better

Her dad runs fast as we try to frantically get on the plane will we make it or will he get us all


7. the unscheduled stop


We were all on the plane,it was going well they had lots of food on the plane do me and Michelle ordered our usual hamburgers fries and toco Sause , yes I know we are weird but don't ask she is my best friend in the world and we are like twins it's scary. "So Mel what do you want"Michelle said leaning over like I'm not here i gave her a look and she giggled evilly

"I don't know I'll take some chiken and potatoes

"Ok can you stop leaning over me"she gave me a weird and funny smile and sat down

"You know you love me"she says with a fake sad expression in her face I couldn't help but join her and we started making funny faces eventually Mel joined in and we started to freak every on the plane out.

1hour later

Michelle's POV

I couldn't help but pull them into a hug after the face war I can not believe how alike we were direction fangirls,love food,same personalities(every thing I say about Booboo is tru)"I love you guys"I say they agree and we asked if they have radio on the plane "I wonder of there's music in this joint"I say taking both my arms and crossing them like a rapper

"Me to I need to kick it"said livie just doing her thang

"I'll ask"Mel said yelling at the girl handing out drinks is there mus-" she got cut off by the announcer keying in "yes hello passengers and good day we are haveing some miner set backs due to difficultys with the aircraft we will be stoping at the closest airport"the announcer said the news "if we make it" he mumbled under his breath but we could all here

Panic was starting a few people freaking out some hyperventilating but the rest were calm,a girl caught my eye she was short but still tall enough to tell she was seventeen

Me and livie helped here to us and calmed her down

"Hello what's your name"olivia said acting sane for once

"Every things gonna be fine"i said before whispering"i hope"to olivia she gave me a I know look and we nodded

"I..I..Im H..h.haley umm h..h..hi"she said she was or rally worried

"It's fine just stay with us,we will be here for you" thirty minutes later we had learned a lot about each other turned out all of us have lots of things in common with her she's a directioner our fav foods were really close and and all of us also love the same style of clothing but me and Olivia had a bond that could never break we all decided to stay BFFs but I had no intention to make them more special then olivia but they all had a big place In my life we exchanged numbers and they made her sit back down as she sat down Olivia looked out the window




We began getting off the plane then we texted for Haley to meet at the McDonald then only did we notice it was a nandos so we re texted her then thought there's no nandos in franće then after Haley found us and we thought for 15 min we realised were we were



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