Lost for better

Her dad runs fast as we try to frantically get on the plane will we make it or will he get us all


1. the arrival

Airport 10:07 AM . Mom quick the plane will be here any minute now!!!! I said my voice slightly trembling of the feel,getting to see my best friend for the first time in four years.

"MICHELLE!!!!!".I herd someone yell as loud as they possibly could I turn to see who had called me and as soon as I saw who they were I fell into tears and could not speak a word.

"OLIVIA!". I said Gaining my voice back quite quickly.

We ran up to each other and the biggest hug ever was created.

"I can't believe I'm here with you it's been so long". She said with a crack in her voice from crying

"It's been four years to be precise". I joked as we let out shrieks of joy.

As we were leaving, a familiar face caught my eye,I can't really make them out but I know I that have seen her before.

"I got it!"I yelled very loudly making almost every one stare at me.

"What".said Olivia with a LOT of curiosity in her voice.

"Do you see that girl over there standing next to the Starbucks cart". I said with lots of energy in my voice.

I heard her whisper something I couldn't make out and a tear streamed down her face.

"That girl is she the one who....."She cut me off.

"Yes".she said with tears running down both of our faces

"That is the girl that's dad abuses her,and she moved but now she's back"I said with a depressed voise.

"And her dad is the only one here she can live with"she said the same tone as mine.

"Oh no!"we both said at once

We slowly approached her, when she saw us she fell to her knees.

Hahahah havin fun on that cliff the next chapter will be out soon

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