Lost for better

Her dad runs fast as we try to frantically get on the plane will we make it or will he get us all


3. come with us

"What are you doing here didn't you have a good life with your mom?" I say

"Yes"she says the opposite of enthusiastic

"The what are you doing here you know the only one to take you is you father and he will kill you this time"Olivia said trying not to make her cry

"I know,and I'm scared but I have to go there's no we're else and he's already here he just texted me"meladi said with constant tears begin to role down her face

"MELADI you are not going with that criminal"I say almost a yell

"We're else am is suppose to go"she say while tears began to slow down

"With us"Olivia said without warning

I thought for a second and then said"yes that's perfect"

"What you would do that for me oh yes"cry more now as she spoke

"But we're are you going"she says curiously

"College in franće"me and Olivia say at the same time

"There's know way he can get me there"she said so happily

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