Simon daughter

Lydia's mother has abused her for over ten years and now she has enough.
Lydia runs away to her father in London.
Her father is Simon Cowell and when she's meeting the guys and she and Liam are getting closer and closer.


1. the first time

Lydia's P.O.V

It hurts so much.

Mom had abused me ever since my dad left us.

"I whish you never were born!" Mom shouted in my face.

That's it I moving to dad.

I ran up to my room.

I throw my stuff in to a bag and took some money that I had hide from Mom.

After one day I was in U.K.

I had a map to find here in U.K.

Wait here's dad's house.

I rang on the bell and after like five seconds a lady came and opens the gate.

"Can I help you." The lady asked.

"Ya I'm here to see my dad." I said.

"And ho is your dad?" She asked.

"His name is Simon, Simon Cowell."

The lady's eyes were gone wide open.

She gave me a look that said 'Come with me.'

She started to walk to the house.

When we came in to the house the lady went up the stairs.

After a minute she came down with a man behind her.

"Lydia is that you?" He asked and liked at me.

I nodded.

"Are you my father?" I asked.

"Yes I believe I am."

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