The Rebel // H.S

17 year old Lily Waterhouse has just recently moved to london after her parents both get job promotions. She's very excited, being that london doesn't seem much different than LA. The only thing that catches her off guard is one of Kate Haminlinton High School's bad boys, Harry Styles. Something is attracting about this boy, and she wants to know it all.


1. O N E

Darkness Meets Light

It was my first day of my junior year, here in California. Both of my parents recently got a promotion which led us here.

They're doctors, that means they're rarely home.

It doesn't bother me much because I would always have friends over or have secret parties..but now that I'm new, I don't know a single person.


It was 6:30 am, time to get ready for school. 

I jumped in the shower, washed my long brown hair, shaved my legs and hopped out.  

I dried myself off and wrapped a towel around my petite body, leaving my hair dripping wet.

As I made my way to my walk-in closet, I realized today is a good day for makeup, being new and all. 

I sat down in front of my body length mirror and turned on my curling wand.

Quickly, I applied charcoal eyeliner and black mascara, which made my ocean blue eyes pop out more. 

Since I wanted my hair to dry a little more, I got up and grabbed my navy blue sundress along with my black sandals.

Looking in the mirror, I thought it fit me perfectly. Ever since I lost 20 lbs and now weight 115, I've gained a lot more self esteem. 

I no longer had a little bulging stomach which made it perfect in time to go swimming here in calfornia. 

I grabbed my curling wand and lightly curled my hair, giving it a natural beach wave.

My white iPhone began to ring, indicating I needed to head downstairs.


I grabbed my keys off the counter and decided to skip breakfast since I was already nervous as hell.

"Jessamine, aren't you going to eat breakfast? I made you some toast!" My beaming mother questioned.

"No thanks, mom." I replied with a smile.

"Ok then. Have fun, your father and I won't be home until late so I left money in case you wanted to go buy dinner."

I nodded and walked out the front door. 

It was almost 7:45 and I cursed under my breath, since I knew I'd probably be late. 

The motor to my simple white Toyota Camry came alive as I turn the key foward. 

Quickly but carefully, I backed out and sped to my new highschool.


It was so much different than back in New Jersey. People dressed lightly because of the high temperatures, even though it was mid-fall. 

Most people had light hair and tan skin. 

It suited me pretty well.

Hamminton High School was just like the rest of them, group wise. 

You have your jocks, preps, normal, nerds, and just plain out weirdos. 

What I've never seen was the badass group.

There was only five of them. All of them had some type of tattoos on their toned bodies. Two of them had out  

cigarettes and offered the others one.  

All of them said yes except one boy in particular. Probably because he was too busy staring me down.

His messy brown curls sat on his head effortlessly. He had a muscular body which showed through his white t-shirt. I couldn't see the color of his eyes due to the black raybans covering them.

I guess he noticed me, noticing him, as a smirk appeared on his face. 

I quickly turned away, trying not to get involved. 

My legs began to walk faster and before I knew it, I was safely indoors, away from him. 

Thank god.

Something about him sent chills up my spine, and made me feel afraid.


But he also made me a bit curious.



Waiting in line for my schedule took way longer than planned. 

By time I got ahold of it, school had already started 30 minutes earlier. 

I haven't seen any sign of the mystery boy but I was determined to see him again. 

It bothered me that I didn't know where he was. 

It that weird?

The older blonde headed lady handed me my schedule. 

"Your first class is two doors to the right" she said, smiling sweetly. 

"Thank you." I smiled in return.

I made my way towards the door and lightly knocked. A short, bald man came to the door.

"Mr Black?" I asked.

"Yes, you must be Jessamine, come in and take a seat." He replied coldly.

I hated him already.

I carried my things to the back of the room, next to a short blonde-haired girl.

She smiled at me and handed me a folded sheet of paper.

I took it and opened it.

'Aren't you bored already? I hate this class! Btw I'm Melissa.' The note read.

I quickly replied and handed it back to her.

Throughout the next hour we passed the note, back and forth, until the end of class.

The bell rang indicating class change.

We gathered our things and Melissa showed me to my locker, which was only two down from hers.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I spotted him.

The mystery boy.

I felt my knees begin to shake, I'm not sure why. I didn't even know him.

I silently whispered to Melissa, who was helping put textbooks into my locker,

"Hey, who is he?" I asked her, pointing as him slightly.

"Oh that's Harry Styles. He's the school bad boy. Don't even get involved Jess, he's nothing but trouble." She replied looking straight at me.

I simply nodded in reply, still looking at him.

He got closer by the second, until he was within distance to where I could smell him. His scent was fill with smoke and denim, which was somewhat intoxicating to me.

"Hey babe." He breathlessly said as he walked right past me. A devilish smirk plastered on his face.

I simply ignored him, as if I didn't care.

Then I felt someone grab me by my waist.

"Someone isn't too friendly, huh?" He whispered into my ear, his warm breathe sweeping across my neck.

I was too scared to move.

We stood still for a few seconds before he took his hands off me and walked away. His footsteps echoing in the hallway.

"I'll see you soon." he called behind me.

I was at a loss for words. Melissa stood blankly in front of me.

"What the hell?!" She said almost a little too loud.

"I have no idea..." I nearly whispered back in reply.

what was that about?


The rest of the day was pretty slow, until lunch time.

I waited in the lunch line and grabbed a slice of pizza, chips and a bottle of tea.

Melissa had a seat saved for me, along with her boyfriend, Zach.

Zach was pretty attractive. Brown hair, blue eyes, typical pretty boy.

I sat in front of Melissa and made eye contact with Zach.

"Hey Jessamine," he said.

"Hey Zach.." I replied awkwardly.

I felt like a third wheel.

That is until the one and only Harry Styles came strolling in the lunch room.

You could see people turn their heads as Harry and his crew walked by, some girls knew how to hard core stare.

I could feel his glare on my as he came closer. My eyes trailed up to meet his dark gaze. His eyes were a dark shade of green and seemed filled with anger.

He quickly released eye contact as he went straight up to some built guy and punched him square in the jaw.

The two then began a fight right beside our table.

Several punches were being thrown before I jumped up and tried to stop them fighting.

As soon as grabbed ahold of Harry's arm, I felt him relax in a way and step back.

"Jessamine get back before you get hurt." He replied coldly, never dropping his fiery gaze on the other guy.

"Harry, leave." I replied with sterness in my voice, I felt myself begin to shake.

He just looked at me with a blank expression, before turning away and walking out the doors.

Without thinking, I ran to find him.


He was outside smoking a cigarette, bruises and cuts all over his face. But he acted like it didn't bother him a bit.

I quietly walked towards him, trying to keep him calm, if possible.

"Hey are you ok?" I asked.

He turned his head in my direction and smirked.

      "I am now." He replied.

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