The End.

"So this is where it ends..." My confidence wavered as the small voice in my mind replied.

"Yes sweetheart, it's finally happening"


1. Don't give in

Many people hate the cold- the snowy days, freezing nights, wooly coats. Some have said they miss the warm days in summer where they could spend weeks at the beach. Lots hate winter, and all I can do is watch in disgust.

Winter is my favourite season. People think I'm crazy, say I need to get out more, but trust me, I do get out. Summer generally consists of sweaty singlets and broken fans. I love the beach, don't get me wrong, but winter has always been my absolute favourite. I love hot cocoa beside the fireplace, I love ice skating with friends. I love the light snow that falls on your hair when you walk down the path. I love it when I see little kids creating snowmans in the park, just like I did when I was younger. I love the smell of fresh grass after the beginning rain of winter has fallen, just before it starts to snow. I love the white blanket that conceals the houses beneath.

Today, not so much.

Windy days are fine generally, comforting even. Snow and wind, not so great.

I slip my sunglasses on the prevent snow getting in my face, wrap my warm coat around me more and continue to trudge along the concrete path against the wind. Only a few more blocks.

Or I could take cover in the pub...

No. Home Is where I must go to. I'm not giving in, not today. I wipe some snowflakes off the lenses of my glasses, run my gloved Hand through my hair and wait patiently as the soft glow of the crossing lights signal red. My eyes squeeze as I try to make out the snow covered lights, just to make sure I don't miss the green. A couple of figures appear beside me, pushing the button even though I did before. I glance around the the people. One man in a large ski jacket and scarf. A young woman, about my age, in a thin jacket, shivering. A young man, my age, covered with a coat, a beanie placed on his head.


I shove my gloved hands in my pockets, look down and head forwards, my head battling against the strong wind. Ice cold flecks of snow pierce my skin as I re tie the scarf around my nose, mouth and neck. The light turns red as I reach the last block, my apartment building in sight. My pace quickens as I quickly walk past the pub, temptation easing into my brain.

Not this time. This time I'm going to drink water when I get home.

I grab my sunglasses and place them back in my pocket as I reach the entrance of the block. I sigh in relief as I finally manage to close the door, leaning against it.

"Only one flight of stairs. Number 4 here we come"

I fumble with my keys in the coat pocket as I place myself in front of the door marked 4.


I swing the door open, slam it shut, race to my room and collapse on my bed in exhaustion. Work at the training centre had been tough today as Marcie hadn't showed up, meaning I had to take all of her clients, meaning overtime for me as well as no lunch break. Being a personal trainer hadn't been my main dream, but it's been a goal. If I have to keep working extra on the weekends while still being at uni, I'm going to have to get another job. I'm on thin ice as it is, what, with my health condition. I can't loose this place at uni.

On the plus side, I get extra pay.

Or maybe not. Depends if the manager cares today.

I cope with showering without falling asleep, as well as getting in warm pyjamas and heading towards the tiny excuse if a kitchen. I scab through the stuffed cupboard and groan, slamming it shut.

"God fucking dammit"

I was meant to pick up hot chocolate ingredients on the way home.

I sigh.

Maybe one glass of fresh alcohol wouldn't be too bad.

A/N: hey Guys! This is a totally new idea I'm going for, so please don't hate. I will be doing contests throughout the book, and maybe, just maybe, there will end up being a sequel. If you want to check out my other main Movellas, please check out the backstage passes! I would love some more support. Thank you!

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