Kidnapped by my Ex. (Niall Horan)


2. Chapter 2

When Logan dropped me off, I grabbed my 2 suitcases that I packed last night from upstairs. I quickly skipped down the stairs, with my luggage rolling off every step I took, anxious to get out of here.

"Geez, Abbey, got enough stuff?" Logan asked. "Yes, can we go now?" I asked anxiously. "Alright, alright, hold your horses."

We walked out to the car and Logan put my suitcases in his trunk for me. I thanked him and we hopped in.

He made his way on the freeway and we were off to San Francisco. It was a 4 hour drive from where I lived so I decided to take a little cat nap.

"Abbey, Abbey. Wake up we're here." I slowly opened my eyes and saw we were in front of a nice looking hotel.

"Logan, are you sure you have enough to pay for this? This looks pretty expensive."

"Sure I do." Logan smiled. "How?" I asked confused.

"Borrowed my dad's credit card." Logan shrugged. We both hopped out of the car and we got our luggage. We walked in the hotel and it looked very fancy. I saw a big sparkly chandelier hanging down in the center in the room. There was nice couches in there. Not to mention, the room was enormous.

Logan walked up to the big counter and talked with him while I was still admiring the room. Logan got the keys to our room when he yelled my name to get my attention. I quickly paced to him and we got into the elevator to go up to the 4th floor where our room was.

After we reached our room and put our luggage down, I checked the time and it was 8pm.

"Wanna go to the bar across the street?" Logan asked me."Sure, I can take a couple drinks."

After we agreed on going to grab some drinks, I decided I could change and stuff. I grabbed my luggage and went into the bathroom. I took out a light blue dress and white vans. I stripped from my clothing and slipped on the dress and shoes. I took my hair out from my side-braid. I decided to let my hair down and let it flow down my back.

I re-applied my makeup and when I left the bathroom I saw that Logan was already dressed.

After that we walked across the street to the bar. When we walked in, it reeked with alcohol. I could see sweaty bodies grinding up against each other.

Logan and I went up to the bar and sat down on the stools. A bald man came up behind the counter and asked, "Hello ma'am, what do you want for today?". "Hmm....Surprise me." I said.

The man nodded and looked at Logan. "You too?" Logan nodded. While the man went to get our drinks, Logan went to use the restroom.

The man handed me my drink and I drank all of it. I took a couple more shots and I started getting dizzy.

While I was struggling to stand up from the stool, someone came back from behind me and put a rag in my face.

As I was trying to wiggle out of his hold and grasp for air, I all of a sudden became really tired. My eyes got heavy and I tried to blink one more time, but I couldn't open them back up, and yet I was in a deep sleep.

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