Golf Widow

Jennifer marries Greek businessman Stavros Papadopoulos. Stavros is a golf enthusiast who will do anything to play a round of golf with his buddies. Jennifer finds herself in the stifling relationship until she has an illicit tryst with sexy neighbor William French, a hunky Hollywood actor. William is gorgeous, sexy and a bit overwhelming. He's the lead man on a new series called Blue Moon. The next day William is found dead and all of Hollywood speculates on who could have killed him…..


2. Chapter 2

It was Monday morning and Jennifer was on the way back from her mothers place with Sammy in the back seat who was barking excitedly at the passing cars. She pulled into the driveway and let Sammy out. He was busy sniffing and she let him into the house. Stavros was home working in his home office. He had his eyes fixated on the calculator.


“We’re back.” said Jennifer


“Hello Sammy”. He pets the dog.


“I’ll be in the other room. You do your work.”


Jennifer turned on the morning talk show. The anchorwoman was too thin, unusually perky and upbeat. It was nauseating. Jennifer sat back in the chair in the kitchen and drank a cup of tea. It really was time to renovate the kitchen. She wanted a farmhouse style kitchen, with distressed oak cabinets and industrial appliances and a steel countertop. She wanted to blend rustic with high tech. She would have to work on Stavros for that. He made good money from his import export business of food products from Greece. Maybe soon they could afford to do it. She really wanted the stainless appliances. Stavros came into the kitchen carrying his golf clubs.


“I’m going out to play now.” he smiled at her


“Alright honey.”


“See you later this afternoon. What are you going to do while I’m gone?”


“Maybe just read honey,”she said


“Ok bye.”


She kissed him on the cheek. He was sweating even though it was only 10am. She fed Sammy some dog food and went out to the terrace. Her potted plants were doing well. She ventured over to the fence and peeked through the crack. The pool was empty, no sign of William today. She turned the hose on and watered the plants. Then she heard a splash next door. She went back to the fence and peeked again. William was swimming laps, his strong arms cutting though the water in furious strokes.


She watched awhile, then went into the house to make some lunch. She opened the refridgerator. There was enough for a big salad that would hit the spot just right. She chopped up the vegetables and started to mix the salad. Just then the doorbell rang. She answered, beating Sammy to the door barking furiously.


It was William. His hair was still dripping from his swim. He had on dark sunglasses and looked like a young James Dean. The dog jumped up and down on him.


“Hi William. Don’t mind the dog, he’s harmless.”


“Hi Jennifer…..Damn! Do you always have to look so good?.....I just stopped by to ask you if you can accept a package for me from Fed Ex this afternoon.”


“Sure. I’ll be around most of the day.”


“I’m headed own to Miami on business.”


“No problem.”


“Thanks…. Where’s the old man?”


“Golfing, where else?”


“Ah yes…I should have known…Thanks again, I appreciate it.”




She closed the door. Was it her imagination or had he been hitting on her?


William jumped in his SUV and headed south on I-95. It was a long trek down to Miami, but he wanted to go and check out the South Beach scene. He wanted to be reminded of Miami Vice and Scarface, the days of bad boys and drug busts, the days when evil could be conquered. He was excited about the new series. Blue Moon had already debuted the pilot episode and his character was gaining momentum in the show. The writers were writing more scenes for his character Drake. Drake was a bad guy, a low down lying scumbag. But the ladies loved him, so that was all that mattered. His character was about to be married to Phibi, a wealthy socialite who thought he owned a pharmaceutical company when in fact he was a drug dealer. It was very dark.


William wanted to get into the vibe of South Beach, savor the sexiness and party a bit. He was getting bored at the house. He needed to get out.


He drove through the guts of Miami and veered off at the Beach exit. The architecture was deco and the streets were crowded. He parked on a side street and walked to the strip. He hoped he would see some real life characters to influence Drake. Maybe he’d pick up some ideas tonight.


He stopped in GOGO bar on the beach and walked in. the place was teeming with young, hot chicks and wanna be guys making the scene. He sat down at the bar.


“I’d like a Jack and Coke.”

“Sure hot stuff.” The waitress flashed her dark eyes at him


He studied the bar. There were a few dudes there, some older guys in blue shirts and some chicks. Then he spotted a dude in the corner. Obviously Columbian, hair slicked back, perfect profile, wearing an expensive wristwatch, sporting a gorgeous blonde sidekick with all the right accessories on her. It was Drake. He studied him for a while, noting the gestures, the way he held his glass and exuded coolness as he exhaled his Cuban cigar.


He finished his drink and got out his recorder.

He spoke into it.


“Drake drinks Jack Daniels and smokes Cuban cigars. He wears an Armani suit and has a gun collection. He loves blondes, surveillance devices and Remingtons.”



He left the bar and walked down the strip. There were people everywhere, lights flashing, music playing, cars, girls, guys, and dogs. It was intoxicating. He headed back to his truck. William reached into his pocket for his phone. The phone was there but his wallet was gone. He checked all his pockets…


“Fuck!” he yelled.


His wallet had been stolen.


It was Tuesday morning. The forecasters threatened rain but Stavros insisted he was golfing today. He was meeting his buddy Jamie at the club. Jennifer was watching the morning show, engrossed in the dynamics between the male anchor and the new female anchorwoman.


“There’s something happening between those two.” she muttered to herself. She would have to tweet about it later. She wasn’t wrong about her predictions.


“Ok, Kukla, I am leaving now. I’ll be home later.”


“Sure honey, have fun. Enjoy your game.”


Jennifer continued watching the morning show and grabbed a bowl of cereal during the break. She thought of the day ahead of her, maybe she would go shopping for some plants for the terrace at Home Depot.


The doorbell rang. She opened the door. William was standing there, looking dazzling in tight blue jeans, a denim shirt and black cowboy hat. He was wearing a thick gold chain around his neck. He tipped his hat to her and spoke in a mock Western accent.


“Howdy Ma’am.” he smiled sexily.


“Good morning!” she smiled back


“I was just wondering, little lady, if you by chance had my package from yesterday?”


“Package? Oh yes, it came….Let me go and get it.”


She came back with a medium Fed Ex box and handed it to him. Their fingers touched for a second.


William stared at her.


“You’re looking mighty pretty this morning. I like your robe Ma’am.”


“Thanks. I like your jeans….and your shirt…and your chain.”


“Mind if I ask you something?”


“Depends what it is.” she smiled.


“You might think this is a little bold, but I’d sure like to kiss you.”


She stared back at him and let go of the package.


“I would like that.” she said softly. She couldn’t believe those words were coming out of her mouth. What was she doing? He leaned over and kissed her, a sweet lingering kiss. She sighed a long sigh and trembled.


“I know you’re alone. I watched him leave.”


“Yes. I am.”


“Mind if I come in?”


“Yes….No…..Come on in.”


He closed the door behind them and took her in his arms. He kissed her harder, more urgently. She felt overwhelmed with desire, as if her lust had suddenly been awakened. They went upstairs to the bedroom.


Stavros and Jamie rode in the cart. They were approaching the first tee. This was one of Stavros’ favorite holes. He swung his driver hard, hitting the ground below in a deep divot.


“Good shot man!” Jamie said


The ball landed on the ground and rolled into the hole. It was a hole in one.


“A hole in one! I don’t believe this, my first!” Stavros said.


“Good job man!”


Lightening struck close by. Thunder sounded off in the distance.


“Looks like rain.” Said Jamie


“A little rain, what would happen to us?”


“That’s right, we’re not made of chocolate, we won’t melt.”


“Made of chocolate…. You Americans and your funny sayings. In Greece we say, “He who steals another mans chickens will lose all of his hens.”


“That’s a wise saying Stavros. Where you from? Iraq or Iran or one of those places?”


Jennifer lay naked in Williams’ arms on top of the white duvet cover. The sex was incredible. But suddenly she felt ashamed, she felt paranoid that she would be caught.


“Please don’t ever tell that this happened. I beg you.” she whispered.


“Shhh, shush now. It’s just between us. I never kiss and I never tell. And neither should you.”


“No, I won’t ever tell, no matter how big of a star you get to be…..I’ve been watching you swim.” she admitted


“Really?” he looked amused.


“Yes, I saw you swimming. You are incredibly strong. Strong and fast. I like the way you move.”


“Well, I’ve always had my eye on you. But you went and married that Stavros feller and I never thought I would know you like this. I think you are one incredible lady.”


“Thank you.”


She put her robe back on and looked out the window. The rain was pelting down at a torrential rate. William was putting on his jeans. She heard the door close downstairs.


“Oh my God!” Stavros was home.


“Hurry, go out off the balcony.”


“Man, I feel like I’m doing a scene. This is bizarre.”


He finished dressing and escaped off the balcony down through the backyard. He escaped without getting caught and jumped the fence between the two houses.


Stavros opened the front door and came in. Jennifer was in the bathroom, fixing herself up. He called her upstairs.




“Hi honey. I’m up here. You’re home early!”


“Are you happy I’m home?

“Yes, I’ll be right down.”


She walked down the stairs. She felt like a cheat. What had happened never should have happened. Stavros didn’t deserve this. He gave her a kiss.


“I came home early because of the rain.”


“Yes, I can see. Too bad.”


“What is wrong?”


“Nothing. Nothing. I just feel bad for your game.”


“Oh, it’s nothing. I got a hole in one today.”




He bent down to pick up the Fed Ex box. He looked at it.


“What is this?”


“That’s a box for the neighbor…. William.”


“I go and give it to him.” He said, slightly annoyed.


“No, it’s alright honey. I’ll get it to him. Really. I told him I would accept it for him.”


“O.K. I‘m taking a shower now.”




Stavros went upstairs to take a shower. He passed the bedroom with the unmade bed and noticed a gold chain on the floor. He picked it up and studied it. He knew it wasn’t Jennifer’s and he knew it wasn’t his. Then whose could it be? He put the chain in his pocket. He would find out later. He knew Jennifer would have an explanation.

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