One Direction Imagines!!

Please request imagines!!!! Also, go read my other book!! You and I! Please tell me your name, hair and eye color, which 1D lad, situation, and anything else!! Thanks!! Lots of Love!!


9. 4. Jess and Zayn

Jess' P.O.V.

I woke up in my bed with the sun shining bright in my eyes. You felt the other aide of your bed where Zayn, your boyfriend of 3 years, usually sleeps but he wasn't there. You pouted a minute and grabbed your phone to see if he texted you. Nothing. After you got up, you walked downstairs and on the counter you saw a beautiful bouquet of Roses and a note. It said, "Jess, I'm sorry that I am not home. I got a call from management that we had to go to the studio. I would have woken you but you looked so adorable in your sleep. Be ready to go by 12:30 because I want to take you somewhere special... I love you Babe!! See you soon!! -Zayn XOXO P.S. Hope you like the flowers! ;)" as soon as you finished reading the note, you looked at the clock and saw that it was 11:00! You quickly ran up stairs and jumped into the shower. Once you got out, you went to your closet and pulled out a white sundress with sandals. You put the dress on and went back into the bathroom to dry your hair. You dried it then decided to curl your hair in loose waves. After you were done with your hair, you checked the time. It was 12:00. You had a half an hour so you decided to put your makeup on not feeling rushed. You put some face powder and some black eyeliner. Then you grabbed your favorite mascara and put that on your lashes to make them 'full and bold.' Then you put on a layer of light pink lip color on your lips. You walked back into your room and looked in the mirror, satisfied with your outfit. You put your shoes on, grabbed a little purse that matched the outfit perfectly sliding your phone in it. By the time you walked downstairs, it was 12:30. After waiting a few minutes, you heard the doorbell ring. You got up from your position on the couch and answered the door. There you see Zayn in Jeans and a hoodie standing there smiling. You couldn't help but smile as you took his hand. You walked out closing the door behind you. " You look gorgeous... As always...." He whispered in your ear then kissed you slowly but passionately. When you broke apart, you said, "Well you don't look so bad yourself. " he smiled before taking your hand and leading you to his car. He opened the door for you and you got in closing the door behind you. He ran around to the other side and got it. He drove you to where you guys first met. The beach. He told you to close your eyes and he would guide you. You did as you were told and closed your eyes. You felt Zayn walk you around on the beach till you came to a stop. Zayn said, " Ok Jess. Open your eyes." You open your eyes and saw something written in the sand. You read it and your jaw dropped. It said, "Jess, will you marry me? I love you so much." You turned around to face Zayn and when you turned around, he was on a knee holding out a little velvet box with a beautiful diamond ring inside. "Will you?" He asked you. You were shocked at first but then tears of joy started to flow out of your eyes. "Yes Of Course I will Zayn." You say. He slipped the ring onto your finger then you hugged him. While you were hugging he whispered," I love you so much Jess. I can't imagine what my life would be like without you." His hot breathe sent shivers down your spine. "I love you too Zayn. I love you too." You said before breaking the hug. Then he kissed you with all the passion in the world.

(A.N. Hey Jess! I hope you liked it!! Sorry it took so long!!! Comment what you think!! Lots of love!! ~Emm)

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