One Direction Imagines!!

Please request imagines!!!! Also, go read my other book!! You and I! Please tell me your name, hair and eye color, which 1D lad, situation, and anything else!! Thanks!! Lots of Love!!


7. 3. Regitze and Louis

Regitze's P.O.V.

"Come on Girl!!! We need to go!!!! This is one event that I can not afford to be late too!!" my bestfriend, (BFF/N) called out to me from downstairs. I looked at myself in the mirror one more time before we left because I had to look perfect tonight. I ran downstairs, e gathered our things and ran out the door. (BFF/N) jumped into the drivers seat as i jumped into the passengers seat and we were off. I plugged my phone into her car and we started jamming out to One Direction as loud as the speakers would go. Once we got there, we saw a whole bunch of girls standing in line. By the looks of things, we wouldn't be meeting anybody tonight, which made me a little sad. But then I just remembered that I still got to see the boys perform. We parked the car and rushed to get in line. we had good seats though so we would be getting a good look at the boys. As we walked into the arena and found our seats, w started talking how tonight was going to be the best night ever.

Louis' P.O.V.

As we got ready for the concert, I took a deep breath and tried to focus myself. As soon as 5SOS hd came running off stage, we did our little huddle and ran out to the stage. I looked out at all the screaming girls and trust me there was quite a few. Then my eyes wandered to this one girl that looked perfect. She had dirty blond hair that was waving to e beat of the music. then she looked up straight at me. She noticed that she was staring right into my eyes and broke away. she had the brightest blue eyes I had ever see. I knew that I would have to talk to her before the end of the night.

Regitze's P.O.V.

Durning the concert, I was dancing along to the music and looking at all the lads and Louis had started to walk over to my area. All the girls had started screaming . I kept dancing to the music till I heard Louis like 10 feet away from me. As I look up, I find him staring at me. I look into his eyes then look down starting to blush a little. Then as soon as the song ended, he winked at me before running back to the boys across the stage. I can't believe that just happened. Tonight is going to be the best night of my life. As the concert was coming to a finish, I was about to leave until I felt a big hand grab my arm. I looked up and saw a big bodyguard tug on my arm. I froze in my tracks till he said, " Love, its ok! Your not in trouble. I just have a few people that would like to meet you." I nodded and grabbed (BFF/N) hand and we walked backstage with him. As soon as we got there, our jaws fell to the floor. There sitting right in front of us was One Direction and 5SOS. Luke quickly came over to (BFF/N) and started a conversation with her. I guess you could say that he had his eye on her the whole night. Then before I knew it, Louis walked over to me. "Hi Love! I'm Louis. Whats your name?" He said putting his hand out. I shook his hand and said, "I'm Regitze." "What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He said then looked down as did I. Then he looked up and said, " So Regitze, i was wondering if you would want to go to lunch with me tomorrow?" This cannot be happening right now!!!! Did THE Louis Tomlinson just ask me out on a date?? "Sure, I would love to." I said with a smile. By the end of the night, we had exchanged phone numbers and had started a friendship that would turn into something more.

(A.N. Hey Regitze!! I am soo sorry that this took me so long to write! Hope you enjoyed it!! Love how you spell your name! Lots of love!! ~Emm)

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