Bullied but Saved.

Catalina Salazar moves to town. But the high school isn't as nice as she thought it would be. They go as far as almost killing her. But Liam swoops in and saves her just before she thinks it's all over.


2. Trust

I ran down the deserted hall ways. Not sure of what I'm running from. I accidentally crashed into the lockers while looking over my shoulders. Heavy laughs followed me down the hall. Where are they coming from? I sucked in a shooken breath as I gathered myself. "Catalina! Over here!" I heard Liam call for me. I spun around in circles trying to find where he was. Than I noticed him by the girls locker room. I ran to his side and gave him a big hug and didn't let go. "I'll keep you safe. All you have to do is trust me." His words echoed throughout my mind.

I Shot start up in bed. I began to shake as I thought about the dream. Trust.. That's very hard to come by. I wiped a sweat line off my forehead and walked down to my kitchen for a fresh glass of water. The staircase was dark as usual. The cold floor kept me moving fast. I jumped as a knock on the door creeped me out. The clock read 12:57 am. Why is there someone at my door? I thought about ignoring it but the knock came again but louder and harder. I rushed over to the door with a sharp butcher knife in my hand. The door opened with a loud click. Liam stood on the other side with a scared look on his face. "C-can I help you?" I asked as I slowly put down the knife. "Yeah um all my power is off at my house and I live alone. So I was wondering if I could possibly crash here for a while till it gets turned back on?" I listened to his voice discribe every word. "Yeah. I have a guest room. If it's messy I'm sorry. I've been trying to clean everything." I shrugged my shoulders and shut the door behind him as he stepped in. I hope that this wasn't a bad choice. I followed close behind him as he found the guest bedroom. "It's nice." He whistled. I smiled to myself and said my goodnight. I was scared of this man. Even though my dreams tell me to "trust him". I'm scared of that. I'm scared to get close to anyone. I crawled into my big comfortable bed. I laid on my bruised shoulder and almost cried out in pain. I bit my lip in pain and closed my eyes; trying to get sleep. I couldn't fall back to sleep so I decided to hop into the shower. The burning hot water burned my skin as I stood still under it. It relaxed my muscles but left my skin beat red. I brushed my teeth and tied a silk bathrobe on. Realizing that I had math and science homework I quickly rushed over to my desk and pulled out my binder. My computer screen lit up as the motion sensor figured out that I was there. I stared at my homepage picture. It was a picture of me and Alex. Back than I had purple hair instead of baby blue. Alex had just dyed his hair pitch white. He was my best friend till he committed suicide. I forgive him for that, for leaving me here in this hell hole. I could take my life as well but I don't have enough balls to be able to do it. The kids at school will be able to kill me and pull it off. How can they be so mean to me? I shivered at the thought of death. I pulled up my YouTube account and began a video. "Hey, it's Cat... Again," I chuckled at the last part, looking down at my hands, "you know I really don't get this journey called life. I just started a new school yesterday and , god, it's hell guys. These people couldn't give a rats ass are about me," I shuttled my shoulders at the last part and wiped a tear away, "So I just wanna sing you a little song today. Yeah it's early in the morning yada yada yada." I took a sharp breath and played the song (Who You Are by Jessie J.) I sang to my best desire and I didn't stop till it was over. "Goodnight, guys." I blew a kiss at the camera and switched it off. I quickly uploaded the video. "Wow. You're incredible." I heard Liam gasp from the doorway. I jumped and turned around. "How much of that did you hear?!" I nearly shouted but reminded myself to keep my voice down. "Pretty much all of it." He shrugged his shoulders with a smug look on his face. I covered my face with my hands. "Oh, was I not suppose to see in person?" He asked and sat down on the corner of my bed. I shrugged; not looking at him. "So, talk to me." He scooted over on the bed and patted the spot next to him from where he made some room. It's a king bed so I can sit anywhere I want. Well it's also MY bed so I can sit anywhere I prefer. "About what?" I asked staying in my desk chair. "School. Or you. Either one you want to start with." He gave me a homey smile. I ran a shay hand through my hair, scared out of my mind. I shook my head 'no'. "Ima go to bed so please exit or leave or whatever." I tried not to sound rude. He gave me a funny look. Which made me feel very awkward. But he got up and left to the guest room. Or well at least I think he went to the guest room. I locked bedroom door just for precaution. I crawled into my cold bed. It seemed to welcome me more than ever. Which was weird because I've always loved sleep but it always fought me in response. My blankets formed around my body making me feel even more tired. I turned my alarm clock off so it wouldn't wake me in the morning. I closed my eyes and soon a deep sleep rolled over my numb body. With a smile I soon began to dream...

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