Better Than Words (15+)

Kiara Hernandez and Michelle Amelia are best friends and live with each other in Los Angeles, California. Once they win One Direction tickets and visit London, what happens?


2. TWO

Kiara's POV:

"Hurry up and answer one!" Michelle says.

"Well help me look for it! Try that one!" I say.

Michelle grabs my iPhone from the floor and looks at the screen. She squeals and answers the phone. I grab it from her hand and put it on speaker.

"Congratulations! You just won Ultimate VIP tickets to go see One Direction live on September,13, 2014! How do you feel?!" The man says.

We both scream and hug each other while holding the phone.

"I'm guessing your really happy! Don't get too happy though. First you have to name 20 songs from One Direction in the next minute. Your time!" He says.

"10 and 10?" I whisper to Michelle trying to contain my excitement.

She nods and I immediately start naming songs from One Direction.

"They Don't Know About Us, Rock Me, Better Than Words, Through The Dark, Last First Kiss, Loved You First, Happily, Strong, Best Song Ever, Midnight Memories." I quickly say into the phone.

"Stole My Heart, Live While We're Young, Little Things, Diana, You and I, Right Now, Story Of My Life, Tell Me A Lie, Little White Lies, and Taken!" Michelle quickly adds.

"Okay girls! Do you want a bonus question? You will get a mega surprise!" The man says.

We both scream to each other and quickly says yes.

"Okay, what was Harry's first tattoo?" He says.

We both look at each other and giggle.

"It was the star." Michelle and I say in sync.


We both looked at each other and screamed.

"Uhh hello? Are you still there?" He says.

"Y-yeah we're still here" I say.

"Okay so to meet One Direction, you must go to the studio and we will tell you the rest of the plan." Then hangs up.

"WAIT!" Michelle says.

"What?"I look up at her in a confused face.

"He didn't tell us where was the studio." I say.

"Thats why theres a thing called the internet." Michelle says.

I rolls my eyes and giggle. We both ran upstairs, grabbed the laptop and searched for the address. Michelle copies it down on a paper, and ran downstairs. I followed her and grabbed the keys, I lock the door and gave the keys to Michelle. As we got in the car she started it and began to follow the directions to the studio.

"I wonder how we're going to react once we see them." Michelle says.

I giggled and said "probably drool over them and act like idiots."

She laughed and nodded. We arrived at the studio and got out of the car. We saw the man and walked over to him.

"Excuse me, may I help you?" The man says.

"Yes, we are the girls that won the tickets to the concert and gets to spend the whole week with One Direction". I say.

He laughs and nodded no. We both looked at him confusedly. 

"What do you mean no?!" Michelle says obviously mad.

"Well no, do you really think you were going to meet One Direction and hang out with them for a week." He says raising his voice a bit.

"Woah! Whats all this yelling?" Harry says.

"These ladies just came in and told me that they won tickets to see you guys and want to spend time with you guys for a week, how ridiculous right?" He says.

Michelle looks at him in a digust face and says "What the fuck!! Your the one who called us and told us that we won tickets and got to spend time with them... bastard."

"Calm down Michelle its okay we'll just go home and forget about this." I say.

"What? NO! "She says.

Louis and Zayn smirks at us and says "Why won't you actually stay with us and go to the concert?"

Michelle and I looked at each other shocked.

"A-are you talking to us?" I stuttered.

"Nooo we're talking to the wall, of course you!" Zayn laughs.

"Uh i'm afraid that won't happen, I don't think thats the best decision guys." The man says quite angry.

"Sorry but you don't control us." Liam says obviously annoyed.

I giggled. As the man looked embarrassed and just walked off to the studio room.

"Yeah its a great idea you should come with us to my house for a while, talk and get to know each other." Harry says.

"Uh yeah but one favor?" I said with pleading eyes.

"Yeah?" Niall says

"Can we have a picture with all of you?" I say.

They all nodded and Zayn walked over to me and smiled.

"Hey beautiful."

"Hi." I say shyly and blushed.

He held out the camera and put his chin on my shoulder and tickled my neck. I giggled.

"So your ticklish." He says tickling me again. 

"Stop your making me laugh to hard, its embarrassing." 

He chuckles and says "No it isn't its adorable!" He smirks and kisses me on the cheek.

I blushed.

Michelle's POV:

Louis walked over and put his arm over my shoulder and I couldn't help it but blush a little. He smirked and kissed my cheek while taking the picture.

"Hey hows your day?" He says with a smile.

"Well a little on the rough side but its getting better." I smiled looking up at him.

"I can see your having a rough day, by the way you shouted "bastard" at the man." He chuckles.

I laughed and said "Well its not my fault that we love you guys."

"AWW. I love your laugh its so ADORABLE!" He says.

I buried my face in my hands. He took my hands down and said "Don't hide your face, love."

Did he actually just call me love?? Ugh he's perfect.

"I'll be right back I need to take a picture with Kiara and we'll head out to Harry's place." He says.

I nodded and smiled.

Harry came over. I smiled as he came.

"Hey." I said.

"Hi, so you want a picture?"

"Yes please." I said smiling. 

That was quicker than I thought, I thought we were going to have a long ass conversation like I had with Louis but okay.

Niall came over and said "Hi."

"Hi." I wave at him.

I gave the camera to him and he said "Lets make a funny face for this picture." I nodded.

We took so many photos and all of them not even one was a normal picture.

I laughed and said "We never even took a normal picture out of all of these." 

He laughs and says "Do you want a normal picture?"

I nodded a yes.

He held out the camera and said 1-2-3!

I smiled at the camera.

"HAHA gotcha" he said.

I rolled my eyes and looked at the picture we took and laughed.

Liam and Zayn came over walking and said "Hi love we came for a picture with you?" 

I nodded and smiled.

They took the photo.

Meanwhile Harry came back telling Kiara and I to go outside and wait for them as they have to finish their interview. We quickly nod and grab each other by the arms. We sprint outside and finally reach the door. We both squeal in excitement and hug each other.

"I can't believe that just happened! It happened so quickly I don't even know if it's true." I say pacing back and forth.

"I can't believe we are staying at their house! It just happened so quickly." Kiara says running her fingers through her hair.

"What happened so quickly?" Zayn says smirking.

Kiara gasps and turns around to see a smirking Zayn standing right behind her. She blushes and bites her bottom lip. Zayn chuckles and walks away into a black van. We stare at the van for about a good 5 minutes and Zayn's head pops out the window.

"Are you coming or not?" Zayn says with a laugh.

We both blush in embarrassment and quickly get inside the car. We sit down all the way in the back and kick each other with our feet.

"Are you guys scared or something? Why are you all the way in the back?" Zayn questions as he looks at us.

We both stop kicking our feet and go up to where Zayn is.

"We aren't scared by the way." I say with a laugh.

"I know. I was just playing with you guys." He says with a chuckle.

"Where are the others?" Kiara says locking her phone.

"There still inside the studio being interviewed." Zayn says.

"Why are you not in there?" Kiara says in a serious tone.

He shrugs and Kiara shakes her head slowly with a smile. Kiara is not herself right now. She's shy and quiet right now. NOTHING compared to the real Kiara. Kiara is loud, energetic, weird, crazy, annoying at times, funny, and she eats a lot. Right now she's acting nothing like herself. I can't blame her though. She loves Zayn.

"So whose your favorite from us?" Zayn says looking at Kiara.

"Erm..." She says playing with her fingers while blushing.

"Me?" Zayn says almost shocked.

"Take a hint Malik." I say with a laugh.

Her cheeks turn a bright pink and she whacks me in the arm.

"Ow! I was just telling him that the lovely Kiara likes Zayn Malik." I say with a smirk.

She glares at me and puts the palm of her hands to her face. She begins to laugh and Zayn turns around.

"They should probably be here in about a minute or so." Zayn says starting the engine.

"Um...what about our clothes?" Kiara says into my ear.

"Don't worry about that. We will go to your house and you'll pack a bag or something." Zayn smirks.

 Kiara blushing madly while watching Zayn smirk. The boys come inside the van seconds later and Zayn steps out of the car. He comes inside and sits down next to Liam and Niall. Louis quickly sits next to me and I pinch Kiara. She quickly looks at me to Louis. She winks at me and I blush. She pushes me so I touch  Louis' shoulder. I glare at her and quickly look at Louis. He smiles at me and I feel like I'm going to explode.

"Sorry." I mumble scratching the back of my neck.

"You don't have to be sorry love." Louis says touching my knee with his hand.

I immediately freeze in my place as Louis looks at my movement.

"Are you alright love?" Louis says concern coming into his eyes.

"I'm fine. Thank you." I say scooting back to my place.

I smile at Kiara and she laughs.

"Your welcome." She says into my ear.

I blush with embarrassment and quickly fold my arms around my chest.

"So what's are your names?" Niall says.

"" I say turning to a cheerful Niall.

"And yours?" Harry says.

"Oh..Kiara." She says with a mumble.

"OH MY GOD JUST LIKE THE LION KING!" Louis says pointing at Kiara.

"Yeah just like the Lion King." Kiara says with a smile.

"What's your favorite disney movie?" Harry says.

"I don't have one." I say with a laugh.

"What? Your supposed to have a favorite disney movie!" Liam says.

"I don't like disney. I like horror movies." I say.

"What's you favorite?" Louis says with a smirk.

"Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones." I say with a grin.

"And yours?" Liam says.

"Frozen, The Lion King, Toy Story, and Nemo." Kiara says with a giggle.

"You like frozen?" Niall says with a laugh.

"Yeah." I say.

Once we tell Liam where are house is, he heads towards our house. Once we are at home we all jump out of the car and make it to the front door. Kiara opens the door with her keys and we all pile into the house.

"How old are you guys?" Niall says sitting down on the couch.

"I'm 21 and Kiara is 20." I say.

We both go upstairs and look at each other. We start to giggle and we pack a backpack with clothes that will last for a week. We grab everything that we need and going inside the restroom. We grab our toothbrush, deodorant, perfume, and hair scrunchies. We zip the backpack and we walk downstairs. The boys are looking at our family pictures when we reach downstairs. Kiara laughs and we both sit down on the couch.

"So are you guys ready to go?" Liam says.

Kiara and I both nodded a yes. As we got out and headed to the car back to Harry's place, I noticed Zayn looking at Kiara, I scoffed only because its so obvious that they both like each other.

"Why are you laughing?" Kiara says while shaking her leg nervously.

"Well duh its obvious that you both like each other." I giggled in to her ear.

"Whats that conversation your having back there." Niall asks.

"Nothing, nothing at all." I say smirking.

"Well here we are." Harry says.

"Why won't you guys get cleaned up and we can go to Nando's, Niall's favorite?" Louis says.

"Sure but wheres the bathroom?" I say.

"Oh theres one down the hall way, and one in my room if you like to take it." Louis says.

I nodded and went to Louis' room. I got in the bathroom and turned on the shower.

After I was done, I got out and noticed my clothes were on Louis bed. Shit. I wrapped a towel over me and opened the door and noticed Louis on his bed reading a magazine. I felt my cheeks warming up a little. 

He pulled his magazine down smirking and he chuckled. I smiled embarrassedly.

"Can you toss me my clothes?" I say shyly with my head down.

"Sure." He looked down and noticed my bra and underwear and smirked.

Oh my F.. I just wanted to smack that smirk right off his face.

"Thanks." I say.

I changed in to my clothes thats a brown jacket, a white tank top, and shorts. I grabbed my makeup essentials and put on white creamy eyeshadow, liquid liner, mascara, a tad of a floral peachy blush, and a peach lip gloss color. 

I got out of the bathroom and noticed Louis eyes widened when he saw me. I giggled and walked over to the mirror and brushed through my wavy brown hair and let it down.

"You look nice." he said.

"Thank you." I say blushing.

"C'mon lets go down stairs." he says dragging me, I laughed and followed him. As I walked down, I noticed Kiara and Zayn talking and giggling.

Kiara's POV:

I walked down through the halls when I see a bathroom in the corner and walked in. I started to take off my clothes and turned on the water. After I finished I wrap my hair with a towel and start putting on my clothes, the clothes that I'm wearing today were a cardigan, a crop floral top and a skirt with a cute belt for accessories. 

After that I took my towel off my hair and blow dried it and let my hair down, like I usually do. I grabbed my makeup bag and put a smokey eyeshadow on, liquid liner, mascara, and some pink lip gloss. Simple and sweet. I looked in the mirror just one last check, then I opened the door and bumped in to Zayn and all of his lyrics papers fell out.

"O-oh my.. Im soo sorry, here let me help" I say embarrassedly.

"Its okay" Zayn said while smiling.

As we both bend down we hit our foreheads together. 

"Ow" We both said and laughed.

"Sorry are you okay love" Zayn asks.

"Aha yeah just a bit hurting..ow" I say.

"I'm so sorry, here let me bring you ice follow me" he says.

I nodded following him out.

"Here put this on."

I put it on as he told me. I couldn't help how he was so nice to me. Harry comes in ruining the moment singing "Magic" while just in his boxers. I glare as Zayn as he does to me too, we both started too laugh. Thats when Michelle and Louis comes out.

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