Better Than Words (15+)

Kiara Hernandez and Michelle Amelia are best friends and live with each other in Los Angeles, California. Once they win One Direction tickets and visit London, what happens?



Kiara's POV:

"So what are you going to order?" Zayn says.

"I don't know, I've never been to Nando's." I say looking at the menu.

"What?! Why?! You should try the Peri Peri Chicken." Niall says with a grin.

"No. She should eat the Chicken Butterfly." Zayn says.

"I think she should get the Chicken Breast Fillet Burger." Liam says.

"Will you all shut up? They are all damn chickens." I say with a laugh.

"You can get the Ceaser Salad." Harry says.

"I'm getting the Chicken Butterfly." I say with a grin.

"She's only getting that because Zayn said that." Louis mumbles.

I turn around and look at Louis who's trying not to laugh. I shake my head and laugh. Niall kicks me from under the table and I turn to face him.

"Get the Peri Peri Chicken." He mouths to me.

I laugh and everyone stares at me. I blush and look down to my lap.

"Are you alright? You just laughed for no reason." Harry says.

I look at Niall who's puts a finger up to his mouth. I shake my head and look back at Harry.

"I'm fine. It's just that....I.....umm...was laughing at what Liam said." I lie.

"I didn't say anything love." Liam says looking at me with a confused look.

"Well you said breast. didn't you?" I say.

Niall immediately starts laughing at the whole table begins to laugh. I giggle and Zayn pokes me in the leg with his finger. I look into his eyes and he smiles at me. I blush and look the other way. Michelle pinches my leg and I glare at her. She winks at me and I immediately whack her in the arm. She laughs and that waitress comes with her booklet and a piece of pen. When she finally sees who is in front of her she turns red and looks down to the floor. The boys stiffen and start playing with their fingers.

"H-Hi we-welcome to Nan-Nando's. H-How may I h-help you?" The waitress says with a bunch of stutters.

"Umm yes. I would like to get the Chicken Breast Fillet, Zayn would like to get the Chicken Butterfly, Niall wants the Peri Peri Chicken, Harry wants the Caesar Salad, Kiara would want....?"

"Um...I would want the....Chicken Butterfly." I say looking at Zayn.

"You'll love it. I promise." Zayn says.

"Meany." Niall says with a laugh.

I grin at Niall and he starts laughing.

"We would both want the Chicken Tenders." Louis says looking at Michelle.

"What are you five?" Harry says while laughing.

Michelle and Louis nodded and laughed.

Harry rolled his eyes.

Meanwhile our food came, it looked so delicious.

"Wow, this looks good." I say.

"It even tastes better." Zayn says while smirking.

I smile and started to eat my Chicken Butterfly.

"Wow, I'm so full! Niall how did you manage to eat all that peri peri chicken?!" Michelle asked surprised.

"I don't know, I guess I'm in love with Nando's." Niall says with a chuckle.

She giggled, as I noticed Harry laughing too with Michelle.

"So what do you guys wanna do now? Its only 1?" Liam says.

"Wow its 1, thats pretty early." I say in surprised.

"Wanna go to the movies?" Louis ask excitingly. 

"Sure" Michelle says.

We got out and went in to the car. 

"What movies should we see?" Zayn asks.

"F-frozen!" "Insidious chapter 2!" Michelle and I say at the same times but different answers.

Harry chuckles and says "What if Louis and I watch "Insidious Chap. 2" with Michelle, while Niall, Liam, and Zayn go see "Frozen" with Kiara.

We all nodded in an agreement.

"Okay here we are, lets go." Harry says getting out of the car helping Michelle out. I was confused because I think Harry also likes Michelle.

As soon as Liam, Niall, Zayn and I pay for the tickets, we headed to the snack area.

"So what do you want to eat Kiara?" Zayn asks me.

"Um small popcorn and a medium sprite please." I say as I handed him the money for him to pay.

"Oh no, I'll pay, true gentlemen never lets the lady pays." He says.

I blushed and said thank you.

"How may I help you?" The lady says taking our order.

"Uh yes, two small popcorn, medium sprite, and a large coke." Zayn says taking the wallet out of his pocket.

"That will be $16.23" She says smiling, grabbing the money from Zayn.

She hands us our popcorn as we headed to the movies and sat. I sat between Liam and Zayn while Niall sat next to Liam.

The movie started as I get excited and eat my popcorn. 


"Do you wanna build a snowman?" As Anna from frozen sang, and I sang along as well.

"Or ride our bikes around the halls!" Liam says.

I giggled as we sang the whole song through.

"Shut up, I'm trying to listen." Niall says while eating my popcorn.

I giggled and noticed Zayn walked out of the room unexpectedly. I followed him out, to see if he was okay.

I finally catch up to him and grab his wrist. 

"What happened Zayn?"

He ignores me but I still ask him the same question over and over until he answers.

"Stubborn much?" He asks annoyed.

I looked down my face flushed.

"S-sorry." I mumbled.

He sighed in frustration "Sorry its just t-that that I'm jealous, alright!"

I looked at him confusedly.

"What?" I manage to ask.

"Im jealous that you and Liam have so much in common and I feel so, so left out." He says and lets out a sigh.

"What are you trying to say?" I ask.

"For fuck sake, I like you okay! I like you Kiara!"

I stared at him for a few seconds and blushed.

"Well, its only been a day, how could you possibly like me?" I ask confused, but happy.

"I don't know, the moment I saw you, you were so, so innocent and I liked it." 

I giggled. "Do you want to go back to the house, and just talk and I can try make us both dinner." I say.

He nods and we head to the car.

"Wait. What about Liam and Niall?" I ask.

"I'll text Harry and tell him if he can take them home." He says smiling.

I nodded, and went inside the car. He turns on the engine and the car drive was silent. As we arrived, we got out, Zayn opened the door. 

I go to the refrigerator and I find pasta, I put it in the microwave for 3 mins.

"Do you like pasta?" I ask Zayn.

"Yeah." He says while getting the movie from Netflix.

"Do you like the Hangover?" He says. 

I nodded and got the pasta out and handed it to him.

"Thank you" He says gesturing me to sit next to him on his bed.

We laughed, ate and I noticed my eyes feeling heavy, but manage to keep myself awake. As we all no I couldn't, I fell asleep on Zayn's chest. 

Michelle's POV:

The movie started and I feel Harry's hand on mine, I blushed but shake my head no I can't like him, I like Louis. So I moved my hand away.

I watched the movie tentatively, and noticed the lady pops out and I jump on Harry's side a bit.

"Sorry." I say embarrassedly.

"Its okay." He chuckles.

I noticed Louis getting mad and walks off.

I ran to him and ask "What are you doing out here?"

"Walking home." He says bluntly.

"Why?" I ask confused.

He ignores and walks off.

Harry came out and asked "What was all that about?" 

I shrugged.

"Well, lets just head home now." He says.

I nodded and he puts his hand on the back of my back gesturing me.

We see Niall and Liam and tell them to get in the car. I look at the clock and notice it was only 4.

"Wow slow day." I say exhausted.

"Yup slow day." Liam says.

We arrive as Niall helps me out. I needed to go to the restroom when I open the door and see Kiara and Zayn kissing. I gasp loudly they turned to me and had wide eyes towards me. I smirked at Kiara and Zayn winked at her. They giggled and I closed the door for their privacy.

I go in Louis room because I remembered he had a restroom inside.

As I go in I noticed Louis kissing a girl. Louis looks up at me and looks surprised.

"O-oh I'm sorry, I just i-ima go..." I say stuttering through my words.

"WAIT!" Louis says.

I ignore him as tears form in my eyes. I thought he liked me I really thought he did. I can't believe I thought that he actually liked me. I run downstairs and walk out the door. I wipe my eyes and start to walk down the street. As I turn the corner, I see a shadow coming up to me. I gasp and turn around to just see it's Harry. He catches up to me and looks at me.

"Have you been crying?" He says grabbing my wrist and turn me so I see him face to face.

"No. Why would you think that?" I say starting to walk again.

I start walking and Harry keeps following me. I turn around to face him and look at him.

"What do you want?" I say kind of annoyed.

"This." He says pulling me by the waist and grabbing my cheek with his arm.

He slowly leans in and his pink soft lips land on mine. As he starts kissing me I put my hands on both his shoulders.

Louis' POV:

"Have you guys seen Michelle?" I ask Niall and Liam.

"No mate. Sorry. Try asking Kiara or Harry."

I quickly make my way to Harry's room to see no one is there. I groan in frustration and walk downstairs to see Kiara and Zayn laughing at the movie there watching. I go up to them and tap on Zayn's shoulder.

"Mate have you seen Michelle?" I ask.

"No." He says continuing to watch the movie.

"She just walked out the door with Harry a couple of minutes ago. I think they went somewhere though. I'm not sure." Kiara says turning to look at me.

I quickly go upstairs and put on my shoes. I run downstairs and open the door. I start walking and walking but I don't find Harry or Michelle. As I am going to turn back to the house I see a couple walking down the corner and coming towards me. As they come closer I see it's Harry and Michelle holding hands while laughing. I quickly run to the house and sit down on the sofa.

"Are you alright Louis? You don't look to happy." Zayn says pausing the movie.

"I'm fine." I say walking up to my room.

I see Eleanor laying down on my bed. She's on her phone and giggling. I roll my eyes and lay down next to her.

"What happen, babe?" She asks me in an innocent tone.

"Nothing, just not feeling to good" I say bluntly.

She nods and goes on her phone again. 

Michelle's POV:

As me and Harry stop kissing I took a deep breath, and surprisingly I didn't regret of what just happened. I think I might have feelings for Harry.

"Wow, that was something" He says.

"Yeah it was" I say smiling.

"Do you wanna go for a swim?"He says while he puts his arms around my waist.

"I think I'll just get a tan"I say smiling.

He gives me a grumpy face, and I giggle.

"Aww, your so cute with your small giggle." He says smiling.

Making me blush.

We go back in the house as I get my swim suit on. I wrap a towel over me as I walk out.

Kiara's Bikini:

Michelle's Bikini:

Harry's POV:

I walk back to the house with Michelle, she's so pretty with sense of humor, and she's so out going, doesn't care what people think.

"Who wants to go for a swim?" I say.

Liam, Kiara, Zayn, and Niall screams yes, and jumps up and down like idiots. I laugh and tell them to go get ready.

Michelle comes back out with a towel wrapped around her. She walks out and pulls a chair and lays down, while she unwraps her towel. My eyes widen when I see she's so fit.

I walk up to her and take off my shirt, she pulls her sun glasses down and looks at me for a while, I chuckle.

"Eyes up here, love." 

Her face flushes as she giggles a bit, and puts her sunglasses back on.

"Wanna play volleyball?" She asks.

I nodded and said "If you want your ass to get beat then, yes."

"Um what was that?" She giggles.

"Oh nothing." I smirk. She hits me on my shoulder and I chuckle.

She grabs a ball and we start playing. 

"It was totally a tie!" I say. 

"Yeah right! Its six out of two Harry, your losing." She says with a laugh hitting me with a ball.

"Lets rest for now, I'm pretty tired." I say sitting back on the chair.

"Okay, I'll just go get some water and be right back." She says walking back in to the house.

Michelle's POV:

I walk to the refrigerator when I see Kiara going downstairs with her bikini. 

"Nice bikini, Mrs. Malik." I say teasing her.

"Shut up!" She laughs and hits me on the shoulder.

"So are you two like together now..?" I say confused.

She nods and I screamed.

"Ahh! When?!"

"After you closed the door when you saw us kissing, he asked me to be his girlfriend." She says blushing.

"Im so happy for you!" I say grabbing the water bottle.

She giggles and hugs me tight.

"Well I'm going to meet Zayn out, bye" She says walking away skipping.

I nod, while walking out with a water bottle. As I noticed Harry in the corner running up to me screaming like a maniac.

He pushes me in to the pool.

"HARRY EDWARD STYLES, what the hell was that?!" I say in frustration while getting out.

I hear him laughing like crazy when I get out of the pool I push him in, but he caught my wrist and we both fell in laughing.

I catch my breath and held on to Harry's shoulder, I push him under the pool until I feel satisfied. I let go and laugh.

"What the fuck Michelle?!" He says catching his breath.

I laugh and swim away.

He catches up to me and pulls my waist, as I wrap my arms over his neck we connect our lips again, for the second time in a day. I think I'm falling for Harry and hard.

Kiara's POV:

"Come over here." Zayn says with opened arms.

I walk up to him and put my arms around his shoulders. He pecks my lips and I giggle. He throws me on his shoulders and I scream. I start hitting him in the back and he laughs.

"Zayn put me down!" I say as I try to get off his shoulders.

"As you wish." He says throwing me in the pool.

I squeal and grab him by the wrist. He falls inside the pool with me. As I rise up I start laughing. He pouts and I start laughing while he pulls me by the waist. We both go underwater and he slowly starts kissing me.

As we both don't have any breath anymore, we both rise up to the surface. We both start laughing and giggling. Niall comes inside while running and I scream. Water splashes all over the place and we turn the other way so we don't get splashed. Niall swims up to Zayn and stares at him. My eyes go from Zayn to Niall and to Zayn again. Niall finally touches Zayn's face and walks away to the deep.

"Wanna go to the deep?" Niall says with a smirk.

I laugh and look at Zayn. He rolls his eyes and I pout.

"No." He says to me.

"Why? I promise you won't drown." I say to him.

"No." He says again.

"Please? Do it. I DARE you." I say.

"Fine but I'm only doing it for you." He says going to the deep.

I follow him as he goes. 

"Oh My Gosh..Zayn!" I say panicking.

He's drowning I swam to the deep and picked him up. He wasn't breathing. I start to cry and do mouth to mouth. 

Minutes later he wakes up and I look up and sighed in relief.

"Zayn, oh my gosh you scared me!" I say pulling him into a hug.

"Gotcha!" He says laughing on the floor.

"What the hell!" I say mad.

"Sorry I just wanted you to kiss me." He says whiny.

"Fine just don't ever do that again!" I say kissing his cheek.

He kisses me a back and carries me inside the house.

So it was just Michelle, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Eleanor in the pool.

"So what do you want to do?" Zayn says.

"Take a shower."

"Can I join?" Zayn says smirking, I giggle and smack him.

"No." I chuckle, he started to pout and I laughed.

Michelle's POV:

"Wanna get out of the pool now?" I say.

"Yeah, its getting pretty cold." Harry says.

Once we got out I went to Harry's room and unzip my purse to get my phone, I picked up a picture the first day Kiara and I met them, it had Zayn, Kiara, Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, and I.

Zayn was using Kiara's hair as a mustache, while Kiara criss crosses her eyes.

Louis was hitting Liam, while Liam started to fake cry.

Niall was eating chips.

Harry gave me a piggyback ride laughing while I stuck out my tongue.

That was the best group picture, with all of them.

I smile like an idiot when someone from behind chuckles. I turned around and see it was Harry.

"Those were good times." He says calmly smiling at the picture.

"Yup, they were." I say putting it back in my purse.

"Now lets go downstairs and eat!" He says picking me up on to his shoulders.

"Let me down Harry!" I say laughing.

"No! now say goodbye to the bedroom." He says walking downstairs.

"Bye bedroom, I love you!" I say.

He laughs as we see Niall eating and join in with him. Zayn and Kiara joins us, and we start talking about our plans before Kiara and I both go, sadly we didn't wanna leave.

"Hey what if you guys stay here with us, for another week I'm sure Simon wouldn't mine." Louis says looking down to his plate, I knew it was awkward between us so I gotta apologize to him.

"Louis can I talk to you for a minute." I say standing up from my chair putting my plate in the kitchen.

"Sure." He says going to the hallway so we can talk.

"Look, about yesterday I know its awkward but can we just stay friends I mean, I have feelings for Harry as you do with Eleanor." I say.

"Wait, you have feelings for Harry? Look I get that you like him but he's never actually felt love before so keep it low key." He says in a serious tone.

"I will, its not like we are dating in any way." 

"Okay, just be careful." He says going back to the kitchen.

I go to Harry's room and take out my phone to text Kiara to come since I'm to lazy to call her.

To: Kiara <3

From: Michelle (:

Come to Harry's room, need to talk to you. xx.

After 2 mins or so I get a text message from Kiara.

From: Kiara <3

To: Michelle (:

Be up in a min, need to clean dishes. xx.

Meanwhile I just listen to music. Moments later Kiara arrives.

​"Hey" I greeted her with a smile.

"Hey" She says laying next to me on the bed.

"So, I need to tell you something." I say calmly.

"Im all ears." She says.

This is why I love her she's so caring.

"Okay, so Louis just told me that Harry's never been in love." I say not looking directly to her face.

"Have you ever been in love?" She asks me.

"Well if its not my mom, then no." I say giggling.

"Tell him how you feel with him, and maybe he feels the same about you." She says smiling.

"Thats a great idea thanks Kiara!" I hug her tightly.

"Your welcome!, and I said yes to the boys that we are staying here for the next few weeks." She says walking out.

"Okay". I said while drifting off.

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