Better Than Words (15+)

Kiara Hernandez and Michelle Amelia are best friends and live with each other in Los Angeles, California. Once they win One Direction tickets and visit London, what happens?



Harry's POV:

Its been 4 months now and I'm not sure if I grown stronger to Michelle and Kiara, their like family and I'm so happy for Zayn and Kiara. Everyone seems happy since Kiara and Michelle moved in. They both can talk to Liam, eat with Niall, and laugh with Louis.

"Michelle?" I say looking around seeing her on my bed.

"Michelle wake up I'm bored." I say kissing her in every each word.

"Shut up" She grumbles.

I chuckle and grab a pillow and smack her on the head. 

"Harry!" She says getting a pillow and hitting me, I laugh and tackle her with tickling.

"Harry stop I can't breathe please!!" She begs and I pick her up and put her on the bed.

I laid down next to her and her head against my chest.

"I feel your heart beat." She says in a whisper.

"I'm not surprise, I'm not dead" I chuckled, she laughed.

We laid there for a moment, I could hear her breathing and it calms me in some way.

"Harry?" she says curious.

"Yeah?" I looked down to her.

"I-I like you." She stuttered.

My heartbeat stopped for a second when I heard those words.

"Um I like you too" I say not even sure of what I was saying.

"Harry, Im serious its been 4 months and we can't even say we like each other?" She says standing up.

"Look, Michelle we're not together I thought we were friends with you know benefits." 

She scoffs and walks out of the room. 

"Michelle! Don't be mad ughh."

I really like her, since the day I met her but I can't manage to say it, I don't even know how love feels like, how do I even like a girl. 

I really messed up.

Michelle's POV:

I can't believe I was falling for Harry I knew I was making a mistake how could've I been so stupid, Louis was right, I should've never even let Harry get me to me like that.

I see Louis room open, I barge in there and Louis looks up.

I feel tears form in my eyes and started to sob on Louis shoulder.

"Whats wrong love?" Louis asks grabbing my cheeks.

"You were right about Harry he doesn't even like me, how is he even going to love then?" I say sobbing more.

"Shh its ok, Harry will be guilty of what he has done and make it up to you somehow, but for now just calm down and take a break." He says soothing my hair.

I lift up my head and gazed in to his eyes. He leans in, my heartbeat goes faster and as I leaned in our lips touched it was still going till.... Harry came in the room.

"Mate what the hell?!" Harry says, his jaw tenses up.

"I-im sorry" Louis says looking down.

"Harry shut up why do you even care, get out." 

He glares at me and Louis, scoffs and walks out the room. 

"Im going to talk to him love, go get some rest." He says walking down.

"Okay, thank you" I say lying on Louis´ bed.

Louis' POV:

As I walk downstairs I see Harry outside with his hands in his head.

"Mate come on. You know how Michelle feels about you. You don't even like her back?" I say.

"It´s not that its just I can't admit to myself that I like her, its hard for me." He says and I can feel the hurtfulness in his voice.

"Mate you got to tell her your feelings. I say patting his back before going inside.

I see Kiara on the couch and I go up to her.

"Hey Kiara." I say sitting on the couch next to her.

"Hi" She says turning off the Tv.

"You know Michelle and Harry are having a fight?" I ask her.

"What really? Are they alright?" She asks concerned.

"I don't know Michelle has feelings for Harry and Harry has feelings for her but Harry just can't admit it."

"I'll go talk to her if she's alright." She says walking upstairs.

"Ok, bye" I say and she turns back and waves a little at me.

Kiara's POV:

I hope Michelle's okay, I can't imagine her having feelings for Harry and Harry not wanting to admit he has feelings for her. As I walk down the hall Zayn comes.

"Hi love." He says while kissing my lips.

"Hi." I say smiling.

I see he has his car keys with him, I wonder wheres he's going.

"Where are you going?" I ask.

"It's a surprise." He says in a high pitched voice.

I giggled and make a grumpy face causing him to laugh.

"I got to go. Bye love!" He says kissing my cheek.

"Okay bye." I say continuing to walk down the halls.

I knock on Harry's door and no one answers. I knock one more time and nothing happens. I start to make my way down to my room and here sobs coming from the guest room. I start to walk towards it and I see a bunch of tissues laying on the floor. As I follow the path of tissues, I see Michelle laying on the other side of the bed on the floor. I see her red puffy eyes and her mascara running down her cheeks. I quickly grab her by the arm and pick her up bridle style. I lay her on the bed and sobs escape from her mouth. I rub circles on her back and hug her tight. I go into the restroom and grab some tissues. I water them with a little bit of water and enter the room again to see Michelle holding a pillow between her legs. I make her sit down on the bed and I wipe away the mascara from her face. I grab one of my hair ties and tie her hair into a messy bun. I pick up all the tissues from the floor and throw them away in the trash can. I lean in onto the glass door from where the balcony is. Michelle lays down again and sobs into the pillow. I crawl to the bed and entwine our fingers together. I rub my thumb against her hand making little circles on her hands. She lightly smiles at me and quickly falls asleep minutes later.


I walk downstairs and look at Louis who is in the kitchen playing on his phone.

"She was crying when I went up to go check on her. I'm gonna go out for a walk." I say exiting the kitchen before getting a water bottle. I open the front door to see Harry sitting down on the porch playing with a piece of leaf. I walk towards him and sit down next to him.

"Talk." I say.

He turns around to see me and he sighs. He playing with his fingers and breathes in slowly. He finally opens his mouth but no words come out.

"I can't admit to myself that I really do like her. I really do but I just can't tell her. I don't know why though." He says running his fingers through his hair.

"Talk to her. It's the only way to see if your truly do like her. Sitting here won't solve anything. She's sleeping right now but when she wakes up, I want you to talk to her." I say standing up and patting him on the back.

"Thanks." He says hugging me.

I keep walking and make a turn to the left. I start to walk and walk until my mind starts to wonder off. I keep walking and walking until I find this little bench on the side of the road. I sit down there are think to myself as cars and people walk by.


As I'm walking back from my walk, I sit down on this little house that was far away from home. I sit down with my water bottle in my hand. I drink from it and rest my head on the house wall.

After I had a little rest, I remembered Zayn left somewhere for my "surprise." So I slowly get up and pat my dress to remove dirt from it. 


I slowly walk to the house and open it with my key Zayn gave me just incase. I opened it to see if anyone was there.

"Hello?" I said in a small whisper.

"Right here love." Zayn says in the living room with books.

"Hi" I smiled and kissed him.

He smiles warmly and hands me the books, I look confused.

"Read it, but don't skip, read through all and wait till the last page." He says excitingly.

"Oh right now?" I say surprised that he's so eager.

"Yes now" He says pushing me on to the sofa.

"I'll be in the room, tell me when your done" He kisses me on the forehead.

"Okay chapter one" I say taking a deep breath.

Michelle's POV:

I woke up from my nap, I look in the mirror and I look dreadful. My eyes are puffy from sobbing and crying, looks like I haven't showered for days. I feel sick, I wanna go back to LA. I grab my laptop and start searching for the next flight to California. The next flight is tomorrow at 2:00 pm. I bought the ticket and decided to tell Kiara this.

I go back down stairs and make my self coffee to wake me up. I see Kiara reading a book and I decided not to waste time and tell her.

"K-kiara?" I asked nervous looking down.

She looks up in concern and closes the book. "Yes, what happened?" 

"Im m-moving back to LA." 

"What?! Why?!" Her voice getting higher.

"Well theres nothing waiting for me here so why not go?" I say trying to hide my tears.

"T-then I'll come with you" She says standing up from the couch.

"No Kiara its fine you don't ha.." I say but was cut off my kiara.

"That wasn't a question, I'm going." She says stubbornly.

"Whens the flight?" She says.

"Tomorrow at 2:00pm" 

"I'll pack up and buy the ticket also." She says heading back to our rooms.

"What about Zayn?" I ask.

"I'll talk to him and tell him I'll visit." She says her voice cracking.

I feel terrible that I caused this problem maybe I shouldn't have told her, I don't want her ruining her relationship because of me.

"Kiara this is too much, I'm not letting you leave. Stay with Zayn where your happy."

"No Michelle. I'm fine just go." She pushes me and heading to her room to pack.

"Kiara." I say.

"What." She said turning around with tears in her eyes.

I noticed and out a frown on my face. I walk up to her and embrace her.

"Im sorry Kiara."

"Its fine." She said squeezing me harder.

We go pack our stuff and its 9:00 when we are done.

"I'm going to shower, you should go talk to Zayn." I said getting my pajamas ready.


Kiara's POV:

I'm really mad at Harry for not admitting his feelings for Michelle, if he already did we wouldn't be in this mess.

I walk up to Zayn's door and knock on it quietly.

"Come in." He says.

I walk in and see him on the bed, he noticed my tears.

"Whats wrong babe?" He asks holding his arms out for me.

I walk up to him and nuzzle my head in to his chest.

"Im moving back to LA." I say while sobbing

"What?Why?" He said his voice already croaking.

I felt really bad already leaving him on his own.

"Michelle is in depression, Harry can't admit to her of his feelings." 

"Im going to kill Harry." Zayn says clenching his jaw.

I chuckle, kissing his lips.

"Im going to miss you so much." I say.

"Promise me you'll read the book, and finish it till the very end." He said, holding out his pinky.

"Promise." I shook his pinky.

"When are you leaving?" He says keeping me in his arms.

"Tomorrow at 2:00pm." I say looking in his eyes.

"What?! Why didn't you buy it for next week?" He says sitting down on the bed.

"I didn't even know I was moving back to LA. Michelle came down when I was reading the book and she just told me that she was moving back to LA. I didn't just want her to leave by herself Zayn. Its bad enough that her hearts broken." I say.

"Let me take you somewhere." He says looking at me.

"Where?" I say sitting down on him locking my legs to his back while hugging him.

"I don't know. Anywhere. Just the two of us. Our last goodbye.

"Don't say that Zayn. This isn't a goodbye." I say tears falling down my eyes.

I stand up from his lap and give him my hand. He takes it and we go downstairs. He opens the door and we go inside the car starting the engine.


"Will you shut up?" I say with a laugh hitting Zayn in the shoulder.

"But its true!" He says.

"No its not. My laugh is weird and loud." I say.

"That's what you think." He says running away.

I laugh and start running after him. Once I reach to him, I jump on his back and he starts twirling me around. I giggle and we both fall into the sand. 

"Kiara." He says.

"Yeah." I say connecting hands with him.

"I love you." He says.

I quickly turn around and look at him. He smiles at me and I start laughing. I kiss his cheek, then his nose, and then finally his lips. He starts to laugh and I rest my head on his chest.

"I love you too."

He smiles while closing his eyes. We both lay there in complete silence while hear the waves crashing into each other.

Michelle's POV:

After I was done taking a shower I dried my hair and put on my pajamas. I was getting a little hungry so I walked down stairs to get food.

As I walked down there I saw Harry. His green eyes met mine and I forced my self to look away.

"Michelle, look at me." He says his voice broken.

I refused and grabbed water, heading upstairs.

I hear him say my name but I refuse to look back, I try to hold my tears back. I walk in my room and jump on my bed sobbing on to my pillow.

The picture frame of me and Harry together the first day we met was on my nightstand, I knocked it over and a little crack came in between me and Harry. I frowned at the thought that just this morning me and Harry were in this very same spot cuddling each other. 

I need to stop thinking about Harry, I tell to myself. I heard the door closed so I thought it was Kiara and Zayn. 

I walk downstairs and see his arm around her waist and her laughing. I frown at the thought I would never get that love in my life. 

"Michelle you look terrible." Zayn says walking over to me. 

"Gee thanks" I say sarcastically.

He chuckled and offered for a movie.

I agreed watching a movie, instead of crying all night.

We were watching one of my favorite movies Captain America. I grabbed blankets and snuggled on to the couch. 

Harry came and sat on the other side, I could feel his eyes on me but I continue to watch the movie. I was laughing at a scene, and see Harry slightly smiled. I immediately stop laughing when I realized he was staring at me. 

He looked at me with pleading eyes. I could see him from the corner of my eyes. I look at Kiara and she looks from Harry to me. She makes it clear that she wants me to talk to him. I sigh and get up from my seat. I walk into the kitchen and make myself some coffee. I hear foot steps coming towards me and I turn around to see Kiara.

"I think we could go to sleep after the movie. We have a big day tomorrow." She says sitting down on the counter.

I nod my head and we both enter the living room again. Kiara cuddles close to Zayn while I cuddle with my blankets. Harry is still looking at me and I try my best to ignore him.

"Mate." Zayn says.

Harry looks at Zayn and sighs. I look at Zayn to see he's mouthing stop. Thank god. Harry stands up from his seat and walks away upstairs. I tap Zayn on the shoulder and say thank you.

"He kept looking at you. How can you not feel weird? I would of slapped him in the face if he kept looking at me like that." Zayn says while laughing.

I laugh as we continue to watch the movie.

The movie finished and I finally go to bed, but Niall calls me.

"Michelle" he says in a whisper. 

"What?" I say suspicious 

"Why are you leaving?" 

"For what?." I hope he doesn't know. 

"Your leaving to LA" he says.

"Long story short, me and Harry got in a fight things didn't go so well." I say biting my lip so I wouldn't let tears fall.

"Michelle don't go! We can take you to Nandos everyday if you want, if you and Kiara leave there will be no entertainment and I won't be able to share snacks with you." He whines.

I started to burt in to tears sobbing on to his shirt. He rubs my back soothingly just like my mom would. 

"Michelle lighten up we can visit you every week" He says trying to smile.

"Now stop crying or my chips will be soggy." He says putting a pouty face.

I giggled and started to wipe my tears with my sleeves. 

"Now go to bed tomorrow's a big day for you." He says hugging me

I smile at him and walk to my bedroom sighing, this day went by so slow.


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~ Michelle and Kiara :) xx

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