1. Captured

I am banging on the glass and ‘shouting’ at the top of my lungs, (more likely hissing), hoping my master will hear and release me. She is silently sitting at her desk and watching me. I decide that she has no thought of releasing me, so I stop screaming and curl up into a ball. My throat is dry and sore, and I am exhausted. I close my eyes and slowly drift to sleep. Peaceful, silent sleep…


I open my eyes slightly and feel the cool ground. The pavement is hard, and also quite damp as if there had just been a rain shower. It looks as if I am on the driveway of a house. I look up at the house, and the open window above me explains a lot. My glass jar is shattered in pieces next to me.


I slowly slither to the door of the big house. I am still confused on how to move in my new body. When I arrive to the door, I slither through the bottom. I am so small and thin; I can fit through almost any gap that my head can get into. As soon as I enter the house, a girl that you could say was my ‘clone’ starts running towards me. Before she captures me, I notice this is my master.


And suddenly I remember. A flashback crosses my mind of a science project... I was in my human form, in school. I had brought a snake to school- this snake I had taken from my neighbor- for he was too old to care for such a pet, and thought that I would be a good ‘owner’ for the snake. Although, what he didn’t know, is what I was actually going to do to the snake. The reason I had asked for it was only to test my science project. This project was an invention used to switch the minds of two living creatures, (which in my case would be me, and the snake) I thought the idea would never work- but before I knew it, it turned out the crazy invention did work. And I was totally un-prepared.


At school, humiliated in my snake body I tried to slither away. But, of course I couldn’t figure out how to move in this new body. Squirming and trying to move, my clone, (or master) captured me in a glass jar. I could hear the class cheering, and could tell no one actually knew what had happened. After a long day of school, waiting in the glass jar, my master brought me home to her new house.  


I didn’t realize it until now, but I had been in a daydream that whole time, thinking about what had happened the day of the science project. So many thoughts penetrate my mind- and before I know it, the sound of a door closing awakens me. I look around, and am in a house that seems vaguely familiar. The not-so-nice smell of rotting eggs brings me back to my senses.


This big, mansion-like house belongs to my next-door neighbor, (the old man). It has a large window on the back wall, lighting up a room that is quite empty. There are two chairs, a couch, and a desk filled with old, crumpled papers. On the wall there is a still life painting of a beautiful fruit bowl. This catches my attention, and I notice all the detail in the painting. There are water droplets on the fresh green apple, and the leaves of the orange look so realistic, as If they were really there.


I look ahead, and see the old man. His name, I think, was Mr. Frank. He has coarse grey hair and is wearing a ratty dark green shirt. Walking towards us, he speaks so softly I can barely hear. “Welcome, Anne”, I make out. He walks closer to us, step by step wobbling on his aged wooden cane. He is speaking so quietly, so faintly I can barely hear. But I try to listen. “Ah, I see you have brought my snake back. Didn’t you want to keep it? I am much too old to care for that thing, now”, the old man said. My master looks around, smiles a strange smile, and then she plunks me on his desk and leaves, darting out of the room. She runs out the door and leaves it open just enough so that I can see where she is headed. She is skipping back to my home -or at least, my old home.


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