Didnt mean it

"Yes ok you didn't do it" I said
"I didn't mean it ok" he said


1. wow!

I was walking down the stairs from my room because I was going to go get my iPhone

"Have you seen my phone mom" i said

"No honey why you lost it"?she said

"Yea and I'm getting a text from Andrea"I said

"Oh ... Here it is" my mom said

"Yay bye I got to get ready" I said as I read the message it read: A:"can we meet today how about the mall". P:"um sure ok "A:"I'll pick you up in like 2 hours ok". P:"sure see ya later"

I went up my room and I went inside my bathroom and striped my clothes off as I turned the water warm I grabbed the shampoo bottle and put it some on my hair and then I grabbed the body wash bottle and put some in my hand and rubbed my body

Then I put conditioner on my hair and washed my hair for 5 min then I turned of the water

I then grabbed my towel and wrapped on my head then I got another one and wrapped it on me

I then went to my room and grabbed my blow dryer

Then I brushed my hair until it was soft and shiny

I straightened my hair and I went inside my walk in closet and grabbed a crop top that said "love me for me" in cursive that was red and black

I grabbed some shorts that were black and white I went to my bathroom and brushed my teeth and put my hair in a pony tail

I grabbed my red and black converse and did my make up

I grabbed my phone 5 more more minutes until Andrea comes

~5 minutes later~

I heard a honk and grabbed my purse and ran to my mom and kissed her cheek

"I'll be back later" I said. "Ok sweetheart" she said

I closed the door and opened the car door

"Hey" she said "Hi" I said

~at the mall~

We were getting out of the store forever 21 I payed my stuff

"We should really get going"I said

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