Endless Love

Not really good at writing blurbs.

Katherine's mom is dating Harry's dad. Katherine and harry don't know eachother. What happens when Harry and his dad moves in with Katherine and her mom?
Will Katherine fall in love with one of Harry's best mates?


6. Chapter 6

Katherine's P.O.V

It's Tuesday and I don't wanna go to school, I just convinced my mother .Harry is staying too. He's pretty awesome now that I got to know him better and now he's calling Niall to come over. Great, I'm actually excited.

My mom also called Lucy, if your wondering who Lucy is , she's my bestie. She's my sister from another mother.

The door bell rang so I ran downstairs and opened it hoping that it would be Lucy. But to my surprise it was Niall. "Hey! ...niall" I said surprised . He chuckled. "Yep hey!! Is Harry here?" He asked and nodded, letting him in. He hugged me and I hugged back. Honestly this is our first hug. He's an awesome hugger. We kept hugging until Harry cleared his throat. Ugh he totally ruined our moment.

We pulled away. "Oh hey mate" Niall said and went upstairs with him. His hug was so good. He's so beautiful...wait what? No Katherine no, you can't like Niall. Just no. I went upstairs to Harry's room and knocked on it. Harry opened it. "Hey can I hangout with you guys till Lucy comes? Pls?" I asked him and he chuckled then nodded. "Okay,come in" he said and came in his room,sat on his bed. I looked at Niall who was listening to his own music and he didn't seem to notice me.

After few minutes, I hugged him from behind which made him jump. I laughed and he looked at me while pouting like a kid. "Aww nialler, I'm sorry" I said and he just chuckled.

Harry was talking to someone...idk who. I turned around and saw him talking to Lucy. "Ahhh omg Lucy!!!" I screamed and hugged her, she hugged me back. "Ahh Katherine!!!" She screamed too. "Why didn't you tell me before that your here?" I asked her. "Well, you were busy with that blonde guy and I didn't want to disturb you so I was talking to Harry" she explained and I nodded.

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