Endless Love

Not really good at writing blurbs.

Katherine's mom is dating Harry's dad. Katherine and harry don't know eachother. What happens when Harry and his dad moves in with Katherine and her mom?
Will Katherine fall in love with one of Harry's best mates?


4. Chapter 4

Katherine's P.O.V

"Can you help us unpack?" Harry asked me politely. I groaned and went upstairs to his room. "Why me?" I whined. "Because we need more help and your the only one who could help us right now. So pls?" Harry explained and I agreed to help them. I got to know Niall better. He's sweet.

We finally finished unpacking. "Okay you guys im going to sleep now" I said while yawning. "Okay night" they both said in unison. "Night" I replied and walked to my room. As I soon as I laid on the bed, I fell asleep.

_________next day________

Katherine's P.O.V

I woke up and went to the bathroom, did my morning routine. Then I went downstairs and saw Niall? I screamed and he screamed back. "What are you doing here? You scared me" I said . "You scared me too" he said and continued "well, I spent the night here because it was like 2 AM when we finished" he explained. "Ohhh, so where's Harry,David and mom?" I asked him "they went to shop" he replied. "And leaving you alone?" I asked again, wow I ask so many question. "I was sleeping when they left" he said and I nodded. "I made you coffee" he said and gave the cup to me. "Thanks Niall" I said and took it, and sat next to him. He smiled, oh god. His smile is the best thing ever. "So thanks for helping us last night" he said,"oh it's fine" I replied politely .

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