Endless Love

Not really good at writing blurbs.

Katherine's mom is dating Harry's dad. Katherine and harry don't know eachother. What happens when Harry and his dad moves in with Katherine and her mom?
Will Katherine fall in love with one of Harry's best mates?


3. Chapter 3

Niall's P.O.V

"What's your name beautiful?" I asked her slightly blushing, "uh Katherine" she said and walked to a room and knocked. "Come in" Harry said and she opened the door. She walked in "Harry,Niall is here" she said and went downstairs. "Hey mate" we hugged and pulled away. "Nice room bro" I said looking around , he chuckled "I know right, now help me unpack" he said and we started unpacking his stuff.

It's been two hours and we are still not done. "Ugh I'm hungry" I said , "we're not eating till we are finished" he said, "we need more help" I said. "Katherine?" He shouted her name. "What?!" She replied , "can you help us unpack?" Harry asked politely

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