Endless Love

Not really good at writing blurbs.

Katherine's mom is dating Harry's dad. Katherine and harry don't know eachother. What happens when Harry and his dad moves in with Katherine and her mom?
Will Katherine fall in love with one of Harry's best mates?


2. Chapter 2

Katherine's P.O.V

"I've heard so much about you" he said. I just simply smiled. It was really awkward "so dad where should I keep this boxes?" A curly haired guy came in with bunch of boxes. "Wait what's happening?" I asked clearly really confused. "Oh you didn't tell her?" The curly haired guy asked my mom. "Didn't tell me what?" I asked again..."well Katherine , me and David are married now and they are moving in with us, that is Harry,Harry styles, look honey I know you are mad at me but we couldn't wait and we didn't have time to tell you" she explained . I looked at Harry,he smiled and I just ran up to my room while crying. She didn't even tell me bout this marriage thing. Mom knocked on my door several times but I didn't answer. I could hear that they were bringing their stuff inside and were settling down. My mom texted me that Harry's room will be next to mine. Ugh why?. I texted my mom saying that I won't change my last name, she said it's ok. Ever since my dad left , I stopped using my last name which was "Brooks".

It's 5 PM now and I'm still in my bed crying. Why am I crying? I should be happy for my mom but then again she didn't tell me before. It's gonna take a while to get used to David and Harry. I finally got out of my room and went downstairs to find them eating dinner. They called me for dinner before but i didn't reply. "Oh hey darling,are you hungry?" Mom asked and I just nodded. I sat down across from Harry and started to eat. "Hey im harry, I didn't get to introduce myself nicely." He said and I nodded. "I'm Katherine" I replied and he smiled. "Uh mom can I call two friends here to help me unpack?" He asked MY mom. How dare he called him 'mom'. "Sure honey" my mom smiled. We all ate dinner quietly.

After dinner, I went upstairs to my room again. I think Harry was still unpacking. David and mom are out buying some stuff they need for David's office. I heard the door bell ring, I waited a minute thinking that Harry will get it but no he didn't. I groaned and ran downstairs. I opened the door, "hi uh I'm Niall Horan , Harry's friend"he smiled. His smile is so cute. His eyes are so blue. I automatically smiled. "Yeah he's upstairs,I'll show you his room" I said and he nodded. I stepped aside so he can come in, after that I closed the door and went upstairs with Niall following behind.

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