Love Is A Strong Word... Sequel To Love At First Sight...

SEQUEL TO LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!! Justin's tour is over and Kelly is ready to start living back at home with her brother and sister in law. What happens when a certain band and someone Kelly wishes she had never met shows up... This is Love Is A Strong Word! Hope you enjoy.


2. The Wedding.

Kelly's P.O.V

I was rushing to get to the beginning of the line. I couldn't find my shoes but I finally did. I got to the beginning of a line. "Finally." Missy said. I laughed. I looked down and smoothed out my light purple, strapless, short dress and looked at Missy.( She was also a bridesmaid, followed by Leslie and Demi. Then I looked at him. My love. J smiled at me and said, "You look beautiful." I smiled and said, "You look handsome." Someone gave us the que to go. They opened the doors and J and I walked towards each other. We interlocked arms and started walking down. I smiled at everyone. I looked and saw both of my grandmas. I smiled at them. We got to the front and pulled apart, although I didn't want to. I was looking around as everyone else was coming down. I saw everyone from tour. Then I saw two empty seats. They weren't completely empty. Filling those chairs were pictures of my mom and dad. I felt a single tear go down my face and quickly wiped it away, hoping no one saw me. I looked at J and he gave me an are you okay? look. I nodded and looked forward. Jazzy just got done throwing the flowers down the isle since she was the flower girl. Molly's song came on and the doors opened. There she was in a beautiful  strapless dress with a sweet heart neckline that flowed out. ( All in all, I would have to say is that she looks beautiful. She was smiling at me and Shawn. I smiled back.

*Skip to the I do's!

"I do." Shawn said. ... "I do." Said Molly. "By the power invested in me I pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride." They kissed. Everyone started cheering and clapping. They walked down the isle smiling at everyone.

*Skip to reception

We just got done with eating and it was time for dancing. I took Missy, Leslie and Demi's hands and we went to the dance floor. We were dancing like maniacs. The Macarena came on and we were dancing to that. A slow song came on and J walked up. "Care to dance?" I smiled. "I would love to." We started dancing and talking. "You are so beautiful." J said. I smiled. "Thanks. You are so handsome." He smiled. He leaned down and kissed me. His sweet lips left a tingly feeling on mine when he pulled away. "I love you." "I love you too." I said with a smiled. He pulled me closer if that was even possible and I had my head on his shoulder. We swayed for the rest of the song. All of a sudden the music stopped and my brother's voice came on. "I would like to thank everyone for being here and I would like to ask my beautiful sister and her boyfriend to come up to the stage." I looked at J and he nodded. We walked up stood next to Shawn. He handed me the microphone. "What am I supposed to do?" I asked. J brought out his guitar and started playing the cords for Fall by himself of course.

Now let me tell you a story about a girl and a boy,

He fell in love with his best friend, when she's around he feels nothing but joy...

J started singing. I joined in and we sang the whole song. Everyone started clapping. I was about to get off of the stage until I thought of something. "Actually, now that I have your attention, I would like to do a speech for Shawn and Molly. Well, where do I start. Congrats! I'm so glad that you two are together. Molly, I couldn't ask for a better sister in law. And Shawn, I'm so proud that you found the perfect girl. And, I would like to say that Mom and Dad are proud of you. I know mom would be tearing up because her little boy got married. Now dad would be saying, way to go son and hit your back. So all I'm trying to say is from mom, dad and I, we are proud of you." Shawn walked up to me and hugged me. Everyone else clapped and some had tears. "That was amazing." Shawn said to me. "Thanks." We all danced the rest of the night.

We got home and I took off my heels. Molly and Shawn went to a hotel tonight so J and I have the house to our selves. I took a shower and put on fuzzy pajamas. J went to the shower and I made a bag of popcorn. I went on the couch and turned the T.V on, eating my popcorn. J came down wearing sweatpants... only sweatpants. Of course I looked at his abs. "Um, Kel, my face is up here." I looked up. "Okay, so you come down here with no shirt on and you don't expect me to stare." He laughed and sat next to me. He took a big hand full of it and ate it. "MINE!" I said and sat on the other end of the couch. He laughed and scooted closer to me. I hid the popcorn. "I won't take anymore." He said. I nodded and started eating it. All of a sudden he took it from me and started running. I got up and ran after him. I jumped on his back and he set the popcorn down on the counter and started giving me a piggy back ride. I was laughing the whole time. We got into my room and he set me on the bed. He came down and kissed me. "I love you." "I love you too." I said. He turned on my T.V. and we started watching American Idol. I got off of the bed. "Where do you think you are going?" J asked. "I'll be right back." I ran downstairs and got my popcorn. I got back up in the room and laid down next to J. I started eating when I felt eyes on me. "J do you want some?" I looked and he was giving me puppy dog eyes. He nodded. I made the hardest decision of my life and put the bowls between us. We finished American Idol and the popcorn and I turned off the T.V. I snuggled closed to J and took in a big breath of his scent. "Goodnight baby. I love you." J said. "Goodnight J. I love you too." We kissed and I fell asleep in his arms.

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