Love Is A Strong Word... Sequel To Love At First Sight...

SEQUEL TO LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!! Justin's tour is over and Kelly is ready to start living back at home with her brother and sister in law. What happens when a certain band and someone Kelly wishes she had never met shows up... This is Love Is A Strong Word! Hope you enjoy.


7. Moving In/Alone Time/Fair

Kelly's P.O.V

I woke up in Justin's arms. I tried not waking him up and it was successful. I looked around and saw that the only one awake was Niall. I went into the kitchen and low and behold there he was, savaging in my fridge. "Whatcha looking for?" "FOOD!" He whisper yelled. "Why don't we just go to McDonalds?" "Yass!" We headed out to the car and I shouted, "I'm Driving!" "Aww, I wanted to." Ni said. I laughed and we got in the car. I turned on the radio and Ni started singing, "I'm so fancy, you already know." "I'm in the fast lane, from LA to Tokyo." I finished. We looked at each other and started laughing.

*Skip Car Ride.

We got home and everyone was awake except for Zayn. I saw J and we kissed. "Morning." He said. I said morning back and went to wake up Zayn. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Liam said. I smiled and shook my head. I went up to Zayn and bent down. "Zaynie Waynie, it's time to get up." He rolled over and groaned, "Leave me alone." I laughed and jumped on him. "Wake up sleeping beauty! We have food." He opened his eyes. "Well, would you get off of me so I could get it." I laughed and helped him get up. We ate and when I was done I went upstairs and changed in to my light green tank top, jean shorts and my black supras. I straightened my hair and put on my Bieber beanie. ( I went downstairs and J smiled at me. "Love the hat." I laughed. He kissed my cheek and went upstairs. He went upstairs to change. "Well, I think that we should start heading out." Ni said. "Wait, would you guys like to stay here until you have to go back home?" They all exchanged glances before Liam said, "Why not!" I laughed and smiled. "Yay!" "We will be back in like not even an hour." Louis said. "Bye guys." I hugged them all and they left. J came down the stairs. "Where did the guys go?" "They went back to get their stuff. Oh, by the way they are going to be staying here until they have to go back home..." "That's okay with me. But, what about your brother babe?" "I'll have to call him later." "Okay." "Lets go swimming!" I shouted. "Okay." I ran up the stairs and into the bedroom. I threw on my flower swimsuit and my cover. ( I got sunglasses and went downstairs. I looked around and J was no where to be seen. I went to the pool chair and sat in it. I was looking at my phone when I felt a hand go over my mouth. "Don't make a sound." I laughed and J jumped back. "Did you just lick my hand?!" "Maybe..." He rolled his eyes and looked at me. I took my cover off and saw him staring at me. I snapped my fingers, "Pretty boy. My face is up here." He looked up and smiled. I turned around and dived into the pool. I heard a splash and J spun me around. I looked at him and he started to lean in. We closed the gap and Holy Jesus. I pulled back and looked at him.

"I love you baby." He says. I smile. "I love you too." I get out of his grip and swim to the side of the pool. He swims over to me and puts his arms on each side of me. I smile and kiss him. He kisses back and slides his tongue against my bottom lip. I open my mouth and soon it turns into a heated make out session. We all of a sudden hear someone clear their throat. I pull away and look. All of the guys are standing there. Louis says, "Um, when you're done, us boys were wondering if you want to go to the fair." I smiled and get out of the pool. "Yea! I'm gonna go change." I run upstairs and put on my outfit from before. I dry my hair and straighten it again. I put my beanie and locket on and run down the stairs. "C'mon boys!" I shout. They all get up and come to me. "Where do you want us to put our stuff?" I laugh. "I forgot. I'll show you guys to the guest rooms." I run up the stairs and show them to the guest rooms. They smile and put their stuff in each room. Ni walks up to me. "Thanks for letting us stay here." I nod. "Of course." He hugs me. I hug back. "Lets go to the fair!" I shout running down the stairs. I get out my phone and text Missy, Leslie and Demi.

K:Hey guys! J, Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry and I are going to the fair do you wanna join?

D: Sure!

M: Wait, One Direction is coming with?

L: Yea what Missy said.

K: I'll explain later. Now you guys wanna come with or not?

M: I'm in.


I text them saying to meet us there. I run to the van. The boys come out and Harry unlocks the doors. The seating was like this. Harry is driving, Zayn is shotgun, I'm sitting behind them with Ni on one side and J on the other and Louis and Liam are in the back row. They turn on the radio and Best Night Ever comes on. I laugh as they all sing their solos. I sing with them on the final chorus and Harry turns down the radio. They all look at me and J just smiles. "You can sing?" Ni asks. I shrug my shoulders. "You are really good love." Harry says. They all agree. "She even sang with me at one of my concerts." J says. "We have to see that!" Liam says. "Later." We pull up to the gates and I see my girls. I run up to them and give them all hugs. "I've missed you guys!" "We missed you too!" Demi says. Missy looks at me. "Explain." I sigh. I tell them about Chelsey. "Turns out that was Niall's cousin and he was at the funeral so they came over and now they are staying with us until they have to leave." They all have tears in their eyes because of Chelsey. "Well, I wanna meet them so lets go!" Missy says. I lead them over and introduce then to Leslie and Missy since Demi already knows them. They all become friends immediately. We head into the park and everyone has sunglasses and hats on. Even Missy, Leslie and I had to. Just to be safe. Louis runs to a rollercoaster. "Lets go on this!" he shouts. Everyone agrees except for Harry and I. "No thank you." I say. "I'm fine." Harry shakes his head. They nod and walk to the line. Harry and I find a seat and we start talking. "Thanks for everything love." I smile. "No problem Curly." He groans. "Don't call me that." I ruffle his hair. "Too late Curly." He pushes my hand away and looks at me annoyed. I laugh. "I know that we are both afraid of rollercoasters, but lets go on one together." He looks at me afraid. "C'mon Harry. You can choose it." He sighs and gets up. I run over to the guys. "Hey guys, Harry and I are gonna go on a ride. Meet us by the cotton candy stand." They nod and Justin kisses me. "Please stay safe." I nod and walk to Harry. "Okay Curly, which one?" He looks around. "That one." I look over and see its a kid rollercoaster. "Harry that's for kids..." He sighs and looks at me. "That's the only rollercoaster I'm willing to go on here." I laugh. "Okay Curly." I grab his hand and pull him over to the rollercoaster. We stand in line and the guy looks at us confused. "This ride is for kids." "We are kids." Harry smiles. The guy groans and takes our tickets. I laugh and get on. Harry goes behind me. "I'm scared." I look at him. "Seriously." He laughs and nods. I roll my eyes and the ride starts. It goes like two miles per hour.

"Weeee." I say with no enthusiasm at all. Harry laughs. "WEEEEEE!" He shouts. I turn and look at him. "You are such a dork." He sticks out his tongue at me. I stick mine back out at him. The ride ends and I get off. I walk towards the exit. "Wasn't that fun?" He smiles at me. I roll my eyes. "So much." We walk to the cotton candy stand and everyone is there. "Hey guys." They smile. I look around. "Where's J?" "He's in the bathroom." I nod and walk over to the bathroom. I hide by the wall and he opens the door. I jump on his back, "BOO!" He screams and I get off of him. He looks at me. "You are gonna pay for that." I laugh. "I'm so scared." He smiles. "Run." I open my eyes wide and run. I run over to the group and hide behind Louis. "Lou, protect me!" "I'll save you." He says in his super hero voice. J runs over. "Louis, could you take a step to the right?" He nods and takes a step. "Lou!" "What? Oh, sorry." Justin picks me up and looks at me. "Gotcha." He kisses me. I smile against his lips. We all go on rides together and its time to head home. I hug my girls and they head home. I walk to the van and get in. It was the same as before. Ni and J look at eachother. "One, two, three." They squish me. "Oof." I push them away. "Meanies!" They laugh. We pull into the driveway and I walk inside. I get out some pizza. "You just ate!" Harry exclaims. "What's it to you Curly?" They all laugh. Niall walks over and stands next to me. "I love her already." I see a pang of jealousy in Justin. "I mean as a friend." Justin nods and heads upstairs. I eat some pizza with Niall and the rest of them go to bed. I walk upstairs and Niall hugged me. "Night." I hug him back. "Night." He goes to bed and I walk in my room. I see Justin asleep and I change into my PJs. "Next time you change in front of me, make sure I really am asleep." I look at him. "Wow. Oh well we've been together for..." I look at the calendar and gasp. "Justin!" He looks at me confused. "What babe?" "Tomorrow is our one year anniversary!" He gets up and hugs me. "One amazing year." He kisses me. I smile against his lips. He pulls away and smiles at me. "I love you." "I love you too." He lays down and pulls me on top of him. "I'm gonna squish you!" I laugh. "Shut up Kel." He smiles up at me. I lay my head on his chest as he pulls the covers over us. "Goodnight babe." "Night. Love you J." "Love you too." I fall asleep excited that tomorrow is our one year anniversary.

A/N Heyyy! Sorry I haven't updated in like forever! I've been reallyyyyy bussyyyy. Well, THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING SO FAR! MUCH MORE TO COME! LOVE YOU ALL!! <3



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