Love Is A Strong Word... Sequel To Love At First Sight...

SEQUEL TO LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!! Justin's tour is over and Kelly is ready to start living back at home with her brother and sister in law. What happens when a certain band and someone Kelly wishes she had never met shows up... This is Love Is A Strong Word! Hope you enjoy.


3. Jealousy...

Kelly's P.O.V

I woke up to the smell of bacon. I got up and went downstairs. J had his back turned to me and he was singing All That Matters. Oh, he also came out with another album over the year.

Oh, oh, just as sure as the stars in the sky...

I started harmonizing with him.

You're all that matters to me!

He turned around and smiled at me. "The song speaks the truth." I laughed and kissed him. "So, I have to do the music video for that today, do you want to come with?" "Yea!!!!" I said. "I'm going to a music video!" I yelled in a singy songy voice. He laughed and turned off the burner. "You want to get two plates out?" "Sure." I got them out and handed them to him. "Thanks babe." "No problem." He put a scoop of eggs and two pieces of bacon on a plate and gave it to me. "Thanks." I tried grabbing the plate from him but he wouldn't let go. He pouted his lips. I leaned over the counter and kissed him, taking my plate away. I sat at the table and started eating. J joined me and started eating. I finished my plate and took my plate to the sink. "That was yummy!" I said. I kissed his cheek. "I'm going to go get ready." I walked into my closet and found my blue tank top, black shorts and black Toms. ( J walked into the room to change. "Looking beautiful as always." He said smiling. I blushed and laughed. "Thanks... I wish I could say the same." J walked over to me. "Like you aren't thinking it." I laughed and replied, "In your dreams Bieber." "Oh, so we are on a last name basis Garcia?" He asked. "I guess so Bieber." We both laughed and I went into the bathroom. I brushed out my hair and turned on my curler. I walked over to my dresser and put on my necklace J gave me. I walked back in and curled my hair. I reached for my makeup bag when J grabbed it. "Give it." I said. "You don't need it babe. You are beautiful with out it." I rolled my eyes and jumped at it. He stuck his hand above his head, where I can't reach it. "Fine." I said and walked over to my dresser. I got out my mascara that I bought the other day and started putting it on. I put it on and looked at him. "Haha!" I laughed and went downstairs.

"Kel, Scooter just texted me. We better head out." I nodded and went to the car. We got to the studio and ran inside before we could be attacked by the paps. "Kenny!" I ran up and hugged him. "Hey Kelly!" He said hugging me back. We all walked over and I sat in a chair next to J. "Hey Justin." "Sup Scoot." "Hey Kelly." "Hi Scooter." He smiled and looked at J. "So, the girl will be here in 2 minutes. I'll tell you when she's here." Girl? What girl? "J, what girl?" "The actress for the music video." I nodded. Maybe I didn't want to be here... Scooter walked up with this beautiful girl. "Justin, I would like you to meet Cailin Russo. Cailin, this is Justin and his girlfriend Kelly." I smiled at her and so did J. "Hi! It's nice to meet you." She said to Justin, completely ignoring me. Well then... "Hey. Nice to meet you too." "Okay, Justin, you go get changed into your first outfit." He nodded and grabbed my hand. "Let's go babe."

I followed J to the dressing room. He took his sweatshirt off and walked around shirtless. I mean, how could I not stare at his abs and chest. But, I am his girlfriend, I think I have the right to do that. "Take a pic babe, it will last longer." "Okay, so you walk around shirtless, how do you not expect me to look at your chest and abs." He laughed. He changed into his outfit and took my hand. "Now, babe. Please don't get mad about Cailin. She's just an actress for my music video. You are my girlfriend and I love you." I nodded. "Promise?" "Promise." I kissed him and we headed back out. I sat back in the chair and Cailin came out in overalls... showing a lot of skin. Kenny came over and sat next to me. "Hey." "Hi." "Okay, you guys ready?" The director asked. "Yea." J said. The music started playing and J looked at the camera.
Oh, oh. Just as sure as the stars in the sky...

*Skip half of the music video.

I can't watch this anymore. The whole time they are rubbing against each other. When J isn't looking that chick gives me evil looks. Kenny has noticed too. "Ugh! How much more of this it left?" I asked Kenny. "Well, they have like 5 more scenes to do I believe." I nodded. I couldn't take it much longer. "Let's take 5 everyone." J walked over to me and kissed me. "I know you are getting mad but, it means nothing, okay?" I nodded and fake smiled. Luckily he bought it. "Good. I have to change one more time. You want to go with?" "Sure." We went to his room and he changed. "So, you like the song?" I nodded. Just not the video, I thought. We walked back out and I sat back in the seat. J kissed me and went back. I got off of my chair and walked over to the cooler. I got out a water and went back to my seat. Thankfully they were on the last scene. The director walked up to them and started talking. J opened his eyes wide. "I can't do that..." He said. Cailin was looking at me with a wicked smile. I was confused. "Okay." I heard J say. He looked at me and sighed. The music started up and that's when it happened. I dropped my  water out of my hand and it made a loud boom. Everyone stopped and looked at me. I could feel the hot tears going down my cheeks. "S-sorry." I wiped them away and ran out of the room. I heard footsteps behind me. "Kelly! Wait!" J shouted. I ran faster and made a sharp turn. I hid and he went right past me. I got out of my hiding spot and called Missy. I was crying really hard. "Hello?" "C-can you come p-pick me up?" "Where are you." I gave her the address and hung up. I walked out the door and sat on the curb. I put my head in my hands and started crying again. I heard footsteps behind me. "Kelly..." "Go away." I said. "Please..." I looked up at J. He looked like he had been crying. "What do you want?" He sat next to me. I scooted away from him. "Please don't." "Please don't what, cry." "You promised me you wouldn't be mad." "Oh, I am way past mad." "But, you promised." "I promised before I knew that you were going to KISS HER!" I said and stood up. "I had too!" "You could have said no and not done it." He reached out to touch my shoulder but I moved that away. "Don't touch me." "You know I love you! Not her!" "Well, it didn't seem like that out there." Just then Missy pulled in. "Please don't leave me Kelly. I love you." "I'm not leaving you Justin. I just need alone time." "What do you mean alone time? Where are you going to be?" Just then Missy got out of the car. She opened the door and I got in. "I think you should leave her be Justin." She shut the door and I started crying. She got in the car and J walked up to the window. "Kelly please." He started crying, which made me cry even more. Missy started driving away and J was walking with the car. "PLEASE KELLY! I NEED YOU!" He shouted. He started running after the car, then stopped. He fell to the ground and started crying. I looked ahead. "You want to stay at my place?" I shook my head. "No, I want to go home."
"But, he's going to be there." "Please just take me home." "Okay." She sighed. We got to my house and I got out of the car. "Thanks Missy." "No problem. Text me or call me if you need anything." I nodded and walked into my house. I went into the kitchen to get some water when I saw a note. It read:

Hey Kels! I just wanted to let you know that Molly and I left for our honeymoon! I'm sorry it's short notice but there was a good deal. At least you have the whole house to you and Justin. I love you and so does Molly.


Shawn and Molly.

Well, goodbye to you too. I got some water and went into the living room. I turned on the T.V and it showed a picture of J and I. I turned the T.V off and sighed. I went to the closet and got out a blanket. I laid down on the couch and covered my self up. I started crying again and I soon fell asleep.



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