Love Is A Strong Word... Sequel To Love At First Sight...

SEQUEL TO LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!! Justin's tour is over and Kelly is ready to start living back at home with her brother and sister in law. What happens when a certain band and someone Kelly wishes she had never met shows up... This is Love Is A Strong Word! Hope you enjoy.


5. Chelsey's Funeral...

Kelly's P.O.V

It's been a week since Chelsey's death. I haven't slept much but when I do I either wake up screaming, or J shaking me to wake up because I was crying. I know I hadn't known her, it's just, I can't help but think about her and that I had know her or seen her somewhere. I felt a tear go down my cheek and I wiped it away. "Ready?" I heard J say behind me. I looked in the mirror and flattened out my dress. I had on a black dress and black heels. I curled my hair. ( I turned around and nodded. J had on nice shirt and black pants. He took my hand and we went to the car. We pulled up into the parking lot of the church. We walked inside, and people gave us weird looks. Girls were staring at Justin but that wasn't a surprise. We walked up to the casket and I said my goodbyes. I walked over to the parents.

"Hi ma'am. I'm Kelly Garcia, and this is Justin Bieber." "Oh, we know who you are." The lady said. She seemed to have a small Irish accent. "You two were the ones who helped my daughter pass peacefully." She hugged me. I hugged her back. "So, we just wanted to come and give our respects. I think we'll head out now." She smiled but shook her head. "Well, you may not get far. I see my nephew has come." I looked out the window and saw flashing lights. "Who's your nephew?" "I know who it is." J said with a smile. "Who?" That question was answered when the Niall Horan came into the funeral room, followed by the rest of One Direction! I was in shock but shook it off. This is a funeral. I went and sat down in a seat. J sat next to me. I watched all of them walk up and Niall started crying. I felt a tear slid down my face. I hate it when people cry. It makes me just want get up and hug him. He went and hugged his aunt. They were crying. I felt so bad. She pulled back and they were talking. She looked over and pointed at J and I. He turned and smiled. He got the other boys attention and pointed to us. They all smiled and came over. J and I stood up.

"Hi." Niall said. I was in too much awe to speak. J stepped in and hugged Niall. "I'm sorry about your cousin bro." "Thanks man." J walked away to talk to the other guys. "Thanks for helping my cousin..." He said. I smiled and nodded. "You know you can speak. I though you would be used to speaking to a celebrity since your dating one." He smiled. I smiled. "Sorry." The priest stood up to the podium. "Okay, we are going to get the service started." Niall went and sat by his aunt and mother. J sat down, followed by me and then Louis and the rest of the boys. I smiled at Louis as he sat next to me. "Hello love." "Hi." We faced forward as the small service went on. I had some tears fall down when I felt someone bump me. I looked at Louis and he had his hand held out. "Here." He gave me the tissue. I smiled and wiped my tears. He patted my leg and looked forward. I looked at J and he took my hand. "Hang in there." I nodded.

The service ended and everyone left to the cemetery. It was J, myself, the boys and the rest Niall's family. "Well, we are going to head back home. So sorry for your lost." I said. "Wait!" Niall shouted and ran to us. "Do you want to hang out tomorrow. I don't want the whole time I'm here with the boys to be sad." "Actually, you want to come to my place tonight?" "The boys too?" "Of course." "Sure." "Okay. Here's my number so just text me when your done." I felt J's hand tense when I gave him my number. I looked at J questionably. He looked away at something else. I rolled my eyes and let go of his hand. I walked over to Niall and gave him a hug. "I'm sorry for your lost and I'll see you tonight." I kissed his cheek and did the same to the rest of the boys. I turned around to Justin and he didn't look to happy. But, I didn't care. I'm still a little mad about the whole music video thing. We left and walked out to the car. It was an awkward silence so I turned on the radio, and guess what the song was... All That Matters. I turned off the radio and looked out the window. We got to the house and I walked inside. I went to the bathroom and locked myself in there. I looked at the mirror and felt the hot tears come. Before they could roll down my cheek, I wiped my eyes. I turned on the shower and just stood there. "Why?" I went out and changed into something more comfy.

I changed into a grey tank top, shorts and sandals. ( I put my hair up in a bun and sat down on the bed. I don't know where J was and right now, I could care less. I turned on my phone and saw that I had a text from Niall.

N: Hey! I hope this Kelly and not some pedophile.

K: Whose Kelly? I'm a 40 year old man, who is now stalking you.

N: Well bye then...

K: I'm kidding Niall! It's me.

N: Really? Okay we're on our way!

K: Um... do you know where I live?

N: Aren't you at Justin's place?

K: Nope.

I texted him my address and waited for them to come.

A/N OMG! I haven't updated in like forever! I'M SO SORRY! School was horrible and now its all over! Well, until summers over. So, I'll try to update more often. I figure that nobody is going to read this but incase someone does... HIYA! Love ya! I'll try posting again tonight!



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