These things I've done

A kellin quinn fanfic


16. chapter15

Chapter 15

Emis pov

I was pretty much in a daze for the last 3 days. I haven't really done anything lately besides work and sleep. I've been on the bvb bus so I haven't seen much of bitsy or anyone else. It was 3:00pm and I was just laying in bed. I picked up my phone to check messages I have read since the party. 67 messages

Bitsy: hey emi I haven't heard from you so maybe we could meet up??

Bitsy: you ok I'm seriously bored out of my mind and I miss you bun bun.

Vic: bitsy is like spazzing out!! You ok talk to us??

Jaime:chica you there we miss you.

Tony: haiiii?? Want me to pick up dinner for you?

Mike: cosplaying?? I know it occupies everyone's time but we gotta make time for the real world!!

Mike: just kidding :D but seriously you doing alright?

And I even noticed one from kellin. I thought he wouldn't talk to me.

Kellin: everyone is freaking out! Including me.... Please talk to us. I'm coming over at 4 today no excuses!!!

At 4? Well I would get ready but I just cant find the motivation to move anymore...

I heard foot steps approaching my bunk and soon after that andy ripped open my curtain.

Andy: ok it's been three days and you haven't eaten!!

The past days everyone in bvb has tryed to give me food but I refused no matter how hungry i was.

Andy: please emi like its not even an option anymore.

He picked me up off of my bed and brought me into the living room area and sat me on the couch next to cc and Ashley. The rest of the band just kind of watched me as he sat me down like I was about to be lectured.

Andy: we need to talk

I was right here comes the lecture.

Jinxx: first off you need to eat.

Second you need to stay here no going to the bunks and third you have to either talk to us or just one of us about why you are so depressed.

He said that in a more gentle tone but still strong enough for me to understand he wasn't joking.

Emi: i-i dont wanna talk about anything. I'm fine.

Andy: geez emi you have to at least cooperate!!

Emi: I told you im fine just a little sick.

Andy: sick enough to make you stay in bed with out food or talking to anyone for three days? I swear to g-

Ashley: ANDY.

Andy then ran out of the tour bus. Ashley just told us to let him cool down and smoke before we said anything.

Jake: so do you have anything to tell us.

Emi: my friends were coming over at four I'll let it out then just please let me get ready.

Jinxx: ok but we will keep a close eye on you.

Emi: fine.

I ran to the bunks and pikes out some clothes to wear before kellin and everyone else came. I settled with a black and grey striped tank top and some jean shorts with a small black bow on the side of my head to hold my bangs back. I grabbed the clothes and my phone then proceeded to hop in the shower. I set my phone on shuffle and the first song that played was sleeping with sirens cover of iris. I got in the shower and almost started crying because of how much i truly missed kellin. I quickly finished up realizing it was 3:40. And by the time I was completely done getting ready it was 4:03. I went into the kitchen and got a bottle if water while waiting for kellin to come.

Jinxx: what time?

Emi: Til what?

Jinxx: they come

Emi: i dont know they said 4ish

Cc: oh god not the ish policy.

Then andy walked back in and apologized for his behavior before sitting on the couch with cc.

Andy:so what were you talking about.

Cc: the ish policy.

Andy: oh god dont get me started.

We all started alighting until Ashley broke the laughter

Ashley: its good to hear all of us laughing agian.

Jinxx: yea you threw us all of emi.

Emi: haha sorry...

We heard a knock on the door and I walked over expecting the whole gang but it was just kellin.

Kellin: uhh hey emi.

I instantly shut down hearing his voice. All I could hear was him repeating everything he said that night. About his sister me and the punch...

Kellin: you ok??

He tryed waving in front of my face so i just told bvb I would be back later and stepped out with kellin.

Kellin: hey hon why haven't you been talking to me.

Emi: well you know.

Kellin: no I thought maybe you were home sick but after three days I started to panic.

Emi: are you ok?

Kellin: I'm fine. What about you we had dinner and then came home but you haven't talked to me.

Emi: remember the party??

Kellin: what are you talking about.

Emi: hold on.

I started sprinting to ptvs bus as kellin called out to me while trying to catch up.

I ran through the door and grabbed bitsy.

Bitsy: oh my god emi your ok?!?

I continued to drag her to the bathroom and locked the door feeling everyone's eyes on me through the door.

Emi: what's up with kellin??

Bitsy: oh that.... Well how do I put this.

Emi: out with it!!

Bitsy: he was walking off stage and when we were coming back to the trailer he fell and hit his head thus forgetting the party.

Emi: oh. What should I do?!?

Bitsy: tell him the truth.

Emi: fine.

I stepped out noticing everyone had resumed playing on their xbox.

Except for Jaime and vic. They were playing but they seemed so distracted in their thoughts. I stepped outside assuming that kellin would follow me which he did.

~~~~~after telling him~~~~~~

Kellin: I'm soo sorry I can even. I'm sooo sooorry I was was drunk and I dont even remember.. Please forgive me.

Emi: kellin i dont know if I can you hit me sober or not. I dont know if I can trust you.

He went to give me a hug but I instantly backed up still shocked from the party.

Kellin: please just please dont be scared of me....

Emi: i uh -

Kellin: emi wait.

At that point I have ran back on to the bus. Bursting through the doors I went straight to my bunk expecting to shut off reality that I had the pass 3 days but boy was i wrong.

Blegh bad chapter :,,( more of a filer like blegh its bad but dont fear because I have no idea what's gonna happen xD leave comment to give me ideas and I'll give you creds. So anyway emi and kellin guuuuueys so yea I'll update soon bye ~Em

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