These things I've done

A kellin quinn fanfic


9. Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Emi pov
The car ride was pretty intense. It was just vic and kellin arguing about who's band was better. I personally haven't met the rest of kellins band because they go to a different school but I still sided with kellin. On the other hand bitsy sided with vic. After a little while we got to school and went to our lockers. Poor vic had to go to another floor to his locker but me kellin mike and bitsy were all close. Me and kellin went to our lockers and started to talk.
Kellin: i dont wanna go to class.
Emi: neither do i but we will see each other in periods 1 and 4 5 :)
Kellin: ok let's go. And do u wanna umm maybe....
Emi: hmm what is it
Kellin: do you wanna meet me here period 2 and we could skip it? I mean only if you want to.
Emi: sure i mean I hate math and I have no one that would miss me so sure.
Kellin: Yay!! Oh uh I mean yea awesome
He sounded like a little girl when he said that. I giggled when said that. 
Emi: anyway...
The bell cut me off mid sentence.
Kellin: guess thats our cue to go.
Emi: go ahead give me one min i just need to use the restroom.
Kellin: you sure?
I nodded giving him approval and he went on ahead.
I walked over to the bathroom but didnt go inside because I knew what I really needed to do. A few mins afterwards I saw Alex and john walk up to me. Usually they beat me up in the morning or just teased me if I was lucky. No one really knew about this except us. I sat down against the locker waiting for what ever came.
Alex: look who decided to show up. Good choice
John: so what did we decide to do with this
He said pointing to me.
The typical punches and stuff came but it was longer than usual. This time I couldn't breath I was sitting there about to pass out. They had left about 2 mins ago but i already knew I wouldn't be able to go to class like this, let alone go with kellin. After a long while I pulled my self into the bathroom and just stayed there until I saw bitsy came in. She looked about as badly beaten as I was.
Emi: oh my god bitsy what happened to you.
Bitsy: I could ask you the same thing. Basically Alex and this kid name Jacob 
Emi: do you mean john?
Bitsy: no he left because he didn't are but there is this new guy Jacob who is just as evil as John.
Emi: I'm sorry
Bitsy: for what?
Emi: I should have saved you.
Bitsy: you wouldn't be able to even if you tried so it's ok.
I explained what happened to me and about kellin.
Bitsy: I'm sure he will under stand even if you don't go.
Emi: I hope so.

Kellins pov
Where was she?!? I have been sitting here all of class waiting for her but she hadn't came. Maybe it was because she was sick or got in trouble? No. Who was I kidding he probably just didn't want to see me so she left. Ugh if only I knew where she was so we could talk. No long after the bell rang so I decided to go to the bathroom before I meet her there or if I meet her there. I was just about to walk into the bathroom and heard voices coming from the girls bathroom. I couldn't walk in there because obvious reasons but I wanted to check and see if everything was ok so I sent a message to emi.
 To emi: Hey emi its kellin and I just wanted to check in and see if everything is ok. I'm worried about you and I want to make sure you aren't hurt or anything. Please text me back <3 Kelly 
I stood there looking over my message and sent it. About less than a minute later i hear sleeping with sirens alone blasting through the girls bathroom. It was emi. Who else would have that. I knocked on the outside of the girls bathroom door and said
Kellin: emi I know your there. Please if you dont wan to be around me i understand so just tell me. I heard whispering and someone opened the door. Bitsy. She looked like she was wearin a lot of makeup when I saw her up close. 
Bitsy: sorry that was just my phone
Kellin: yea right. Emi if your in there please let me know.
Bitsy: I have emi'a phone because she needed me to download music.
An obvious lie. I could tell. I walked into the bathroom knowing I shouldn't but I did. I went next to the only stall occupied and told emi to open the door.
Emi: I cant.
Kellin: please emi.
Emi: fine.
She stepped out and what I saw broke my heart. She had a black eye and a swollen lip. 
Kellin: why didn't you tell me? I got really close to her and looked at what had happened to her face. 
Kellin: hold on.
I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and began to call vic. He answered and it sounded like he was in class.
Vic: what the hell dude im in class.
Kellin: come to the girls bathroom on the second floor now. Its urgent 
He showed up within minutes and began to help bitsy.
So me and emi were alone talking.
Kellin: I want to know what happened.
She explained to me the details of her horrid event.
Kellin: it's my fault

Emi pov
Emi: no it's not at all! If anything it's mine for not telling you.
Kellin: we need to finish school and then we can talk. Kellin then walked out with vic and then me and bitsy were left there to get ready and go to class

Vic pov
After me and kellin stepped out i decided to propose a suggestion.
Vic: hey kellin what do you say we take the company up on this record deal and ask them to come along. This way they won't suffer this and they can start a career in music and everything will be perfect for all of us.
Kellin: that is a great idea! Ok let's ask right now.
Vic: are you sure?
Kellin: positive now let's go. 
We turned around and walked back into the bathroom. We startled them a little but it's ok
Vic: will you to go to warped tour with us and drop out of high school?
Emi and bitsy exchanged a glance and gave us a hell yeaa! I think this is the beginning to a beautiful life.

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