These things I've done

A kellin quinn fanfic


8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Emi pov

I woke up unfamiliar with my surroundings until I remembered I was at kellins last night. I rolled over to see if he was still sleeping. Which he was. I decided I should get outta bed for the morning to make breakfast. As I was about to get up, kellin pulled me so I couldn't.
Kellin: where are you going
Damn I couldn't resist that morning voice. It was sexy as hell. 
Emi: are you awake
He didnt anwser so I was assuming he was still sleeping. I took his hand off mine and walked acrossed the hall to the kitchen since the apartment was one floored. What should I make for breakfast? That was the question. I guess typical omletes would be fine. I grabbed all my materials and started to cook. While waiting for the eggs to cook I decided to call up bitsy before we had to get ready for school and see what was up with her.
Emi: heyy bitsy? How was your night?
Bitsy: pretty fine if I do say so myself but there is one problem.
Emi: which is?
Emi: I'm having the same issue...
Bitsy: go for seductive an if that doesn't work...
Emi: trust me I'm sure it will be if not we can just throw water on them.
Bitsy: ok good plan. I will pick you guys up in a little. 
Emi: ok bye.
By now you might be wondering how the frick bitsy can drive if she is 14 well here is the simple anwser....
"Oh it's that I don't have a license I just had to learn cuz of my family sitch and then I sit in a booster seat to look like an adult. I can barely reach the pedals that way but it works" at least this is what she told me. Anyway I finished up the omletes and set them on a plate for later. I then went Into the bedroom to wake up kellin. After laying on the bed I said
Emi: Kelly we have to get up honey
Kellin: *moannnn*
Emi: Kelly pleeeeease
Kellin: ok fine im up
He sat upright and hopped off the bed
Kellin: i smell something yummy.... Did you make your kellin some food?
I stared it him since he didnt have a shirt on. I could see tattoos but only a couple since he is still young.
Kellin: Emi if you have food you cant keep me waiting no matter how much you wanna stare at me.
I blushed no realizing how obvious it really was.
Emi: uuuumm yea its in the kitchen go ahead.
Kellin: aren't you gonna eat with me?
Emi: it's ok i need to take a shower if you dont mind. Bitsy said she will be here to pick us up and bring me clothes.
Kellin: plweeeeaasseeeeee.
Emi: kellin I have to get ready these thing can take hours if your a girl.
The truth is as I said I am really shy like REALLY shy when it comes to eating in front of people. I already ate little to none as it is but still to do it in front of people is worst.
What kellin did next I wasn't expecting. He began to run at me full speed. I fell to the floor thinking he was getting ready to beat me up or something but then he stopped, picked me up, and took me to the kitchen.
Emi: kellin put me down!!
Kellin: not unless you eat with me.
Emi: it's already 6:30 an we have to leave at 6:50 if we dont wanna be late.!!!
Then the doorbell went off so we went over to the door me still in his arms.
Kellin: hello my lovelys
Bitsy: well hello there kellin and uhhh emi what are you doing
Vic: this seems entertaining
Emi: this wasn't by choice anyway kellin as we were talking... PUT ME DOOOOWN.
Bitsy jumpe on kellin and pulled his hair while vic started to tickle him.
I fell to the ground with a thud and ran to the bathroom with the clothes bitsy handed me while screaming thanks. I hopped in the shower and was done in less that 5 mins. I put on a bvb shirt and some black skinny jeans( did you expect me to wear anything other than band merch and skinny jeans?) i put in a purple lip ring and kept my same piercings as yesterday. A gold stud, small star and small cross.
I finished off by pulling my long hair into a pony tail and applying some mascara.
Emi: hello everyone.
I saw everyone eating the omelets I had made for kellin so I guess he decided to split them.
Everyone: hello emi 
After they ate we grabbed our school stuff that bitsy and vic brought with them so we could go to school. Bitsy took the driver side, I took the passengers while the boys cramped in the back seat well off to school we went.

Vic pov
Last night was amazing. After they left me and bitsy had nothing to do so we just hung out. It doesn't sound like much but for me it means the world to me.
***what happend last night for vic***
I guess everyone left because I didn't hear any shouting or anything.
Vic: hey bitsy I'm pretty sure they are gone so what do u wanna do? We could watch tv or play video games or.... Whatever you want
Bitsy: well I would love to get to know you so do you wanna play question anwser?
Vic: sure! How do you play?
Bitsy: so basically we go back and forth questions and anwsers and if you dont anwser the other player can make you do what ever they want.
Vic: ok I guess I'll start. Do you play any instruments
Bitsy:  no but me and emi have a YouTube channel for singing. I scream/ sing and she sings.
Vic: awesome i should watch 
Bitsy: please dont its embarrassing.
Vic: I'm sure you guys are perfect. Mainly you:3
I saw her blush a little as I said this.
Bitsy: anyway umm your question. Well um i dont wanna be mean but how long have you you know.
I could tell she didnt want to push it outta me. I understood what she meant because she look at my wrist.
Vic: well since I was 10 I guess. Somethings were bothering me I got bullied and my parents were fighting so I tried it and I have since.
Bitsy: I cant believe. Why didnt. How. I guess what I'm trying to say is I wish I was there for you.
Vic: well things happen i mean.... Anyway your question.... I have you dated other guys? If so who?
Bitsy: well uhhh ... Dammit pass.
Vic: oh I found some secret someone is keeping. Well now I can do what ever I want to you
Bitsy: oh god.
Vic: i gonna save it for later 
Bitsy: so an IOU? Oh dear god you must have something terrible mind.
Vic; no promises.
I grabbed her hand and took her down to the couch where I saw mike siting at.
Mike: come on potter stop screwing around we can do this!!!!
Vic: uhh mike?
Me and bitsy started bursting out laughing when we realized he was doing some sort of cosplay and was dressed up like Harry potter while watching the show.
Mike: uhh i umm thought u all left....
Vic: so MIKEY whiskey hands I can assume you dont want this on instagram...
Mike: shit
He ran up the stairs to his room faster than I've ever seen. Not before flipping us off. We sat down on the couch and we chose a movie too watch.
Vic: up for a little paranormal activity?
Bitsy: hell yea.

Bitsy pov:

On the inside it wasn't hell yea... It was more scared as hell. He put on the first movie and I instantly moved a little closer because I was terrified. Just if things could get any worst a pop up came on the screen
Bitsy: ahhhhh
Vic: somebody is a little scared
Bitsy: am not
Vic: are too
Bitsy: wanna bet you get more scared than I do.
Vic: this means war.
Bitsy: oh I'm not scared of you fuentes
Then mike ran down the stairs still dressed up
Mike: I forgot the glasses.
He grabbed his Harry potter glasses and ran back into his room
Bitsy: ok i an a little scared of your brother though.
Vic: aren't we all!
We started cracking up and then turned our attention back to the movie. I then laid my head on Vic's lap because I started to fall asleep.
He readjusted us a little and he started to pet my head. I woke up not realizing that I fell asleep during the movie. I looked up to see vic fast asleep. It was a weird way on sleeping he had his head on the arm of the sofa and my head was on his shoulder and I was behind his. I slowly got up not disturbing him and made my way into the bathroom to get ready. I had brought extra clothes just in case so I changed into those and decided to bring the other pair to emi once vic got up. I was about to step out of the bathroom when I got a called from emi.
You know what happens......
After the call I decided to try out the waking vic up method. I went over to vic side and whispered in his ear 
Bitsy: heyy vicccy can you get up I have something waiting for you.
He sprang straight up and I laughed at him. He looked at me doubled over in laughter.
Vic: oh you will pay you tease.
He picked me up and took me to his bedroom.
(Dont let your pervy minds wonderxD I'm not done)
He sat me on the bed and told me to play on my phone while he took a shower. I agreed and waited endlessly for him to finish because it was boring. I walked into mikes bedroom to see him asleep .. Still in his Harry potter outfit.
Bitsy: wake up mike this is year 2222 you have missed a lot of your life you are almost dead.
Mike: OMG WHAT HAPPEND TO ME ALL THESE YEAR BITSY WHERE WAS I?!? shouldnt you be dead too?
Bitsy: I am a cyborg and I will kill you
Mike: please dont hurt me please
I started cracking up laughing at how gullible this boy was. He grabbed his phone and checked the date while I ran out the door laughing. I went into Vic's room and saw him opening the door to the bathroom. He only had a towel on but it was very low around his waist. He grabbed the end of it and pulled the towel down.
Bitsy: YOU TEASE!!!!!
I screamed this because he was wearing shorts underneath.
Vic walked over to me and have me a kiss before calling it even. We finished getting dressed and Before long we were at bitsy's house.
~~~time jump~~~~ 
Emis in shower.
Bitsy pov still
I saw her close the door and vic instantly started talking
Vic: so you know bitsy and emi have a YouTube channel an they sing....
Kellin: OMG awesome we need to talk about this later.
After conversing for a little emi was done and it was time to go to school. We got in the car and drove off ready for the second day of school.

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