These things I've done

A kellin quinn fanfic


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7
Vic pov

I have no idea what just happend today. Me and bitsy started dating And now this crazy stuff is going on? After andy took emi here's what happend. Kellin started too run to get emi but I grabbed him before he could get ahead.
Kellin: I need to get her now!!!
He said this with anger and desperation.
Vic: kellin it's ok he was just taking her so you didnt do anything stupid
bitsy: look kellin she will be fine and I know she likes you and would do anything with andy.
I whispered to bitsy 
Vic: see he has problems when it comes too girls. He is just scared she will fall for andy. 
Kellin slapped me and it caught me off guard. He sprinted towards the door seeing emi and andy in the car. Emi jumped out and ran toward him as andy followed behind her. I grabbed bitsy hand and took her upstairs too make sure we could watch without getting involved
Emi pov 

As I ran up to the door I saw kellin standing there looking angry and crushed at the same time. 
Emi: umm hey kellin
He walked straight passed me and andy . He started walking and I had no idea where. My head told me to leave him alone but my heart made me follow him. I snuck down the street stopping when he did in front of this small apartment. He walked inside and I can tell he didnt bother to lock the door so I walked in after. He turned around looking unsurprised at the fact I was there. He looked down to the floor and mumbled
Kellin: I was just walking but I saw you and just decided to bring you here where we can talk.
Emi: look i just wanted to ask..
He cut me off throwing me off guard with the hug he brought me in.
Kellin: emi i dont know why I was so mad and I'm sorry. I guess I just didnt like the thought off you and andy together. Or any guy really.
Emi: i--I thought you said we were just friends and thats it?
He looked down at me with love in his eyes. I could tell he regret that he said that about being friends. 
Kellin: I did but that was a lie. I dont know maybe im just confused so of you dont want to be more than that its fine but I wouldn't be able to control myself. My feelings....
I slapped him. Not in a mean way more of a playful way to get him not to doubt himself. I got on my tiptoes to reach him and lean in for a kiss. He was caught off guard but melted into it after a minute or so. He began to play with my lip ring as we kissed. It was full of love and I could tell he meant it. 
Emi: I've liked you too all this time
Kellin: I wish I figured that out sooner.
We stood there for a minute just hugging and enjoying each other.

Kellin pov 

I texted vic to tell him where we were and that we were ok. Emi and I thought it woul be a good idea to just sit in my room to watch a movie. We decided on a comedy that was terrible. Half way though it i turned it down and me and her just started to talk. It varied on what we talked about first school second friends and lastly we came acrossed the family convo.
Emi: so what's up with your family?
I wanted to avoid this so i brought up a different topic 
Kellin: nothing. So do you want to sleepover?
Emi: umm sure but I need to borrow clothes
She said dropping the subject knowing i  didnt want to talk about this right now.
Kellin: sure! My dresser is right over there so you can grab what you want:3
Emi: thanks kells
I blushed at the nick name she had given me. Kells I liked that so i tell her to call me that more often. She walked over to my dresser to get a shirt and shorts to wear. She grabbed out a sleeping with sirens black tank and red writing saying " you forever is all that I need" on the front. Also she grabbed a pair off red an black basket ball shorts that I only wore around the house. I saw her pull her shirt off from the bottom an I gasped at the horrid sight I saw 

Emis pov

After picking out a top, bottoms and chuckling at his boxers i found with the batman logo on it; I decided to get changed. Big mistake. I heard kellin gasp at what he saw. Was I that ugly or was it... Oh shit.
Emi: look kellin its from falling down the stairs.
Kellin: dont pull that. I wanna what happend! Tony wouldn't tell me what happend and how he found you but I wanna know right now emi !!!!
I shivered as I remembered the ugly event john had caused me.
Emi: kellin please? Not now
Kellin: you cant leave until you tell me
I kind of liked the thought of never leaving but it felt wrong under the circumstances.
Emi: I i i ummm john.... Decided to do somethings....
Kellin sighed and grabbed my hand to take me into his bathroom. He grabbed some medicine to help the swelling and we crawled into bed to sleep. 
Kellin: so on another important note.... Those pajamas 
Emi: shut up!!!
I blushed and felt myself slowly start to fall asleep in his arms when I heard him whisper 
Kellin: I won't let anyone hurt you. Now or ever.

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