These things I've done

A kellin quinn fanfic


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Emis pov
~~~~time jump at Vic's house~~

This chapter will have more with bitsy and the relationships with start and crap like that sorry for the wait :3
I woke up in the arms of a guy i didnt know. 
Emi: umm hello
Tony:I'm tony im in ptv I think u know me through the band and everything
Emi: thank you so much! I assume you saved me and brought me here after school
Tony: correct. Everyone is down stairs by the way.
I walked down stairs too see mike vic kellin bitsy and Jaime sitting on the couch watching a movie.
I sat on the extra chair and kellin switched spots with bitsy so he was closer to me and she was with vic. I expected some kind of lecture but he just sat there looking at me like he had something to say but couldn't.

Bitsy pov
I turned to see emi sit down so I switched spots with kellin so I was next to vic and he was closer to emi. After the movie was have way through Jaime decided to yell out
Me: ummm sure what should we play?
Emi: what about truth or dare?
All: yes!!!!!!!!
I sat down next to everyone on the floor and waited for someone to start. I looked at vic to start so he spoke up.
Vic: ok then Jaime truth or dare ?
Jaime: DARE
Vic: :3 i dare you to jump into the pool and bring one player with u and no not me
Jaime: :( ok then .... Tony come with me Mwhahah
Tony: damn it why me ?!?!? Vic and Jaime why must u hate me?!?!
Jaime: well the girls would kill me and mike would as well
Tony: the things you make a turtle do preciado 
Emi: yay not us :)
Me: good because its too cold to be wet
We decided to head out side to continue with the dare which was a bad choice when  Jaime and tony made a plan to cannon ball.
Tony: if he is making me jump it must be in fancy
Tony spoke as he sat his soaked self next to us and Jaime followed suit.
Me : ok Jaime your turn
Jaime: bitsy truth or dare
Me: I knew it was coming... Uhh truth
Jaime: easy question do u like anyone and if so describe them
Me: well....
I looked at emi to see her cracking up because she knew who I would describe.
Me: well ok yes i do.
I saw Vic's eyes look down while Jaime mike and tony stared at me.
Me: he has brown hair and he is very sweet and attractive. I also just met him and....
In the middle of me talking I saw vic storm out of the room. How was I going to explain this to him with out finding out that he is the one i like:3

Vic's pov
(May be triggering)

Bitsy: he has brown hair and he is very attractive i also just met him and...
I couldn't stand her talking about some guy she likes so i just ran. I decide just going to my room and licking the door was enough. What should i do I mean I was gonna have to explain this to everyone eventually.... I had to get my mind off things so I went to the thing i always went to when I needed help. I ran t the bathroom an looked through the cupboards to find my escape. I grabbed a blade and was ready to release my anger when a saw the door burst open revealing ..... My brother
Vic: look mike umm its ok I'm just not feeling well so i uhh 
Mike: save it vic we need to talk about multiple things.
Vic: cant we do this another time like tomorr....
Mike: NO. Look lets go to my room and talk. 
We headed down the hall way to his room and we sat on the floor to talk
Vic: what ever you think it not..
Mike: look vic bitsy tried running up here to get you and saw what you were doing so he ran down stairs sobbing because she thought it was her fault. Then just when this could get any better she ran out of the house and emi tony and Jaime went to get her so I could talk to you. 
Vic: look you dont understand. Only kellin does so he is the only one who knows about this aside from you. 
Mike: so you told him before me and he didn't even help you.
He said disappointed but not angry. I sighed explaining to him not to tell and that most important was finding bitsy. Bitsy, what was I gonna say I mean I obviously cant lie. 
~~~time jump after we find bitsy at a park sitting~~~~~~

After we found her she pulled me aside and we went upstairs after Jaime and tony went home because they had to. 
Bitsy: vic you should have told me and why would you run out like that?
Vic: it's not like you would know i mean you like this guy and I just needed to go upstairs and relax.
Bitsy: so thats what this was about *sigh* do you even know who I'm talking about
Vic: let me guess mike kellin Jaime tony?  
I said with sadness knowing it was probably mike. I mean mike always had girlfriends because all the girls loved him. It's not like I'm jealous because I love my brother but he couldn't have bitsy i mean not as long as I like her. 
Something interrupted my thoughts until I realized it was bitsy. She leaned in and kissed my lips softly:3 (Mwhahah)
Bitsy: I'm sorry I shouldn't have I mean. 
I brought her close to me into a hug and I saw her eyes light up and her face turn a deep shade of red. 
Vic: so was i the one you were talking about.
I said with a smirk on my face knowing the anwser.
Bitsy: what do you think dummy 
She leaned in agian and this time it was more passionate and longer.
It lasted for a little while until I broke the silence.
Vic: spydaer frix would you please do the honor of being my girl friend
Bitsy: well maybe if
Vic: maybe what 
I probably sounded desperate  but to be honest I was.
Bitsy: maybe if what do you think?!? Of course:3
Bitsy pov
We walke down stairs hand in hand to see emi and kellin sitting on the couch. Why did he make a move already ?!? I know I'm sounding like a hypocrite since we just got together but I'm surprised they didn't make a move yet. I mean emi talked to me ALL the time about kellin so it was kind of obvious she like him and I mean ALOT! Vic and I sat down together on the couch with our fingers still intertwined. I leaned in and whispered into his ear which made him blush even harder than we already was
Bitsy: so now that we are together, we need to get them together. 
I turned his head in the direction of emi and kellin laughing together not even noticing we were there. 

Emis pov 
I looked next to me realizing bitsy and vic were there. Cuddling. Hand in hand.
Emi: so when did spyic happen? I missed it didnt i ????
Bitsy: yup "spyic" finally happened now what about u too?
This made me and kellin blush like a ton! I turned to him to see him looking at me. I turned away feeling awkward so to avoid the question I said
Emi: I think its about time for us to leave....
Vic: i mean my parents aren't here and I'll get mike to be ok with it 
He yelled the last part to mike and I heard him call down
Mike: yea sure
Mike walked down the stairs as he said that
Mike: ooooh vider happened yay
Emi: first its spyic and second we have seen over this you are so late xD
Mike: and what about kellem
Emi: ummmm
Kellin: look emi it's ok we dont Need to rush things like that we are just friends.
Emi: suuuure yea just friends
This made me kind of sad because I guess you could say I liked him. Not it a way a girl thinks a boy is cute in middle school but I guess I had feelings for him. 
Vic: so you guys can spend the night i guess but only if you want to.
Bitsy: yea sure id love to
I didnt know what to say I mean my mom wouldn't care she is too busy with work but i dont think I wanna talk with kellin because things are pretty awkward right now. I gave a slight nod to reassure bitsy she wasn't gonna be alone.
Kellins pov.
I was gonna spend the night i mean I had too. I'm pretty sure i just friend zoned emi an i didnt mean to but I thought thats what she wanted. I guess the worst part of this was gonna be the beatings when I got home. And my sister. She was alone and I couldn't do that to her. That abusive drunk would probably beat her thinking she was me for all i know. 
Kellin: I have to get home its a family thing i need to do.
Vic gave me a sad smile and gestured me to talk with him. I just stood and nodded no to tell him he cant convence me when my sister was on the line. Emi sat up as did i and she gave me a hug goodbye.
Emi: bye kellin I guess i see you...
Vic: he is staying.
Kellin: I cant
Vic: you will *whispers last part* unless you want me to tell.
Kellin: no you cant. I'll stay.
That was black mail right? I guess I should worry she will be ok. 

Emis pov
I notice vic whisper something i couldn't make out to be words. Which reminded me that he still had to talk to me about that. I stood there awkwardly realizing I was still hugging kellin as I unattached myself noticing he was blushing too. 
Emi: vic a word
I said pointing to the kitchen.
He gave me a smile not know I was about to get him to spill a secret.
Emi: vic you owe me an explain action remember?
Vic: it's not my place to tell you
Emi: vic please 
I stared him down finally getting him to crack
Vic: ok i not saying all but kellin is worried about his sister. 
He left it at that and lefted the room and i stood there for a sec. I came out announcing i needed to use the restroom. After I went I heard kellin say
Kellin: look I screwed up with her. She probably hates me for friend zoning and I cant help but fall in love with her. 
Those last words hit me hard "love" he said that word without cracking a smile or anything. I was gonna get him too say this to me whether he wanted to or not. I walked back into the bathroom tidying myself up for someone out there that someone being kellin.


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