These things I've done

A kellin quinn fanfic


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Emis pov

I left him standing there and I felt bad but I had to know what happen to kellin. I walked into school seeing bitsy, mike, and kellin. Kellin the one I wanted to talk to. I walked over to them and grabbed kellins hand to take him where we could talk. I blushed even though I was the one making the move. I saw his face darken as I told him we needed to talk. We heard the bell rang but that didnt bother me. I took him to the girls bathroom that no one ever used so it was safe for him to be here with me. "Umm why are we in the girls bathroom" kellin asked sheepishly. " look I think we should talk" I told him straight forward. Kellin backed up till he hit the wall and ran.
I'm gonna try writing quote differnt because I hate quotes:3so it'll be like emi: insert direct quote here

Emi: kellin wait please. I shouted trying to get him too come back even tho the chances of it were long gone.
I stood there shocked like it couldn't be that bad that he had to run. I went to my 4 class and the gym teacher bought m lie that my binder flew open and i triped in the hallway. I saw mike and bitsy there but no kellin. He had gym this period and I knew it. 
Bitsy: where is kellin i though you too were together?
Emi:we were......
Mike: what happened ?!? You guys have too come over and I'm forcing kellin.
Emi:ok yea sure .
After pe was done being explained i still had one more class before leaving school ; music. I showed up to music with mike and bitsy since they ha the same class as me. There I saw vic in the right waiting for us too sit with him. We sat and he told me something i didn't exactly want to hear.
 Vic:umm kellin is here but... He is with a girl but i don't know if you mind since you are just friends.
I looked over to see kellin sitting innocently in the last row toward the back where a girl was siting with him touching his leg. I wasn't jealous since he is not mine right? Or was i ? I mean it wasn't a problem but it kind of pissed me off he wa avoiding me and then hanging around with some girl who is probably a slut. I didn't care right I'm just a friend. I sat up and just ran out i mean i didn't know where I was going but I needed to go somewhere I wouldn't be bothered by others. The thought of him with someone else made me mad but i don't understand my feelings right now. I ran to a bathroom on a different floor knowing if they came they would look at the closest one. I hurried inside of a stall and just sat. I grab the side of the door and pulled myself up knowing I couldn't sit there for long. I walk out of the bathroom and found a hand sit on the back of my shoulder. 
Emi: umm sorry about running out like that bitsy i didn't mean to scare everyone i just didn't feel well thats a...
Unknown: I'm not bitsy.
Then I felt the other hand slam me face first to the locker. Thick amounts of blood began falling from my nose as I whomped in pain. The person had then lifted me off of the locker and over there shoulder. It wasn't a girl so I thought would kellin do this but it wasn't him either. They bought me into what I thought was some sort of closet and they threw me on the floor. I turned over and looked up to see john. John was a guy who I knew from middle school he was everyone's favorite guy because he was him i guess. He had bullied bitsy for a while until I became friends with her. He then came after me too. Lost in thought i didnt realize that he had kicked me in the shoulder sending a mass amount of pain through out me. He sat on top of me while saying
John: why dont you come to my place and knock off that ugly emo bull shit. 
I started to cry knowing he always told me to kill myself and I usually just ignored it but now I couldn't do anything knowing he was more powerful. I tried to roll to the side but i couldn't. After a lot of effort the door burst open revealing a guy who was tall and had brown hair. I tried to get a good look but i passed out knowing I did that Everytime I was in a lot of shock.

Kellins pov 

After running out if the bathroom i decided to skip gym and just listen to music in a closet. I sat there hearing lyrics from falling in reverse, pierce the veil and my band sws from the ear buds. I notice the time and the bell just rung for the last class. This time my last class was music my favorite so I had to go. I stepped into my favorite class and sat in the back still listening to music. A girl with dirty blond hair sat next to me and I wished it was emi. 
Hannah: hey OMG are u like kellin quinn from ptv?!?!
That was the worst kind of fan i mean I love all my fans but when they cant get my band right it drives me insane. 
Kellin: no I'm not. 
Hannah: yes u are u look exactly like your brother andy biersack.
Just then I saw bitsy emi and mike step in sitting down next to vic who had this class too. I was about to walk over and apologize but emi ran out of the room before I had a chance. I tryed to get up but te teacher came in. 
Kellin: excuse me teacher can I go to the bathroom?
Teacher: kellin right?
I nodded
Teacher:sorry u just had 5 mins to do that.
I sat back down this time next to my friends.
Bitsy: dont worry she just needs to cool down she will be fine
Kellin : I hope so


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