These things I've done

A kellin quinn fanfic


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Kellins pov
I saw emi, bitsy, and mike walking over i I couldn't help but notice they were laughing. I was always ha a low self esteem and got got paranoid when others were talking around me even if I didn't show it so I couldn't help but think they were laughing at me. I ran my fingers threw my hair thinking that was the source of the problem. They slowly made there way over to me next to the locker. They were talking about how the teacher always called out bitsy's real name for attendance; spydaer. They said she always corrected them and today the pronounced it way off. I saw bitsy blushing and I could tell that she was pretty embarrassed of that name even though it was cool. Emi grabbed her lunch and we headed down stairs having no idea where to sit. We decided to get sit outside on a bench to avoid anyone else bothering us. We say and talked about after school plans. " so kellin would it be ok with your dad and mom of we chilled at your place today plus I've never seen it . You never have us over anymore" mike asked with a curious look. I saw bitsy admiring vic while as emi look at me concerned. I shivered at that name being used. Dad. The truth is i never told anyone except vic about the bruises and cuts I got. Some from me and from him. But it wasn't only me it was my sister too ashlen. Our mom left us not knowing how bad he would be after she divorced him. Some days were worst that others which led to bad things. Which is why I told vic. I knew he self harmed too so I told him expecting us to be friends but instead we were like brothers. I came to his house a lot same with my sis just to get out of the house for a night but I stopped after I realized leaving made the beatings worst. I couldn't tell them so i sat in silence feeling eyes everywhere on me.

Vic's pov
" guy i say party at our place" emi shouted noticing the place kellin was in. I gave kellin a reassuring look to tell him that she understood.  Emi walked over to the bench I was sitting on to tell me something while mike bitsy and kellin went inside. Bitsy tryed to stay but emi told her to go just before she have we a wink. I was frightened i knew the girl code and that something was up when there's a wink. "Two questions for you fuentes" she stated in a focused manner. " it is possible i have two anwsers" I replied. She giggled at the way I told her. " first what the deal with kellin and be honest" oh god I couldn't tell her! Kellin would be pissed!! " second ask bitsy out on a date and I'm talking like ASAP"what was she talking about i mean I talked to her an i liked her but she probably thought I was a freak or something. " let's talk about this later at my house. This isn't the place" I told her wanted to avoid the two subjects. " I have all the time in the world fuentes we need to talk and if not now im holding you to the promise" wow this girl knew what she want. Perfect for kellin he knew what he wanted and was pretty hard headed about that. And with that she turned around heading inside leaving me curious about what bitsy thought of me. 

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