These things I've done

A kellin quinn fanfic


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Emi pov

"Look i didnt mean too be weird" I sighed softly as I spoke. He started to giggle at me. Wtf is wrong with this kid he goes from almost yelling at me and then laughing at me? What is wrong with this kid? "What? Am I that much of an idiot" this only made him laugh harder. I started to cry and ran out of the room but nobody noticed because no one really knows me since I'm new except ....... Bitsy. I ran into the bathroom and tryed to collect my self as I heard a knock on the stall. " emi are you ok please talk to me " i heard my best friend bitsy speak into the door. I stopped and laughed. " serously are u ok your giving me mixed signals emi" bitsy seem confused but decided to giggle with me as well. I stepped out of the stall only to find her facing me confused. I explained what had happened and I decided with her to just ignore him until he gets angry with me. We shared a few giggles as we imitated this kid we didn't even know. I stepped out before realizing i didn't even know his name. There was a kid standing there guess who it was... " vic kellin come here " the guy shouted. "Hey mike what's up" bitsy tried to talk like nothing happened to this man i didn't know. Turns out his name is mike and he sat next to bitsy. He has an older brother vic and a best friend kellin. Bitsy decided to tell mike privately what happened as the two other men came up too me. "Hello I'm vic im mikes older brother. Kellin mike and I wanted to apologize for kellin laughing at you. He didnt mean anything bad by it" the brown eyes long hair guy said to me so formally. " its fine" I said mumbling under my breath. Just then bitsy and mike came back and stepped out the front door while motioning us to follow. I hated skipping school because I'm not as wild as most people think I should be. Bitsy didnt mind as long as she didnt do it often. I gave bitsy a weird look and she said we were only stepping outside to talk so we dont get in trouble from standing there. Mike pulled out cigarettes and offered them to everyone but none of us took any. I told everyone i just felt sick thats why I ran and bitsy helped by backing up my lie. Nobody beloved it we could tell . " its true just please it doesn't matter" I spoke softly so they didn't hear. " just drop it guys she ok now thats what matters" i heard vic say loudly to get rid of the sad mood going on. Then the first bell rang loudly signaling us its time to go to first class. I pulled out my schedule card and stepped inside followed by mike vic bitsy and  .. Kellin aka the mysterious guy who was laughing at me. I still needed to know why and it bothered me. I headed up to my locker (which were alphabetical) as I saw vic going up another set of stairs. Also bitsy and mike turning to the other side of the hall. I walked quietly to my locker in the crowded hallway feeling someone closely behide me. When I finally got to my locker  a hand blocked me from opening it and I saw kellin there ready to talk.

Bitsys pov 
I walked to my locker laughing with mike. He told me about how when we were waiting vic and kellin were all nervous for us and he was making fun of them for it. "Kellin was all like oh no emi probably hate me ah boo hoo and vic was like no two girls upset means more tears and drama my poor little girls I should write a song "mike had been imitating them for a couple minutes while I was laughing crazily. I then realized that I needed to ask mike a question " why isn't Vic's locker here?" " its because he is a year older" so thats why. I didnt mean to be weird but i really liked that vic kid he seemed cool an pretty cute. Mike told me good bye and headed off to class when I saw emi in the corner of my eye on the ground looking confused.i decided to walk over which was a mistake I felt someone hit me in the jaw just as I was about to sit next to her. Laughter came from everywhere near by. I looked down at emi as I noticed she was crying slightly next to me. She had a black eye probably from that girl and her friends. The mean girls left after they got a few punches in. I helped up emi and we went to the bathroom to put make up over the bruises. " looks like more bullies" I said in a pisses off way. "Yea but we are better then them" i heard her say. When we were done we stepped out and walked our seperate ways too class.
Emis pov 

After kellin apologizes and said he was laughing because I was wearing his bands shirt and it's looked cute when I got angry which made me blush. I didnt realize he was actually kellin quinn from sws. They weren't that famous right now since they were new but i still loved them. He walk to his class which turns out he has with me. I stood there for a second thinking about what happend when I heard a voice I have always hated. This girl named Alex who I used to be friends with back before I met bitsy was walking towards me looking angry. She had came over and called me horrible names like she usally did but this time she actually hit me. She didn't hit me at school because she knew she could get caught but I guess it didnt matter to her anymore. Then I saw bitsy walk over to me and just as I was about to warn her a fist came in contact with her jaw and she fell beside me. After that the girls just giggled and left us there. We got clean up and went to first class. She had math where I had English. She set off upstairs after talking to me about how she really liked vic and wanted to hang out with him and kellin outside of school (sorry mike u can have a girlfriend later). I stepped into English, the only class i like besides music and lunch. I saw familiar faces who all failed to recognize me and then I saw one that stood out. Kellin. I walked over and grabbed a seat next to him as he took out an ear bud and smiled at me. "Hey emi" kellin attempted to sound cool as he talked. I giggled at the fact he was wearing sunglasses inside and his attempt. "Why hello there kellin" I said in a formal way. The rest of class its self was pretty normal. We talked why the teacher explained how her class works. We got up to be dismissed for second period. ~~~~time jump~~~~~~ I had no one I knew in my second class  (math)except for Alex and her friend. And third period was history which I had with bitsy and mike. After third period we went to our lockers to grab our lunches. There I saw kellin smiling and waving in a way that made me want to hug him.



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