These things I've done

A kellin quinn fanfic


19. chapter 18

Emis pov

Weeks and weeks had gone pass slowly. I loved this tour so much. Every night was better than the last but I knew the next day would be just as amazing. But like all good things... Everything came to an end. We said our goodbyes to each band slowly and I was left with a choice to make. Bitsy decided she would follow with her crew ptv but where did that leave me? Well me and kellin at least. I don't know anymore. I think I loved him. Like a lot. A whole fucking lot I mean like... You get the point. But existential crisis. He hit me. I guess it's better to put it behind me though. I missed how things used to be and I guess I just have to make it be that way again. The next closest tour was ptv and kellin would guest star for king for a day so I guess that was the best part. I guess maybe I should stick around with Bitsy till the tour started up in a week or so. I boarded the ptv bus and claimed the last unoccupied bed.

Vic: Bitsy where did you put them?!?!?

Bitsy:hehehe Mwhahaha

I could hear the fighting beginning and we had only just started traveling.bitsy and Vic were playing some sort of hide and seek tag... With Vic's guitar. Then there was the rest of the band. Jaime, Tony, and mike, we're playing some stupid boy game on their Xbox. And well where did I fit in? I decided to leave Bitsy alone to her demonic torturing Vic plans and went over to the dorks sitting on the couch.

Jaime: dammit mike I was almost winning!!!!

Tony: Jaime umm you were third... Out of the three of us.

Jaime: I swear I'm getting better guys!!! Just you'll see I'll take over your kingdoms!

Mike: idiot...

Emi: heyyaa bitches.

I plopped myself down between the turtle and well Jaime was just Jaime. I watched slowly as each of them got close to winning some game I've never heard of and came up with a plan.

Emi: Jaime look!!! Beyoncé is behind you!!!!

Jaime: omg where?!?

He turned around quickly and it was just enough to get him eliminated. This could be fun....<3

I stood up and asked for drink request.




Emi: okay guys I'll be back.

I pretended to stomp out to the kitchen area but instead snuck up behind tony and mike. I placed both of my hands on their heads and pretended to crawl around like a spider was there instead.

Mike: agh shit!!!

Tony: helpppppp!!!

Both of them stood up quickly and threw their controllers. Score now we can hang out and do something useful.

Emi: listen up guys!

Mike: ihateyouihateyouihateyou

Emi: Awww someone doesn't want dinner tonight.

Mike: fuck you.

Mike ran off like the kid he was and so it was down to us two. I lazily picked up the remote and searched for some random movie to watch.

Emi: guyyyssss I'm lonely. Entertain me please.

Jaime: now is my chance!!!

Jaime got his phone from his pocket and stood in front of the tv.

Tony: not again...


Emi: tony why did I ask?

Tony: well some one has to stop him!

*Jaime's horrid vocals screaming random old songs in the back ground


Andy pov

God I miss her. I wish I would've done something to get her to fall in love with me. She was perfect. I'd do anything to have her back. Sadly this was reality and I knew she didn't feel the same way I felt about her. But I knew I wasn't giving up.

Kellics pov

I sat up in my bunk scrolling through tumble lazily. Emi emi emi. I searched for any of her social media accounts just to see her face. It hadn't been long but I didn't get much of a goodbye. Just a friendly hug and she was on her way. I miss the way she laughed around me. I missed the way she would sing without realizing it. I missed the way she doubted herself all insecure because I could be the one to prove she was the most beautiful girl I've ever know. Sometimes I would just sit and wonder ... What does her hair smell like? Her beautiful scent that radiated off her glowing body. I'd do anything to have her beside me. She's probably off with Jaime and the guys but the only thing I could do was wonder... Did she miss me too?

Vic's pov

Vic: this ain't a good sign. YEA EMI WHAT DO YOU WANT

emi: Jaime Jaime Jaime

That was all a heard. But it was enough to know what she meant.

Bitsy: okay pause let's roll out Mr. Vic.

Me and Bitsy ran full speed to the irritating nose we heard in the living room. Unprepared for what lied ahead, we just kept going.



Mike: dammit Jaime the tv.


I updated thank god !!! I know I know *waits for applause. *sighs. I tried guys okay don't judge me haha. I've been so terribly lazy but I will start updating more often cuz yay for plot twist and all that fun shit that lies ahead. Love you guys ! Keep voting and commenting and liking cuz I love what you guys have to say!

<3 emiiiillyyyy

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