These things I've done

A kellin quinn fanfic


18. chapter 17

Bitsy's pov

After heading inside kellin pulled emi aside so it was just me and vic.

Vic: bitsy what do u wanna do ehhhh

Bitsy: I want to go somewhere but we are on the way to our set....

Vic:we will be there in 30 and then we have an hour before the show to do something.

Then suddenly there wa a thud that came from above us.

Tony: ooooowwwwww


We heard the others get down from the roof and come inside. Soon the bus wa off and ready to finish out travel.

Bitsy: hime time what happened?

Jaime: well.....

I sat there expecting some long story but mike fessed up and said

Mike: well we tripped him and it was funny.

Bitsy: you stupid inconsiderates do I have to explain how rude that is?!?!

Jaime: but he dissed kellic

Tony: did not.

Mike: did too

Vic: what are you 5??

Jaime: what ever.

Individually they each left to go to the bunks while me and vic sat in the couch.

Bitsy: what are we gonna do about these kids

Kellin pov

Emi agreed to talk which was good because I didn't know what I would do if she refused. I would probably beg but thats besides the point. I grabbed her arm and lead her into the bunk area.

Kellin: Jaime tony mike leave.

Mike: no we just got sent in here from vic.

Tony: yea because they are lying

Jaime: stupid turtle

Tony: your the stupid one! Bitsy said so herself

Jaime: she was talking to-

Kellin: Oi shuut up m8

Emi: tony will you please drag your annoying band memebers out.

Tony: yes mam

They slowly filed out of the room and when to cause more chaos else where.

Kellin: hey I'm sorry I was wondering if we could still be friends-

She then cut me off with a hug.

Emi: look I'm sorry. I forgive you and I know it wasn't your fault.

Kellin: I love you I'm soooo sorry

I gave her a kiss on the head and we went to join everyone in the room.

Well at least thats what I wanted to happen. But Rees the reality of it. After Jaime , mike, and tony left, we just kind of took it out on each other. All our problems and worries were thrown at each other like bullets

Kellin: please we need to calm down

Emi: I cant know that my so called boyfriend hit me!!! Who knows what will happen next time ?!?

By now her face was pouring and pouring tears and she didn't seem like she could stop.

I reached out to hug her but she met me to it. She was crying and soaking my shirt but the truth was I didnt mind since at least she wasn't running away anymore.

Emi: its so frustrating you and andy and everything is a mess right now.

Kellin: I know but I love you and you need to tell andy that. Even though I punched you , you dont understand how much I regret it. I dont even remember but I could tell it hurt me more then you after the fact.

Emi: look I'm sorry an I know you are. Can we please forget this happened?

Kellin: of course!!!

I lead her out in to the room where it looked like little kids had played.

Stuff was everywhere and Jaime tony mike and vic were all on top of bitsy.

Emi decided too crash the party as well as I. Then we just kind of laid there on top of each other as bitsy was cussing in Spanish.....

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