These things I've done

A kellin quinn fanfic


15. chapter 14

Chapter 14

Emi pov

After dinner we all hoped in each other's cars and drove to a club. It was pretty fancy they had pool tables lots of Tvs and not to mention the bar and dance floor. We reserved the club for every band we were close with including all time low, falling in reverse, bring me the horizon, and about every other band in our music genre. While everyone was either dancing or drinking, bvb and sws got on the stage.

Andy: we have an announcement to make

Crowd: WHAT?!?!?

Ashley: bvb is going to stay on tour because we have more gigs but...

Justin: sws has to leave except kellin who is staying for the tour with ptv king for a day song.

Jinxx: so everyone say goodbye to sws till next warped tour!!!!!

Crowd: bye!!!!

Soon after justin gabe and jack left and we all shared hugs before they went back to pack and go home.

Everything was so busy and I had no idea where anyone was. Bitsy was dancing with vic and kellin was hanging with Jordan of bring me the horizon so i didn't interrupt them. I stepped outside from the chaotic crowd and stood against the outside wall.

Andy: hey emi??

Emi: heyy. Its so freaking chaotic i needed a break.

Andy: yea same

He spoke after taking a long drag from his cigarette. He finished it and stomped it out.

Emi: why do you smoke?

Andy:guess its relaxing?

He laid with his back on the wall and I noticed how much taller he is than me

Andy: i dont know guess my parents are tall

Emi: oh sorry did I say that out loud

Andy: guess you did. I'm not that tall see

He came really close to me so our bodies were touching face to face. He ran his fingers through his hair which he did quite frequently

Andy: you know I like you right?

Emi: well yes its obvious.

Andy: but you have no feelings for me right

Emi: i never said that but I'm with kellin...

Andy: well yea i know

He signed pretty loudly and grabbed my hand so we could walk inside. We ran into several people that were pretty drunk like jack barakat from atl and of course Jaime and Ashley. I let go of him hand when I saw kellin walk into the bathroom.

Emi: I'll be right back....

Andy: ok I'm gonna get a drink want anything

Emi: no thanks

I quickly then made my way through lots of people and made my way to the bathroom. I knocked on the door pretty loudly since it was the guys bathroom. I didn't hear an answer so I walked in.

Kellin was sitting down against the wall with a drink by his side and he was on his phone. I sat down next to him and began a conversation.

Emi: hey Kelly

Kellin: what?

He spoke with his head down eyes on his phone and emotionlessly

Emi: seriously what's up ??

Kellin: what up? Well first you need to back off of andy.

Emi: him and I are just friends nothing more!!

Kellin: yea right not when all you do is flirt with him and you guys looked pretty friendly outside.

Emi: I swear it was nothing we were compositing height.

Kellin: bull. Look I dont wanna talk about it!!

Emi: you cant just not talk about it!! You keep secrets from me and I can tell you dont even care.

Kellin: like what huh because as far as I know you aren't honest either!!

Emi: I'm not lying!!!!

Kellin: well until you tell me the truth we are over! You cant even say one thing without lying.

Emi: but. But kellin please nothing happened I swear I just wanna talk with you. Something is up I can tell and I dont care if you dont wanna be around me but I'm not leaving until you tell me what's bothering you.

Kellin: ITS YOU!!!! Cant you see that everything you do you screw up. On top of that you are being so noisey you dont need to know my sister got sent to a foster home and I cant see her ever agian because my dad is an abusive ass!!!!! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Emi: kellin please I wanna help-

What happened next truly surprised me. He raised his hand and hit me in the jaw.


Kellin: fuck off!!!

After that he stormed out of the room and disappeared into the crowd. I couldn't even comprehend what just happened. His sister is in a foster home why didn't he tell me. I'm pretty sure he broke up with me but I cant even see that happening. Not to mention my jaw hurt like crazy. I cant believe he would ever raise a hand to me. I just sat there and sobbed for a while. I heard the door open but I didn't know who it was. Whoever It was left immediately when they saw me. I didn't bother look up.

Andy: you ok?!? Jinxx walked in and got me after he saw you?!?

Emi: I'm fine.

When I looked up his face went pale. I remembered the hit and the fact that a bruise what probably forming.

Andy: he did this didnt he?!?

Emi: who?

Andy: I saw kellin walk out of here I know!!

His name made me burst into tears. We were over. Andy gave me a hug and waiting until I finished crying.

Andy: I'll always be here for you. Please talk to me I won't judge you i understand.

I started crying slightly as I explained what happened but left out the punch.

Andy: then the bruise?

Emi: I ran into the door.

I lied terrible and I knew he didn't believe me.

Andy: he hit you didnt he.

I stopped crying and stood out as well as him and I nodded. He gave me a huge hug and leaned down and kissed me softly.

Andy: I'm here for you.

Emi: andy i-

I ran out of the room and grabbed my keys out of my purse and drove myself back to the tour bus. I went into ptvs bus noticing my stuff was next to the couch since the sws bus had left.

I laid out my bed and went to the bathroom to change. After getting dressed I went to bed on the couch crying.

~~~~~~~next morning~~~~~~

I woke up noticing that everyone was In their bunk. I saw it was 6 in the morning so I got up knowing that I probably couldn't go back to bed. I went Into the bunk room to see everyone sleeping and kellin in the spare bunk. I didn't want to be around him. I went to the kitchen after getting dressed and made everyone waffles.

I sat down and checked my twitter. Kellin had posted a picture of everyone at the party and I read him comment

@kellinquinn I had so much fun with everyone last night including Jinxx jake Ashley cc tony mike Jaime vic bitsy Alex jack oli Jordan Matt Matt lee.

He failed to mention me and andy in the comment and he tagged everyone except us.

I saw some of the comment.


What did that slut do this time.


Let me guy that girl screwed up the party.

(Fake twitter names btw dont hate me if that your name)

I saw worst and I started to cry.

I shut off my phone not wanting to be bothered by all the negative comments. I went back into the kitchen and noticed the time was now 9 ish. I finished up the waffles and set them out for everyone except me. Everyone slowly got up at diffent times. When kellin got up it was awkward. We wouldn't talk or even look at each other. I went to the couch while everyone was eating and called andy.

Emi: uhh hey andy sorry I ran out last night I was just confused and yea

Andy:its perfectly fine i understand!!

Emi: can I ask you a favor.

Andy: of course.

Emi: if you have a spare bunk or the couch or even the floor can i possibly stay with you because things are super awkward between me and kellin. And uhh I'm scared he is gonna....

Andy: of course pack your stuff you cant come over anytime.

Emi: thanks I owe you big time... Bye

Andy: no problem bye.

I grabbed all my stuff and snuck over to Bvb bus trying not to catch attention from Ptv bitsy and kellin eating breakfast.

Bitsy pov

I woke up with a horrible head ache talk about hung over. I saw emi leave early but I assumed she was fine. The whole night was pretty much me and vic dancing and getting wasted. I woke up with the rest of the boys and when to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

Tony; who made the waffles?

Jaime: wasn't any of us.

Kellin: probably emi..

Bitsy: where is she

Vic: no idea

Bitsy: let me call her.

After we are I called up emi and she said she was at bvb bus and she was there because her and kellin had a fight. I told her tell me what happened later.

I sat down on the couch with vic , Jaime, and kellin.

I sat between vic and Jaime while kellin was on the extra chair. I turned on the tv and asked for request.

Jaime: adventure time

Bitsy: fine.

I put it in and Finn and princess bubblegum were together.

Jaime: let's do role play im Finn vic is jake kellin is the floor and bitsy is princess bubblegum

Vic: shouldn't me and bitsy me fun and princess bubblegum.

Jaime: no!!!

Vic: you need to lay off my woman!!!

He said jokingly

Kellin: but noo!! VIKKY is mine

Vic: sorry kellic forever!!

Jaime: what about fuenciado?!?!?

Vic: sorry man

Kellin; im gonna shower

So kellin left and it was just me vic an Jaime. Awkward.

Jaime: then I'll kiss bitsy for the 2 time


Bitsy: oh shit....

Jaime: I mean uhh you know what YEA SECOND TIME.


Just then tony emi and andy walk in... In costumes

Tony was chu bacca andy was batman and emi was catwoman.

Tony: we are here for mikes cosplay party....

Mike came running for the bunks.


Emi: well uh what's going on?


Jaime started throwing the first punch and soon after it was a full in fight between vic and Jaime. Vic had briuses along with Jaime who had a bloody nose. They kept going at it until mike grabbed vic still in his Harry potter costume and locked him in the back room and tony came back from the kitchen and grabbed Jaime and sat on him.

Emis pov

After Jaime and vic were locked down i saw kellin running out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist. This reminded me of the times we had.

Emi: hoy dayyyumm

It slipped out but good thing only bitsy could hear me.

Bitsy: awww so tell me what happened

I explain in the most i detailed why while kellin chased tony around since he hid his clothes.

Bitsy: i see so he hit you?!?!

Emi: yea.....

I guess after that kellin got his clothes back and tony mike vic and Jaime went in a room and talked things out and Jaime apologized. While me and bitsy talked about the chaos our life has came to since we join the tour. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to come along in the first place....

Ok wow that was long and I'm proud so here is chapter 14

Comment and tell me how you liked it.

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