These things I've done

A kellin quinn fanfic


13. Chapter 13

Chapter 13
Andy's pov
I felt terrible for pressuring her like that. I was worried but I had no right to bug her about it. I took off in the direction she did. I began to Rome around wondering where she could have been. The next thing I knew there was a loud thud and people laughing. I went around the corner to check it out and instantly my heart sank. But more than the heart broken feeling I had I was also angry. I ran up to the strangers that had threw emi on the ground.
Andy: wtf is your problem.
They starting laughing thinking they were so funny. Out of impulse I threw the first punch the the shorter boy with blond brownish hair. I recognized him as soon as I hit him; john was his name. 
Girl: why would you hit him it was just a joke?!?!
Andy: this isn't a laughing matter you are sick people.
After I said that the other boy Jacob came at me but I dodged him easily and pushes him back into the girl. 
Jacob: come on guys. They left and I picked up emi. I took her back to the tour bus and remembered we were out of pain killers.
Cc: oh my god what happened to her?!?!
Ashley: you didn't touch her did you?! 
Andy: some punks beat her up and I need to run and get pain killers soooo...
Jinxx: you stay here we can get the medication 
Andy: alright.
Ashley and Jinxx got in the car to get meds while jake and cc went to pick up some food for everyone. I creeped over to my bunk and laid her down so she could get some rest. After tucking her in i went to the bathroom to get some band aid and a first aid kit to help her as best as i could. 
I went back into my room and sat down next to her to watch over her while she is sleeping. Not to long after I myself fell asleep waiting for her to open her eyes.

Emis pov 
I woke up to find I wasn't on the ground or at my tour bus. I rubbed my eyes groggily and sat up slowly as to not hurt my head which hurt like a bitch. While putting my hand down i realized there was something on my stomach. Not a something a someone. Andy. 
Emi: hey there andy?
Andy: I'm sorry!!!!
Emi: biersack is showing his weak side huh?
Andy: damn. Well I knew only you would be like this after waking up from being beat.
Emi: about that... So what happen.
Andy: so they evil leeched where devouring your soul and batman the all and powerful swooped down from the sky and kicked their asses.
Emi: so they beat me up you took me home?
Andy: fine ruin the whole batman thing see if I care
He walked over to the other side of the room and pretended to cry. Horribly I must add. I got up soon to find I was on my butt from the soreness of my body or just me being a klutz. I couldn't really tell. Andy walked back over still in the same clothes from yesterday and helped me sit on the edge of the bunk. 
Andy: well what do we know little ms klutz has fallen again. A fallen angle I must say. Eeehhh geeet it !!!
Emi: well I would laugh at your joke if you got me some yea or something.
Andy: fine fine.
He stepped out i assumed for the tea. I tryed getting up, this time being more successful and grabbed my phone on the nightstand. I dialed in kellins number which he anwsered right away.
Kellin: oh my god!!!! Emi where are you!?!? Are you ok?!
Emi: its fine im with biersack. He saved me after getting my ass wooped.
Kellin: dear god its good to know you are ok!!!
I heard someone yelling in the background of the phone which I assumed was bitsy
Bitsy: where is she????
Kellin didnt say anything but I assumed kellin did his typical shoo shoo thing with his hand and I knew bitsy would take that for an anwser.
Bitsy: ok?(pant)
Emi: let me guess you took him phone and now you are running? 
Bitsy: yea so where are you?!?!
Emi: biersa-
Bitsy: be right there.

Andy's pov: 
I walked to the kitchen and saw the band sitting on the couch.
Jake: so we got the food and medicine only to find u passed out soooo as for the food it's eaten and medicines on the counter.
Ashley: did you get some?!?
Andy: shut up purdy she is like half broken i have more respect than that geez.
As soon as I said that emi walked out of the room where the bunks are and sat down with the rest of the group.
Emi: called kellin. Long story short bitsy should be here.
Emi: right on time.
Bitsy came running in along with ptv. Bitsy ran over to me and hugged me strongly.
Bitsy: emi emi emi bun bun
Vic: well glad to see your ok!!!
Emi: yea....
I finished up making her tea and brought it out to her.
Emi: well thank you andy.
Andy: no problem.
Honestly I'm glad she is ok but I wished the others didnt come so we could talk longer. I loves hanging out with emi but I cant do that when everyone is here. 
Andy: you guys know that tomorrow is bvb last gig with you guys before we go back to finish our album for next year. 
Jaime Ashley: did someone say party?!?!?!
Mike: hell ya.

Bitsy pov 
So we decided tonight we would all got to some restaurant and celebrate at a club after. Me, emi, and kellin, were all on ptv bus getting ready. 
Bitsy: black or red dress?
I was trying to decide either a black dress with lace on the top part in the back or a red dress that was knee length and had black on it. Me and emi were in my bathroom while all the guys tried to get ready between the sws guys bathroom and ptv bathroom.
Emi: the black definitely 
Bitsy: what about u what are you wearing??
Emi: just a black dress.
Bitsy: ehhh boring
Emi: fine then what.
Bitsy: i dont know show up naked? I'm sure kellin would looooovve that.
Emi: black dress it isxD

We all showed up to the restaurant and all the boys were wearing dressy button up shirts and casual pants.
They other boys brought there girl friends and me and emi sat with kellin and vic.
Bitsy: hello everyone
Vic: typical Jaime...
The tables was layers out pretty much boyfriend girlfriend next to each other all around the table. After ordering we all just talked about the bands future and everything like that. Vic and I sat with our fingers intertwined same with kellin and emi as we looked forward to the party that awaits us after this.

OMG I know already on chapter 13 WOOOAhhhh shocker anyway.... Idk what to add to the story... If you have any ideas comment and I dedicate the next chapter for you😜😜 so yea sorry for the delay in updating I have been busy and ... Lazy. ANYWAY be psyched for next chapter even though I have no idea what to put so I'll make it up on the spot :/ listening to hold on to May so yea baiiii ~Emily 



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