These things I've done

A kellin quinn fanfic


12. Chapter 12

Chapter 12
After the show yesterday we were all pretty tired. I woke up from my bunk and decided to go down stairs for breakfast. I should probably make the boys something but I was kind of tired and I doubt they were up yet. Just as I expected i walked down stairs to see no one was awake. I wanted to go on a walk because I needed fresh air so I wrote a note saying
Dear guys,
I'm gonna go on a walk around here. Dont worry I have my phone and I will probably run into one of the guys so dont freak out if I'm out to late 
<3 emi 
I slipped on my black and red vans and headed outside. After about 5 mins of my walk I saw a tall guys with black hair and blue eyes, andy.
Emi: hey biersack 
Andy: hello emi come join me.
I headed over to where andy was smoking outside a tent for customer service. 
Andy: something on your mind?
Emi: not really just wanted to walk about.
Andy: no seriously I can tell something is up.
To be honest there was something up but I wasn't going to tell him that. I mean I missed my family and they haven't even called to check on me except my dad you know threating to hurt me if I didn't tell him where I was. After he called I freaked out and started crying I just felt alone and since it was late I had no one to talk to so I tried cutting. I mean it couldn't be that bad it was only a little and no one would care anyway. And on top if this i still dont know what's up with kellin and his family. He still hadn't told me about what happened. I had asked him multiple times why he was worring at lunch that one time and at Vic's but he wouldn't tell me. 
Andy: hello? You there?
Emi: haha umm sorry just thinking
Andy: please tell me I want to help you 
Emi: stop it doesn't matter!!!! Dont talk to me. 
And with that I ran off hoping no one would follow or worry. 
I followed down the path I was on and ended up at an abandoned park. I took and sit on a near by bench and started to think. Maybe I should go back and apologize to andy because he didnt do anything wrong. I was lost in thought until I heard voices coming from around the corner. I could barely make out anything they were saying but I knew who there were and what they wanted. John Jacob and Alex. They probably just wanted to find me and bitsy to hurt us but I couldn't let that happen.  They started making their way toward me without knowing I was there. I took off around the corner and sprinted to the bus knowing there weren't far behide me. The next thing i know I was grabbed by my collar and I hit the ground. Hard. A dull but sharp pain went through my body and I felt someone pick me up.  The next thing I knew we were in a car and I heard loud noises. I tryed to think of were we were going but I wasn't familiar with the area so I had no idea if the car was even moving at all. I began to feel drowsy. I knew I had blacked out.  



Ok so sorry this one is like freakishly short:,,( anyway I will post more that will be longer in the future. Let me know if you have any ideas????



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