These things I've done

A kellin quinn fanfic


11. Chapter 11

Chapter 11
Emi pov
We all got on the bvb bus and it started driving agian. 
Andy: guys we made tacos just for ptv
Jaime: nooo not the 5 night in a row
Vic: wooooooo
Tony: yeshhhh
Mike : my love!!!
Vic: Jaime do u want a repeat of last time.
Jaime: I'm sorry no i dont.
I felt an awkward vibe that Jaime was giving vic. Maybe he did something. I guess I will ask bitsy later.
Ptv got all there tacos and began inhaling all of them one by one
Cc: save the tacos!!!!!!
Then it was time for us too get tacos.
Emi: I have to use the restroom.
I walked to the bathroom not even needing to go but to avoid getting food in front of all these people. I waited about 4 mins and them came out to see all the tacos gone and everyone either on the couch or floor. Kellin was on the couch so I went over and sat on his lap while everyone else was talking. 
Tony: Star Wars is the best and we know it.
andy: both wrong its batman.
I saw andy give kellin a jealous look when I sat with him. On the couch was me kellin andy cc mike and Ashley. On the side chairs was Jaime and vic and bitsy on the other on. The rest were on the floor. 
Andy: let's play truth or dare and I dont care if its childish because we are playing it the andy way.
Emi: what's the "andy way" 
Andy: basically anything goes and I'll throw in random things along the way.
Gabe: we did this last year im gonna get out of this one 
Others agreed and left the room till it was down to me bitsy kellin vic mike Ashley Jaime and mike. 
Andy: I'll start mike truth or dare
Mike: oh god. dare .
Andy: twist spin a bottle
Jaime: what 
Andy: see I throw in random things like that.
Mike : ok and the bottle landed on emi.
Emi: ok fuentes dont get to cocky
Kellin looked kind of jealous but he knew it was just a game. Mike gave me a quick kiss on my lips and we resumed playing.
Mike: bitsy truth or dare 
Bitsy: dare!
Mike: i dare you too.... 
The game went on for what feels like hours. It ended up that after the game most of us got wasted. I didn't get to drunk but just a little. Everyone pretty much passed out so I decided to get on the floor next to my passed out kellin and I fell asleep. 
~~~~next morning~~~~~~
I woke up to see I was still on the floor next to kellin. By the looks of it everyone went back to there bus except me kellin vic bitsy Jaime and mike. I sat up and saw bitsy vic mike and Jaime watching cartoons on the tv. I poked kellin lightly trying to wake him and he woke up right away
Kellin: never sleep on the floor like ever!
Vic: shhh bvb is still sleeping. But we should wake them up .
We each got assigned to wake up a certain person Jaime had cc
Mike had jake
Bitsy had Ashley 
Vic and kellin had Jinxx
And I had andy.
 I walking into Andy's room and got next to his bunk so I could wake him.
Emi: andy ? Andy please get up. 
He moved around a little and I sat on his bed so I could tickle him into getting up. Just when I was about to tickle him he grabbed me and pulled me next to him
Emi: andy let go!!!
Andy woke up and realized he was holding me 
Andy; sorry:3
Emi: haha its fine. Guess your batman reflexes work even while sleeping. 
We had a long good talk just about life and future until they called us out for breakfast. We walked down and we got teased for being together so long.
Mike: ooooh someone got it on.
Emi: shut up mike we were talking.
Mike: sure i just her a lot of oohs and yeas
Bitsy: one more thing and I'll tell the world about cosplay night.
Mike: ok ok I'll stop just please no.
I giggled at the images going through my head. I guess I'll get her to tell me later.
Emi: well we should probably get back to our bus.
Andy: its fine. We only have 2 hrs before we get to the first venue. No need to stop all the buses.
Kellin: ok I guess.
He motioned for me to come over to him so I sat down on his lap. Everyone was on the couch so andy made his way over to and sat on one of the chairs. For the rest of the time we pretty much talked an hung out. There was really nothing more than that.

~~after the first venue~~~~ 
We all got back on our buses and took showers since we were all sweaty. I walking into my bathroom still hyped from performing live for the first time with bitsy. It was literally the best thing I have ever done. I undresses and slipped into the shower. I felt the warm water relax my muscles and I heard a knock on the door.
Kellin: hey emi can I get something? I left my brush in there from when I uses it the other day.
Emi: I should make you wait since you weren't suppose to use it in the first place.
Kellin: then I'm coming in.
He unlocked the door like it was the easiest thing to do. 
Emi: hey! Kellin I'm naked here!!!!
Kellin: well you wouldn't give it to me.
He began brushing his dry hair in the mirror.
Emi: cant you do that in your bathroom? 
Kellin: justin is in there.
Emi: fine. But dont look I need to come out.
Kellin: no promises
Kellin: fine what ever you say.
I stepped out and quickly covered myself with the towel.
We heard someone trying to open the door so I jumped in the shower along with kellin. The water was still on because I hadn't turned it off so i quickly shut it off and for a split second me and kellin got soaked. Gabe came in and grabbed extra toliet paper for the bathroom and left.
Emi: why did you leave the door unlocked?
Kellin: sorry i forgot.
Well we should get new towels and get changed.
Emi: good idea.
We stepped back out and kellin grabbed us new towel from under the sink.
Emi: what is with you and showers.
I said making him laugh.
Kellin: i dont know they just speak to me.
Kellin dried off and was good to go unlike me who was still in a towel.
Emi: Kellin can you turn around
Kellin: nah.
I gave him a kiss 
Emi: what about now?
Kellin: fine fine.
He stepped out and I finished getting dressed.
After I finished I decided to ask kellin a question.
Emi: heyy kells can you come here for a second?
Kellin: sure babe 
He walked over to me so i stated my question
Emi: so we never officially started dating....
Kellin: I guess we haven't. So in that case will you go be my girlfriend 
Emi: of course.
Mike: yay!!!
We heard mike shout from the kitchen Along with tony and Jaime. 
Emi: shut up !!!!
Kellin looked at me and gave me a quick kiss.
Emi: what's with you and teasing?!?!
Kellin: guess its just fun.
Emi: two can play at this game.
I went up on my tippy toes and gave him another kiss this time longer and more passionate. As soon as he started getting really into it I stopped and walked away.
Kellin: I hate you
Emi: sure you do .

Vic pov
The concert was amazing and both of the girls did great for there first time. I was super proud of bitsy and I was happy to hear her sing again. We went back to the tour bus and we all got ready. We put on pajamas so we could rest up for the night. I told mike to make dinner tonight so he just made some pasta for all of us.
Mike: pastas done!!!
I grabbed bitsy hand and we went down stairs to eat along with tony and Jaime.

Bitsy pov
I sat down next to Jaime with vic and mike across from me and tony on the end. I stared eating and we finished pretty quickly. Everyone except me and Jaime got up for seconds. He was finishing eating and I was just full. Lost in thought I hadn't realized that Jaime grabbed my hand during the time they got up. I looked at our intertwined fingers and released. I got up and told everyone goodnight and walked into me and Vic's room to sleep. Shortly after he came and joined my peaceful sleep. I snuggled up close to him still thinking about Jaime. I knew that I should tell vi but it was ok for now wasn't it. I love vic and I know that so I guess its ok since it won't happen again. And with that I fell into a undisturbed sleep.

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