These things I've done

A kellin quinn fanfic


10. Chapter 10

Chapter 10
~~~~ time jump to is getting tour busses with bvb ptv an sws~~~~
•• more andy in this :3••••
 Emis pov
The tour buses were huge!!! I obviously got a bed on the sws bus and bitsy got hers on ptv bus. We planned to sleeping in usual spot but during the day stay on the same bus together.
Emi: I cant belive how big the buses are. 
Kellin: it's just how us famous people roll.
Sws ptv and bvb all had huge 2 floored buses. They each had the bands name on the side and some artwork done with the lyrics that bitsy helped out with. So we decided to talk before we all got of the Road in an hour for warped tour. Outside was me, bitsy, vic,Jaime, tony, mike, kellin, justin ,gabe ,jack , andy, ashely, cc, Jinxx, and jake. 
Andy: so what are tonight's dinner aragments
We decided that we all had dinner in bvb bus for tonight.
Andy: so the girls are coming on tour with us right?
He looked at me when he said that almost like he wanted me too.
Kellin: yea they are
He wrapped his arm around my should saying this. I knew if I didn't say something there would be some sort of ultimate stare down between the too of them so I spoke up.
Emi: so then what are we going to eat
Vic: tacooooooosss!!!
Tony: enchiladas !!!
Mike: burritos!!!!!
Jaime: I'm sick if Mexican food
Boy did Jaime regret that. Vic tackled him to the ground along with tony and the rest of sleeping with sirens. But not kellin. His arm was still around me and it seemed tighter than it had been. The one question I had in mind was where did mike go. As soon as I thought that he ran out from behind the busses but with Harry potter glasses and a wand. 
Mike: take this you Mexican betrayer.
He jumped on top of Jaime while the rest of us began too laugh. 
Jaime: waaaaahhhh save meeeee.
Next out of nowhere Ashley purdy came , helped Jaime up and put him on his back. 
Ashley: come on let's goo!!! 
I poked kellin and i got up and followed them. I chased them all the way to the ptv bus and we climbed in locking the door behind. Ashley dropped Jaime down and we decided to get pay back.
Jaime: let's throw stuff from the roof
Ashley: ok but dont hurt my andy jakey or ccy
We all laughed because we knew the manwhore wasn't gay he was just nice to his band brothers. 
Emi: ok what are we throwing ? 
Jaime: easy. Eggs
We gathered up all the eggs and felt the bus starting to shake. 
Emi: they are rocking the bus!!!
We climbed to the roof and began to throw eggs off the roof. I hit vic, Jaime hit mike, and Ashley hit tony. We threw all the eggs but for the most part missed. The only ones hit were vic tony mike kellin justin and gabe. Everyone went into there bands original bus and started to clean up. I went into sws bus and was cracking my ass up along with jack
Justin: why ?!?!
Kellin: you will pay emi!
This only made us laugh more. 
Kellin: i call dibs on the shower
Justin: damn guess I'm stuck with the sink
Justin put his head in the kitchen sink and began to wash his hair.
The thing that sucked about the tour bus is that all the boys had to share one bathroom and I got one to myself.
Justin: emi can i please use your shower?
Emi: no! I might sound greedy but you boys are dirty!!!
Me and jack laughed more at the displeasure i caused. 
Kellin: jack you can use the shower.
Jack walked over to the bathroom and began to shower.
Emi: what's with the sudden change in heart? 
I said still laughing with jack.
Kellin: oh well you know because pay back is a bitch.
Emi: what's?
Kellin came over and picked me up off the couch and ran towards my bathroom 
Emi: quinn put me down right now
Kellin: you deserve it.
He ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower with me still in his arms and went in.
He just laughed at me and put me under the water. 
He let go of me for a split second and I jumped out
Emi: haaaahaaa i out smart you.
Kellin blushed as I realized my shirt was probably see through since it was white. It didn't help I had a black bra underneath. I grabbed a towel and ran out of the bathroom while he finished his shower. I slipped on some new clothes in my room. A blue ptv shirt and black jeans. And I got ready so i could go to dinner at bvb your bus. Wow he is probably gonna tease me about that later.

Bitsy pov
~~what happened on ptv bus~~||
After we got inside me and Jaime ran into his bedroom because we knew that if we are the only ones with out eggs on out heads than something will happen to us. I sat down on the floor and began to talk with Jaime 
Bitsy: hey hime?
Bitsy: what's the worst they have done at a point like this
Jaime: well do you know the old guitarist for ptv. 
Bitsy: there was one?
Jaime: exactly.
Bitsy: well that intense
At this point Jaime sat down with me and we started to talk.
Bitsy: so are you excited for tour.
Jaime: definitely!!
Just when he said that I heard vic on the other side of the door
Vic: bitsy you are forgiven please join our side of the force agianst hime!!!
Vic side was obviously better but I felt bad for little Jaime.
Bitsy: sorry vicccy but I'm with Jaime. 
Vic: I will get you back bitsy
Jaime: never she is the queen of our team and we cant allow that.
Vic: girlfriend or not when we start wars we fight hard.
And with that he left and we heard them start talking about there plans
Jaime: so what are we
Bitsy: shhhhh
I ran and put my ear next to the door.
Mike: so when they open the door.....
Tony: it spills all over them
Vic: isn't that mean like using.....
Mike: its revenge suck it up the lamer fuentes brother.
Tony: ok let do it....
I told Jaime what I heard and he said
Jaime: they are doing the trick we did to tony last year for missing out on one of our parties. Basically when we open the door some liquid falls and drenches us.
Bitsy: and with that I have our plan. A few minutes later we heard some one setting up the trick outside our closed door.
Once we heard them finish I started our plan.
At this point we were just sitting in the closet laughing silently. We weren't doing anything bad we were just yelling crap to make them come in here so they get soaked.
We heard people run through the door my guess vic first.
Vic,tony and mike: ahhhh 
We stepped out of the closet to see them soaked with the liquid that we now identified as shampoo. Me and Jaime started laughing hysterically while each of them put up there arms in surrender walking to the bathrooms.
Bitsy: guess we got them I said hugging Jaime. He hugged me back and we were both laughing.

Jaime pov (wow new pov)
As we hugged I felt something magical happen inside me. I knew it was wrong to like her i mean she was dating vic but it felt right at the time. I looked down at her and I did it. I kissed her. It wasn't a forcefull kiss more like a light one. She looked a little confused but not angry either. Since he didn't slap me or anything I did it agian except this time longer and more forceful. She was tense but lightened up. It wasn't that long maybe  7 second at the most but it was enough for her to know that I had feelings for her.
Bitsy: umm I'm sorry i just I'm with vic and uhh
Jaime: I'm sorry i didn't mean too and I know your with vic just think about it ok?
Vic stepped into the room looking at me and Bitsy just talking so he didn't see anything.
Vic: ok bitsy come with me so we can go to the other tour bus for dinner.
Bitsy: ok alright.
After they left I got ready and waited for everyone else so we could go over there for dinner.

Andy pov 
After the fight me and the rest if my band mates went back on our bus an got ready for guest. After making tacos for everyone I asked Jinxx to come with me so I could talk to him alone.
Andy: hey Jinxx can I talk to you?
Jinxx: yea man of course 
We walked to the living room and I began to talk.
Andy: I'm gonna be blunt. I like emi and she is with kellin what should I do? I dont think she hates me but like she is the only girl that I actually like. I've never had a girl do this to me and I want to at least ask her to give me a chance but kellins is in the way.
Jinxx: look man wait things out. And maybe things aren't meant to be but. If they break up be there for her but dont push yourself down her throat but let her know how you feel.
Andy: alright thanks and dont tell the band about this please. They will tease me for not being manly
Jinxx: yea biersack no problem. I thought batman could handle a little teasing?
Andy: what ever.
I got up and went to the living room as I felt the bus stop and everyone come to the door. This was going to be a fun night.


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