from dark night to shineing light (harry styles fanfic)

A girl named mayla was a simple girl but not like everyone else but when she has to show the new mysterious new kid around she get nosey also she wants to find her mother that left the night she went to her bffs and why she left and is it because of her abusive father??

A/N: this is my first book publish plz no hate thx miss Greene out!!!


1. who i am


Mayla's p.o.v: hi I'm mayla I'm fifteen and I'm an average girl I have a belly or as other people say I'm fat um... I'm a little on the weird side I got weird friends taddy, kandie , tre tre and my guy friends are tylor , xaviar , and justin my mom Michelle my "dad" Derek and my brother Marco my sister is Ashley . now that you know my bio let's start


I was in my room bored out of my mind so I decide to text taddy 

To: tadthinia: hey girl hey!!

To: may may: what's up lol

To: tadthinia : nothing :-/

To : may may : what wrong 

To : tadthinia : nothing just bored lol

To: may may : oh sorry but I have to go love you tho :-) 

To: tadthinia: no you don't lol

To: may may: lol you know i do bye

To tadthinia: OK lol bye lovey 

I stop texting when I hear my mom scream " in don't fucking care anymore Derek!!" .. Uh oh "well I'm sick and tired of me doing everything in this house hun" he dose nothing I go in there like always but this time dad has a beer in his hand and mom on the ground I run up to grab the bottle and he jerks it back " what did I say about trying to stop me " he was ticked off " dad you can't just hurt mom like that " I say brave enough to say it but he was beyond pissed he swing the bottle and hit me in the gut and I fell crying he punched me across the face till mom came to the rescue I was bleeding from my nose crying holding my gut " many next time don't screw around and get pregnant slutty fat bitch !!!" He stormed out the door and mom came and held me crying too. he knows im a virgin he knows I've been molested he knows I over ate over stress why did have to treat us like that I hate him 



A/N: hey hope you liked it just like or comment to get more chapters I will update soon plz no hate and don't worry harry will be in soon lol OK night miss Greene out!! <3 <3

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