The Mysterious Case of Maddie Sweetman

Yes, my adopted sister is made of bubblegum, please don't laugh. It's not her fault. There's these scientists,they took her, and experimented on her, and messed up, and, well, that happened. But I can't give you all the answers-why else would I write a book about how I answered it?


3. Three

   When we get home, Maddie and I are doing are homework outside on the quiet porch. All of a sudden, Maddie screams. Her hair is growing at a abnormal speed, and she is gasping for breath-her head is probably splitting. Mom rushes out and screams at Maddie's  new issue: her entire body is inflating faster than ever and we rush her inside so she doesn't float into space. Floating on the ceiling, looking like her clothes are stretched to size xxxxxl, she is a true bubble. She screams as she continues to inflate. This I crazy. She usually just swells up in her fingers or one time her cheeks inflated and she laughed so hard they went back. Wait- that gives me an idea.
"Maddie, laugh! Laugh at something!"
"Rike what?" Her balloon of a face is squished into the ceiling. "And wry, exactry?" 
"Just do it!" Mom is looking at me quizzically. Then she nods, steps on the stairs, and reaches for Maddie's underarm, her worst ticklish spot. She squirms, then bursts out laughing. She starts to swell down. She keeps laughing and suddenly she fall into her heap of Rapunzel-long pink bubblegum hair. 
"Thank you so much, Kate!" Her arms grasp around my neck in a brutal hug. "That was scary."

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