The Mysterious Case of Maddie Sweetman

Yes, my adopted sister is made of bubblegum, please don't laugh. It's not her fault. There's these scientists,they took her, and experimented on her, and messed up, and, well, that happened. But I can't give you all the answers-why else would I write a book about how I answered it?


1. One

Maddie grabbed a strand of her hair and chewed it. Not in the way you'd think. No, she pulled a strand of hair apart, plopped it in her mouth, and chewed it. 
"They're all gonna make fun of me," she said, blowing a bubble. "They're gonna yell out right smack in the middle of my report and call me Lollipop or something."
"Maddie, if they do, I will punch them in the nose for you," I said. "I know it just so happens your hair is bubblegum that grows back after you eat it, or your skin is slightly tinted pink, but they don't have a reason to make fun of you at all."
I realized that probably didn't help.
"But Kate," Maddie frowned, "you don't understand. You've never been made fun of."
"Maddie, it is pretty clear there are bullies here," I took a piece of her hair and chewed it. Our friendship had grown to were she didn't care. It grew right back, looking just like regular pink curls, until you rip it apart and blow bubbles with it.  "If they call out, the teachers will put them to justice. Besides, nobody will dare to speak out in the presence of Mrs. Brown."
"Okay, I'll do it. For you. And for my grade."
    So we started off to class, two kindergarteners, so Maddie could do her book report on Amelia Bedilia. That was ten years ago. Now my best friend and I are planning our rather "sweet" sixteen. But before I get into that, I should probably explain.

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