The Mysterious Case of Maddie Sweetman

Yes, my adopted sister is made of bubblegum, please don't laugh. It's not her fault. There's these scientists,they took her, and experimented on her, and messed up, and, well, that happened. But I can't give you all the answers-why else would I write a book about how I answered it?


4. Four

"Hello?" Someone knocks on the door. "It's your neighbor, Mrs. Coleman's granddaughter, Cecilia. I heard the screams." 
Mom opens the door to reveal a girl about our age, with black hair and a single blue streak. She has hints of eye liner on her blue eyes, and her lips are glossy. She spots Maddie in the background, who is currently trying to see how long her hair is with Mom's tape measure. "I I like your hair!"
Maddie looks surprised-nobody but me has ever said that, except maybe Mom. Maddie smiles. 
"Thanks. By the way, the reason I screamed is because my hair suddenly decided to grow about..." She checks the tape measure. "Seven feet and six inches."
"Wow. That sure isn't something I've ever heard."
"Really? What if I told you this," she rips her hair apart, "is bubble gum?"
Cecilia stares wide-eyed at the bubble Maddie blows. "Wow."
"Or that I just inflated like this," she pops the bubble with her teeth, "and floated to the ceiling?"
"I'm sorry, but if this is a joke, it isn't funny," Cecilia says. 
"It isn't. I'm the basic Candy-Land queen." Maddie frowns. "Just waiting for the jokes."
"Jokes?" Cecilia smiles. "That's amazing. Why would I make fun of you?"
"Because I'm made of bubblegum."
"If people are actually making fun of you for having an endless supply of bubblegum growing out of your head in a rather stylish way," Cecilia says, "they should get kicked for being a herd of bonehead-idiot hybrids. Now, I have done my own hair cuts for eleven years. Would you like me to help you out there?"
"I couldn't ask that of you, Cecilia."
"Please? I don't think you should pay to get that cut."
"Plus Mom sucks at cutting hair," I say. 
"Kate!" Mom hisses.
"Cecilia, honey, you are just a lamb. I'll go get the shears and you girls hang."
"Hang?" Maddie rises an eyebrow. "Good try, Mom."
"Shaddup," Mom says in a weird voice, making us all giggle. She leaves, probably deciding how long to wait before coming in so we have time to socialize.

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