You? Love?

Tabitha is just another ordinary high school student, apart from being slightly accident prone her life is about as normal as it gets.


2. Our Own Little Drama

Monday, school day, the start of another week of tedious boredom to spend in a classroom full of people uninterested in learning anything and bent on making sure no one else would learn anything either. I usually get up at 7 on a school day but my alarm didn’t go off, that means today, I’m late. This unhappy news means grabbing a handful of cereal and a slice of toast for breakfast then barrelling out the door before anyone has the chance to stop me, I hate having to eat while I walk it’s really not good for you.
Anyway, off I run to school past the screaming kids being dragged in the other direction towards their school, past the old lady with the stick and a shopping trolley. I pass her every morning and I’m sure she gets slower every time, when I get to her age I’ll be having a lie in on a morning. After the old lady I run across the road (looking out for traffic as I go) and round the corner bringing me face to face with the drab building I’ll be spending the day in. Lola waves at me from the gate, a relieved smile on her face, she’s never late.
“I forgot to set my alarm.” I explained with an apologetic smile as we walked down the hallway to our form class.
Lola looked at me concerned, sometimes when she looks at me it’s like she can see into my mind and read all the troubles it contains. “You’re the one who told me not to worry about him, Tabitha; you haven’t seen him all morning, right?” Lola asked astutely. I nodded in answer not trusting myself to speak, I hadn’t seen him in reality but his presence and the memory of yesterday have been on my mind a lot. “You see,” smiled Lola. “I bet we never set eyes on him again.” She sounded confident, optimistic even but I wasn’t so sure.
By the time lunch came round I’d forgotten about K, we took our usual table by the window and sat down to enjoy the brief break from the childish antics of our classmates. I say classmates but really I just mean Felix, he’s the class fool. Last year he shoved pencils up his nose and in his ears put a paper crown on his head and declared in a load voice “Behold, it is I Felix the mighty, I have travelled from the other side of the universe to learn your strange Earth ways.” Needless to say the teacher was not amused, the funny thing is Felix is actually intelligent so it’s not like he needs to be a fool to fit in.
“Tabitha?” Lola’s voice brings me out of my thoughts and back to the present. “Tabitha, where did you go?” Lola asks raising an eyebrow.
I open my mouth to answer and an almighty crash interrupts, we turned to look at the door for the source of the noise and quickly discover Decon sliding into the room dragging a keyboard behind him. “Oh no, someone quick, hand out the ear muffs.” I mumbled knowing we’d soon have the misfortune to hear Decon sing.
As if on cue Fi stood up so the whole thing resembled a scene from some tragic movie, I could see the confused but expectant look on her face from where I sat. Somehow, she didn’t seem genuinely surprised to see Decon. An expectant hush fell over the room as the tone deaf turned in anticipation to watch the spectacle and the more sensible fled the scene. How I wished we where somewhere else but Lola seemed to want to stay.
A steady rhythm started up followed by the shaky hum of the keyboard, I knew what was coming next so I turned my attention on the crowd of students around us and Decon started singing, it honestly sounded like someone had just kicked him in the shins while simultaneously mashing his hand in a door. But I had stopped listening.
There he stood, K, in the school uniform and trying to blend in. A jolt went through my heart when he turned to look at me, his overgrown eyebrows pulled together into a single line and his mouth turned down when he realised I has seen him. I quickly looked away, what is he doing here? I asked myself completely shocked. “Lola...” I said turning back to my friend. “Lola, we should get out of here.”
Lola gave me a puzzled look but picked up her bag and followed me out of the room anyway. “What?” she asked as we reached an empty corridor near the math classrooms.
“I just saw K, he’s here...what is he doing here?” I babbled, suffice to say the sight of K makes me nervous, not in the sad love stuck way but in the run the monster is coming type way; so the sight of him standing casually in our school made me doubly nervous.
“Tabitha, are you sure you saw him. You do look awfully pale; perhaps it was nerves getting the better of you.” Lola said. I could understand where she was coming from, she didn’t want to believe it and it would be great if I had imagined seeing him.
“No Lola, I really saw him.” I insisted politely.
“Do you always talk about people so openly Tabitha?” said an amused voice from behind me. “Hello Lola.” I spun round to see K smiling pleasantly at Lola who just stood stock still looking terrified.
“Stop it K.” I said hiding my anger. “What are you doing here anyway?” I asked hoping he would stop looking at Lola.
A bemused expression flew across his face for one fleeting second before it settled back into his usual smug expression. “K? Seriously, you know that isn’t even my name.” I shrugged as if to say it’s the only name you’re getting. “Anyway, as for what I’m doing here, well, it’s a school and like you I’m here because I have to be.”
“You know that isn’t what I meant.” I snapped unable to help myself, for some reason K annoys me more than anyone and the worst thing is he knows it.
He just shrugged once and walked away. Lola let out a sigh. “What are we going to do now Tabitha?” she asked me looking at me with big brown eyes, for once she didn’t have the answer. I just wish I did.

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