You? Love?

Tabitha is just another ordinary high school student, apart from being slightly accident prone her life is about as normal as it gets.


9. Bonus Chapter: K's Diary

February 13th

Dear Diary,
  Tomorrow is Valentines, the day we Earthlings send each other cards to show our secret affection for the person of our dreams. It’s a strange day really. I could be all cynical and complain about how it’s just a marketing ploy to keep the economy ticking over nicely between New Years and Easter except I don’t feel like it... Well, ok, I do but this year is different.
  I remember when my Grandma first got me interested in Lepidoptera, butterflies and moths to the layman; I thought it was a little bit boring. I came to understand how beautiful and special it is, not to mention fascinating. I’ve been on my fair share of butterfly catching adventures, I remember the day I caught twenty in an hour, I let them all go afterwards of course, I could never be cruel enough to pin them to display boards. Anyway, back to the point of bringing this up.
  I’ve been thinking about Tabitha. We’ve become quite good friends lately and I’ve always liked her. Liked her not in the way you would like sitting in the sun or dancing in the rain but in a Spiderman-MJ kind of way. Although maybe that isn’t the best comparison to make considering I was a total cretin to her all the way through Middle School so maybe were more like Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Yeah, right, she’ll never see me as Mr. Darcy; she still calls me K for crying out loud. Whoever we’re like I feel sorry for them in so many ways. Heck, ‘What would a girl like her want a guy like me for?’ That line from Valentine sums it up pretty well, I think. (I probably didn’t get it word for word; I haven’t watched the film recently.) I seem to have veered off on a tangent then, that’s unhelpful, I had stuff to say, important wise-sounding stuff, or perhaps not...I got distracted by my thoughts and the train derailed and started driving through the sky with strange animal-like passengers.
  Man, why did I actually think making a card would be a good idea. I spent what felt like hours agonising over which words to use and what to say and how to say it and most importantly how to phrase it so it doesn’t come across too cheesy or too serious. At least if it looks half like a joke I can claim it was one in the event of a rejection, at least I can trust Tabitha to be honest with me. I should be honest with myself too but it’s easier to just ignore the things that cause us pain than acknowledge them.

P. S. Urgh, why am I awake at 3 in the morning? Don’t answer that it was rhetorical, goodnight.
P.S. S. Well that’s the last time I listen to that song while writing this...I sound like a sappy fool :l

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