Is this for real?

When Emily and her boyfriend, James, get into a little 'trouble' they have to make some big choices for only being high schoolers. But first Emily's life get a little messed up by her mistake.


8. Chapter 8

Emily's POV

It's the end of school I have been doing a pretty good job staying away from Bret so he can't get the chance to get an answer from me. It's 2:30, school's out in 30 minutes. It won't be that hard to avoid him once this class ends, because his locker isn't anywhere near mine. I figured that after this class ended I would hurry up to get to my locker, grab the books I need for my homework, and walk to my car and text James. I started to think about anything that could mess up this plan when I heard my name.

"Emily Matthews!" it was the teacher.

"Yes?" I could hear a few people around me laugh.

"I said could you please tell the class what the value of x would be if you first found the square root? But it looks like you would not know the answer to that question. So Sarah would you mind telling the class?" Ms. Tyler is the kind of teacher who would get angry if you even breathed out of your normal rhythm.

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