Is this for real?

When Emily and her boyfriend, James, get into a little 'trouble' they have to make some big choices for only being high schoolers. But first Emily's life get a little messed up by her mistake.


7. Chapter 7

Emily's POV

Ever since yesterday, when I found out I'm pregnant, I have been paranoid. Questions are running through my head like, what if I can't support the baby and give it a proper home?, what if something goes wrong during the delivery? Also what will everyone think? My parents? My friends? The rest of my family? What about his family? What about everyone at school? I guess there's only one thing to do, see what happens.

With my lunch in my hands, I walked over to the table where Jessica, Jenna, Victoria, Amanda, and Alison were sitting at.

"Hey, Em." Amanda said cheerfully as I sat down next to her.

"Hey." I breathed out the word.

"What's wrong?" Jess said leaning over the table to get a better look at me.

"Nothing." I said shaking my head with a smile to convince them that nothing was wrong.

"Okay..." She took her seat again, not taking her eyes off me, until someone sat down at the table next to ours.

"Lookie. Lookie." Vic said nudging Jess who could take her eyes off the other table.

"Shut it!" Jess half shouted to Vic. I looked over my shoulder to see who they were looking at and it was Bret Collins. I turned my head back to the table rolling my eyes and letting a sigh pass my lips.

"Em, we know that you have a boyfriend and that you don't necessarily like Bret, but that doesn't mean you can roll your eyes at him." Jenna had finally joined the conversation.

"She's right. It's not like he did anything to you." Alison and Jenna are saying that I can't roll my eyes at someone? No one can say who I can and can't roll my eyes at. I stared them in the eyes then rolled my eyes in an overly dramatic way, letting out a loud sigh. We all started laughing at how stupid I looked.

The last thing I needed was to be in an argument with my friends and because we are the "populars" the word would spread quickly.

"You know Em, I heard from a little birdie that Bret likes you." Why did Amanda even open her mouth.

"Oh yeah huh, I heard that, too." Alison said looking from me to Bret and back to me.

"Amanda, Al shut up." I said in a playful way putting on a smile.

"I heard it to. But you have a man already so you don't need this one." Jess said the word man so dramatically, I couldn't help but laugh. 

"Yes, I do have a man," a chuckle left my mouth, "so why should I even bother with Bret?" I said looking at each one of them. How did we all become friends is a question that I wouldn't know the answer to. But I do know that it was the best thing to have happen to me.

"Good. Now keep telling yourself that because he's coming over here." Amanda barely said it in a whisper and next thing I know there's someone standing nest to me, at the edge of the table.

"Hey, Emily." I don't remember Bret's voice being that low

"Uh hi." I said moving my eyes to look at Jenna who sat across from me. She just smiled and nodded.

" Can I call you that?" He sounded so nervous. Am i really that intimidating?

"Uh sure." I said.

"Cool. So Em, what are you doing later today?"

" I think I was going over to Jenna's house." I looked at Jenna with pleading eyes.

"No no its fine. I actually was gonna tell you that I can't after school today. Sorry Em." God, I hate that girl so much.

"Looks like I'm not doing anything." I softly said, letting my eyes shift from a death glare at Jenna to Bret's blue eyes. Under the table my hands were sweating and trembling over the fabric of my light yellow sundress that I wore to school today.

"Cool. So would you possibly like to come over to my house and work on homework?" I was just about to say no thanks when the school bell rang, dismissing us to the rest of our classes.

"Sorry got to get to class. Working on a project and I can't be late. I'll catch up with you guys later." I fast spoke getting up, grabbing my bag and leaving the table to get to my next class. That was really close, but I would have told Bret no...right?

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